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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tuxedo Tuesday with Sylvester


Sylvester here.
I've been here five months now!

I'm hanging out in one of my favorite spots, the fruit box on the Sky Lounge, thinking about how much my life has changed for the better.

It wasn't bad living at the Vet's office, but I wanted a Forever Home, with a Special Person to love me.
And Daddy knew it!  He took me Home.
He is my Special Person.

Since I've been living here I've lost a pound of fat, and all my dandruff is gone.
I get delicious stinky goodness to eat!  I know it's good for me...and I eat it anyway!  Sometimes being contrary just isn't worth it.

Daddy administers regular brushings and eye booger removals.
Even my ears get cleaned, although I don't like it.

There are Nippy toys to play with.
It took me a while to learn how to play, but as you can see I'm an expert now!

Being outdoors is really fun.
I sunbathe every day, whether I need it or not.

I love my tube and I sharpen my snooter on it all the time.
I'm a little large to tube shoot, but that's OK.  I love the rims the best, anyway.

Did you know that my house has Invisible Bugs?
I enjoy staring them to death.

OH!  And this has gotta be the best thing ever invented.

Kitties, urge all the Humans you know to adopt another, older Cat.
Or a First Cat!
We make great additions to any Home.  We are (mostly) done with our silly kittenish ways, and are ready to settle into a Lap and purr.

And we are so grateful.

Happy Tuesday!

XX  Sylvester  XX


  1. Oh I love love love invisible bugs! How lucky you are to have them--and all the other things!


  2. Oh Sylvester you sure hit the kitty jackpot!!! We are just thrilled to know that you are a happy, healthy boy these days and loved so completely :-)

  3. Sylvester...::purr:: don't forget that the other great thing is all of your girlfurriends. I too was an older gal, on her own, looking for a forever family...looking to share my Tuxie love.

    You got a great home!

    xoxo Bennette

  4. Oh Sylvester, you warmed our hearts with your happy story. We are glad you are Daddy's Special Boy.

    P.S. I KNOW! The Human has been SO irresponsible about my PLACEMAT! At first I got to have it ALL the time, and then she sorta got tired of washing it, so then I only got it sometimes, and now she's like totally relapsed in using my nekkid tray because you know, it's SO much easier to keep clean. Well! Here's what I say to that: What's more important? Your "convenience" or my elegant dining pleasure? Can you GUESS her answer?

  5. Sylvester, you are one lucky dude. And we feel lucky to know you here on the blogosphere. You're right, older cats deserve a chance to be adopted too!

  6. Sylvester, you are proof that senior kitties rule!

  7. Sylvester you are one lucky boy! What a wonderful home you have. It must feel really good to be given so much love and care.
    The lounge is any cats dream come true.

  8. 5 Months Already !!! That's so quick !
    And I'm so happy with you to be a part of your mommy and daddy. They look after you so well. You are one of the luckiest cat in the world.
    Sylvester, you know what ? I'm a daddy boy too : )

    My mom always try to encourage people she knew to adopted rescued cats, some time is successful but sometime is not but she still keep doing it. With the big hope...every cats find home ! We have the same aim, Sylvester.

  9. Yoo sure know how to pick 'em...and yes, mommy sometimes stears bean, speshully those wif kids, to older cats. Hey, dey deserve love too!

  10. Wow, 5 months already. I bet it has been the best huh? Simba see's invisible things, but I don't yet. Perhaps i'm not old enough yet? xx

  11. is lookin' good! I can't believe that 5 months have already passed since you were brought into the dozen, rendering it a 'baker's dozen' cool!! And we are soo happy that you have found THE perfect home with all the best of the, beds, food, love, love, love and laps, not to forget your new family members though I honestly don't know how you remember all their names, I have a hard enough time remembering the dog's name...but perhaps that is what Mom calls 'selective memory loss'...meaning that maybe I can't remember BECAUSE I DON'T WANT TO REMEMBER!!! haha! Anyway, you are one handsome fella if I can say that..Tiny is behind me ooo-ing and ahhh-ing saying something about loving a man in a tux...whatever that you understand what she is talking about? She also said that you make her think of James Bond??? Now I'm totally lost...whatever...ANYWAY! Purrs to the whole gang, Lautrec, Tiny and uh, what's his face dawg.

  12. Everyone, can I trade Sylvester for Teddy?

  13. Beautiful Sylvester!!!! You are one handsome boy kitty!!! You have me and Charlie swooning - that's how gorgeous you are!! Yay!!!

    Awwwww watch out for them invisible bugs!!! They're mean and go purple especially after some nip fun!!!! LOL!!!

    Yay for mum and dad and all at katnip lounge!! Mature kitties and hoomans ROCK! LOL! Take care

  14. I am so happy for you ! you found heaven on earth and you look like a happy cat !

  15. Oh Sylvester, you sure did find a good home. Glad that Dad is your special person. He sure does take good care of you. You sound a lot like our new Lucky. He doesn't know how to play either. He doesn't even know how to meow. We sure did enjoy seeing you.

