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Monday, March 7, 2011

A Bloodthirsty Spring Poem


The Baby here.
I've been working on a Poem!

May I have you attention please?


"Lacertilian Love"

Spring is here, The Baby mused
rising from her bed
Time to hunt the dragon George
with fangs to pierce his head

Outside I'll look 'neath rocks and leaves
and by my Lemon tree
I'll use my snoot to scent his poop
tail thrashing hard with glee

Oh dragon George, you fill my dreams
and waking thoughts with carnage
You are an able wily foe
your heart is filled with courage

But I will slay you in the end
your time is coming soon
there simply is no escaping
the deadly Claws of Doom

Happy Monday!

XX  The Baby  XX


  1. Oh he wouldn't be silly enough to enter catio...would he?


  2. There was a white kitteh, The Baby,
    Who mused to herself, "Oh, just maybe
    That George will be mine!
    He'll taste so divine!"
    Poor George said, "I fear that she'll flay me!"

  3. Oh George, the brillig kitty nears
    With teeth such shining hours.
    And dance you will with Red Queen hence
    Until she thou devours.

    And we of poor rhymnithic type
    Do sport thine shiny tears
    Where Walruses and Hatters play
    And Make no Sense for Years!


  4. George had better watch his back. If he is smart, he'll leave Nevada, never to return. And come to California, namely to my zip code!

  5. Oh, The Baby, that was a most egzellent poem.

  6. Very good poetic technique, The baby. I hope you get him!

  7. Oh dragon George,
    Your destiny already been determined by The Baby
    All Cats are here, No one can fix your future !
    Let's face it !

  8. Where can we get this published? What a brilliant poem.

  9. Applause!!!Applause!!! Yay!!!! Awwwwww The Baby! The Baby, the Bard!!! Awwwwwww!! You are lethal with your claws and your words!!!! And aren't you just gorgeous with your bow-tie too?!!?

    Poor Georgie hasn't got a chance in hell!! LOL!!! But here is his riposte:

    Hello there kitty
    My name is Georgie
    I am cute and sweet and oh so tiny!
    So please do not eat me
    Or else I'll bite you in your hiney!


    Yay - we love your poem The Baby and think you should do more!!!! Take care

  10. we bow in deference to the Baby, the Bard, the Poet Laureate of the blogosphere.
    We wonder if there could be a rousing hymn to (sung to a familiar tune....)

    Onward Katnip Loungers,
    Marching off to George
    With the Claw of FreeDoom
    Going on Before.

    George the dragon-tasty
    Lies before the ring
    Of drooling, hungry kitties
    Hear those felines sing......

    Onward Katnip Loungers,
    Marching off to George
    With the Claw of FreeDoom
    Going on Before.

    We look forward to more poems from The Baby -this has really brightened our day.

  11. George is a cutie but we don't think he's very smart!

  12. LOL ~ that's a very good poem! I am thinking dragon George best stay out of your way! :)
    xo Catherine

  13. You can't catch me, George says with a scoff
    The Baby just smiled and said
    Hey look, I made your tail fall off!
    George runs off before he gets dead

  14. MOL Baby!!!
    You are not only gorgeous you are talented!!
    That is one excellent poem. You and your assistant might want to get it published.
    Hugs Madi

  15. omigod Baby, how talented!
    I'm always enchanted by poetry, this one is adorable!
    I also LOVE these pictures!
    purrs and purrs and purrs!
    Great post!

  16. You are quite the poet! Love you bow tie, btw. It's very stylish.

  17. Baby! Yoo are a wonderful poet! And if yoor hunting skills match yoor poetry skills, that George might as well start planning his own funeral! Tee hee! AND we love that bow tie!

  18. Very well done baby. You already look like a professional so I'm sure you will become famous very soon. Love dat bow tie too.

  19. Hurrah, The Baby! Well done indeed! We think George's days are numbered!

    -Nicki and Derry

  20. you are a very talented poet. i am very very afraid.

  21. By the way, even though we do not have Georges here in Finland we have geckoes on some blankies and Pekka-poika is posing for you on one on our latest blog entry!

  22. Baby you are a very good poet and we're sure George is very flattered that you have written about him - it's just a good job he can't read!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  23. The Baby; new Poet Laureate of America!!! Btw, love your bow tie :-)

  24. First, let us say that is one snazzy tie you have on!!!
    Excellent poem The Baby!

  25. Hahahahah!
    I love this poem!
    Kisses from Brazil.

  26. Oh dat looks a tasty morsel! Now I'm all drooly!
    Lovez the poem; you is such a sweet bard!

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  27. That is an outstanding poem! You are very talented!

  28. That sure was a great poem Baby. And then all the other poems in answer. How terrific is that. Wish our Mom could do poetry.
    That dragon looks a little scary even if it is small. Baby you had better be careful. Good luck.

  29. That is a fabulous poem but I hope that little lizard doent wander near you all or all will be over.. Hugs GJ x

  30. The Baby, I am way past impressed. I am AWED by your poetic abilities. Some of the others are pretty darn good too!

  31. Georgie,Porgie,Puddin and Pie,
    Kissed the Baby and made her cry.Hmmm.Well it's a poem.Not ours but we have to get that dang lizard in our garden and time is of the essence.
    the critters in The Cottage

  32. What a great poem!

    Happy Hunting!!!

  33. That was a wonderful poem, Baby, and I'm very taken by how handsome you look in that fabulous bow-tie!

  34. Baby you are quite the poet!

    Seriously though, do Georges taste good??

    Lizzie & 1/4 dozen cats in Boston

  35. That was a most excellent poem you wrote Baby.
    Thank you for sharing it with us.


  36. My lips are craving some lizard,
    very good poem Baby.


  37. You are a very good poet The Baby. We have never met any George's but we would really like to taste one.

  38. Stewart and Isabella applaud your prose Baby!

  39. That little lizard has been warned. He better keep his eyes peeled! Since it will (supposedly) be spring in a few weeks, I have started to also have bloodthirsty thoughts about Mr. Chipmunk, too.

    PS Is that a new colar on you, Baby? I like it.

  40. Oh Baby,

    You are a cat of many really know how to slay them, too.

  41. **clapping paws wildly** What a great poem, The Baby!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  42. Great poem - & Baby, while we appreciate ALL pics of kitties, that last pic looked DELICIOUS!!! We really wish we had Georges here! Bet our Mom, er, Caretaker appreciates that we don't though...

    May Ling, Simon says he missed you SO much, he pukied on our caretaker's bed this afternoon to tell her he HAS to visit you today!! He'll be RIGHT over!

    Have a great day!!

    ~Nico, Simon & JayJay :)

  43. Baby, that was a most excellent poem!! Now get out there and find George!!

  44. That was a super poem! But wait...I guess I missed something...George is a gecko!?

  45. Hee, great poem! I love your bow tie, too!

  46. You've got my attention for sure!! Wow - you look so innocent but that poem really was quite graphic! I wouldn't mess with you!

    From a cute cat x

    p.s. I love your bow-tie! Think I would look quite handsome with one too. :)

  47. Baby, you are a truly talented poet! And I love the fact that you dressed up for the recitation.

    All I can say is -- poor George!


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