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Friday, April 29, 2011

Friends on Friday!

:tap tap::

Is this thing on?

I think so...

Hi Kitties!

Henry here.
The Lady who lives here left her Magic Innernets Box out here on the Patio, so I decided to reveal some of my secrets to you.
I know all about you kitties and the blogsophere and other stuff from the Kats who live inside the Catio, and they told me all y'all were curious about me.  Which is only natural, being that you're CATS.

Anyway, I have a pretty nice gig going on here at my Restaurant Stop.  The People put a nice big serving (two cans!) of wet food out every evening, and there's always kibble to eat along with fresh water in my Hut.
I come in at dusk to eat and socialize, and sometimes I swing by in the morning to say hello.
The Man who lives here is very intriguing.  I've sniffed his hand a few times and one of these days I'll let him pet me.  He's pretty cool, unlike the Lady who talks to me in this ear-splitting screechy high voice.  I might let her get near me if she promises to keep her pie hole closed.

Since my Restaurant Spot is part of my Territory, I need to make sure it smells like me. 
This area is a little deficient...

...yup, the overly-zealous People have once again (!!!) hosed my Manly Pee Odor off the screen. 

A ManCat's work is never done. 
::tssst!  tssst!  tssst!::

All is right with the world now, everycat will know that this Catio is Mine.
At least on the Outside.
*dusts off paws*

OK, time for me to go take a nap. 
 I don't sleep in the Hut that the People built for a couple of reasons; first off because I'm a Cat and you know how we feel about beds WE don't pick out, and secondly I have a Sleeping Spot I already feel really safe in.  Where is it?  I can't tell you--it wouldn't be safe then! 
I like to hop up on the wall from the new launching area the Man built.  

The walls in the neighborhood are my purrsonal highways! 
The Lady says that soon I'm going to go someplace to get "fixed".  I've got news for her; I'm not broken!  Look at how healthy I am and what big CatNuts I have.
Fixed!  As if.

And I have no plans to go anywhere... 
...except up onto this flyover wall.

Another good ManSquirt onto the palm fronds. 
My work here is done.

See y'all later! 
I'll be back for dinner tonight.
Can I have the Salmon Dinner?  I like that flavor best.

Happy Friday Kitties!

XX  Henry  XX


  1. Henry you are way so cool! What do the other kitties think of you ???? Mirsku-veli thinks his man nuts are bigger - we don't think he realises he had them 'fixed' and all he has is empty bags, hehehe. We think maybe we should Leave the Catio if you get TWO tins of wet food a night - that is just amazing.

  2. Good job marking the territory, Henry...or should I say, King Henry? purrr....meow!

  3. DAD! DAD! [sob] [paws around the neck]

    [Bean says she doesn't have the heart to tell Bugs that Henry probably is not related after all. Let the boy dream. Bean suspects it was Henry's clanging cojones that really messed with Bugs's mind.]

  4. You are very Mancatly Henry! You have quite the nice set up there at the Lounge. We just hope there's no kitty on the other side of that catio when you go tssst! tssst! tssst!

  5. Henry...I know some humans say if it ain't broke don't fix it...but with kitties it's different.

  6. My Henry, you DO have big CatNuts! Our mom noticed those right away. Why she was looking there is anyone's guess. We think she needs a hobby.

  7. You do need to get fixed, don't you?

  8. Yous thinks yous has it good, but yous would be better if yous moved in....that's what ME thinks!

  9. Ahem, we don't know why but mom noticed right off dat yoo had some, er, catnuts...she's weerd. Ya know, if we were out wandering around and found someplace dat gave us TWO cans of food effury night and kibble and water and a place to sleep we would neffur leave. Heck, we only get a half a can!

  10. That was great meeting you, Henry! But, man! I hope you are not too offended... but you smell kinda, uh, musky and, well, bad. Maybe that is what the humans want to take care of when they talk about "fixing" you.