  16. What a lucky boy!! Your new home is as posh as they come. Marmie always wanted to adopt an older cat, but then she found me in a parking lot, and I made certain she realized she was my special person.

  17. Oh dear Sylvester!
    I'm so happy that we are friends!You are very adorable and so lucky to have your beautiful family there!

  18. Sylvester, we're so happy you found the perfect home at the Lounge! We agree that adopting an older cat is totally worth it! Our Bella is such a joy to our Mom. She is very happy she adopted her and we think Bella likes being here too.

  19. Sylvester, you're certainly living the good life now! We're so glad you have such a wonderful forever home!

  20. Sylvester, I was thinking of you (right after Rupert) just a few days ago and wondering how you are faring. I was so glad to see you and learn of how happy and healthy you are. Your tuxedo is glossy and shining with health and you are a happy boy greatly loved. That makes me and mommy very happy. ♥♥♥

  21. Sylvester, you hit the kitty jackpot! And hooray for no more dandruffs!

  22. Sylvester you most certainly won the 2 million dollar kitty lottery 5 months ago.
    You are a sweet kitty who fit right into the Katnip lounge.
    Hugs madi

  23. We are so happy for you Sylvester and AMEN! to adopting mature cats.

  24. Sylvester, we are so happy that you have been blessed with such a wonderfully loving forever home. We remember when you moved in and can hardly believe it's been 5 months!!!!!!!

    We're trying to accept Shelly, but we're a couple of seniors and she's all kitten, so there is a lotta hissing, growling, etc. We're looking into some natural calming methods.

    We send our love to you, the rest of the baker's dozen, and to your mom and dad.

  25. We are very happy that Sylvester has settled in so nicely. We still can't believe he spent two years in a cage.

  26. Sylvester, we smiled and smiled at how well yoor daddy is doing at taking care of yoo. Every cat should have a home as nice and as loving as yoors.
    We hope yoor mommy is feeling tons better now. PURRS.

  27. You are so special Sylvester and such a beautiful message about adopting older ones, love it!

  28. Sylvester, we are so glad you are happy and settled at the Lounge. You've got good hoomins.

  29. you have a very handsome snooter.

  30. This post is great!
    Hugs from Brazil

  31. Hi Sylvester - I'm very pleased you're settling in well! All cats deserve a forever home! Your man humanoid sounds very special indeed...

    Enjoy the sunbathing!

    From a cute cat x

  32. Oh Mr. Sylvester, your update is just perfect! Life is really good when you're gotted, huh? Our mom really likes having older cats - she doesn't have the energy for kittens. hehe She has threatened to take me back to the shelter until I grow up, even, and I'm almost 5!!!

    Your ex-shelter buddy, Zoe

  33. Sylvester you have the life of Riley! Well,the life of Sylvester... but you know what we mean!
    We are so happy you have your very own family and your Dad sounds like the nicest
    Dad ever!
    the critters in The Cottage

  34. Sylvester, you hit it great big-time! What a wunnerful place you landed in...

  35. We are equally as glad that you have a furever home Sylvester! And you got the cream of the crop!

  36. Sylvester we rejoiced when Daddy brought you home! He is a special man and he knows a great kitty when he sees one!
    Thanks for showing us your routine and likes & dislikes. We enjoy getting to know each & every kitty resident of the Lounge.

  37. You have a wonderful life now Sylvester. The catio is a dream place to live.

  38. Good for you darlin', daddy made a great choice!

  39. Sylvester, we're so glad your Daddy brought you home so you can have the love you deserve! All of you kitties on the lounge have the bestest parents ever! (Well, ours are pretty good too but we don't have a cool catio.)

  40. Sylvester, you hit the forever home jackpot! I don't think I've ever seen humans more attentive to their felines than yours. You are one lucky kitty.

    As adorable as Melly, I am not sure I'd adopt another kitten. I got Scarlett when she was 4, and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made.

  41. Sylvester, you hit the jackpot when you came to live at the Lounge!! What a life you have now!!

  42. Sylvester!
    Oh my man cat wow don't you look gorgeous!
    I am so glad that your Daddy took you into the Catio and that yiuvare so happy!
    Mom is having bad Internet problems and I am dictating thisvto her on her iPad.

    Purrs and kisses

  43. I'm so happy for you Sylvester! Beautiful post!

  44. You've clearly fallen on your paws. Excellent news! Love the way you've slimmed down and become more active.

  45. Sylvester -- you hit the jackpot when your Daddy took you home! I'm sure any kitty would be happy at the Katnip Lounge where kitties rule!

    You're looking good!

  46. Onion!!!! Stop drooling on the keyboard!!!


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