  11. Henry is certainly a Big Boy. And he looks furry good for a stray kitty. We're so glad you're looking after him.

    Couldn't believe that people in Vegas dump their cats together with an unpayable mortgage. What's next, dumping Grandma/Baby???? Sheesh! Some people are just too much.

  12. you sure do have it good!! I am amazed at your acrobatic skills too!!

  13. Henry, those aren't just nuts. Those are coconuts! WOWZA!!!

  14. Henry, I feel ya. I know firsthand about being 'fixed." Believe me, my CatNuts were just as big, if not bigger, than yours at one time. Watch your back, bro!

  15. Hi Henry! You are a furry manly cat! Looks like you have a pretty good life out there!

  16. Awwww beautiful Henry!!! Me and Charlie are so pleased to meet you! We are so happy that the People and Kats of this wonderful restaurant you visit are there to look out for you!! You are so lovely and will be lovelier still once the nice People get you all fixed! :-) Awwww!!! We hope you take care and stay safe and return real soon!! xx

  17. ahhhh, the fresh aroma of mancat pee.

  18. Hi Henry! We are very pleased to meet yoo! We can see yoo are completely at home in yoor "Restaurant Stop"! Swing by and see us again soon.

  19. Henry sure is one handsome, man about town. It sure looks like you guys feed him well.


  20. Henry you look a real cool kind of mancat - two lots of food at night we are going to ask mum why we only get that between us - no wonder we are so frail and have no energy. Mum is raising her eyebrows now and going tut tut girls don't tell porkies. We hope you move in cos it's ages since there was a new handsome mancat in residence.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  21. We know all about that screechy-voice. That's how mom talks to Zolie and she runs when ever mom appears. Dad can stand & talk all low & nice and she stays put. Of course mom steals her kittens so that might have something to do with it tool.
    Thanks for letting us peek into your life Henry!
    You got it made!

  22. Well, don't you have the life of Riley these days, Henry. Better watch out for any "traps".

  23. You look like you have things pretty much to your liking handsome Henry! But things change for the better sometimes! Be careful out there!!!

  24. Mon Dieu, you are talented! Bravo! I think I would not face that wall!
    Cool adventure day there, I love your story!
    purrs and happy weekend

  25. Nice to meet you Henry. Our Meowm has a few cats like you that she feeds, and they like to leave their scent behind as well. And, like you also, they still have their big CatNuts too. Meowm wishes she could get them fixed, and we are certain they don't think they are broken, but she doesn't have the extra money for it. And that is a bummer, because we now have kittens on our porch, and Meowm knows that at least two of them probably are children of two of the CatNutted mancats that she feeds.

    Sorry, didn't mean to run on like that. We are glad to meet you and we want you to know that you are at a great place. The mand and lady that live there would take very good care of you if you will let them.

  26. Geez Henry. You are one COOL CAT. You are soooo King of your World!! We have many RULES to follow but you make your own RUlES and the Humans seem to cater to your every need.We have a warning for you though.Keep a close eye on your CATNUTS. " They" are out to get you...or them!!
    the critters in The Cottage

  27. Yup, we think you are KING Henry for sure!!!!!!!

    Love to all at the Catio...insiders and outsiders.

    BTW, King Henry, you are one handsome dude!!!!!!

  28. Henry you have a good thing going there. I would say if you let the humans get you fixed, you won't have so much reason to wander far, or possibly get into fights with other male cats. And I saw a video of the fixing surgery on Homer's blog, and it really is a nothing.

    You are a handsome guy.

  29. Hey Henry, you are clearly one cool dude! And your choice of restaurant stop shows you have excellent taste! What will the future hold for you???

  30. Oh good to meet you, you study man cat you. Of course, the scent of your manly man cat pee has got to be sterling in quality. The stuff dreams are made of.

    I would go for you but...Rupert has my heart.

  31. Oh my gosh, Henry -- you are sooooo funny, and clever too! I just adore you. Interestingly, I wrote about another cat named Henry today too!! This Henry is a three-legged cat, and he wrote a couple of neat books which we are giving away -- please tell the Lady to come by and enter to win one!! =^..^=

  32. WE are so glad you got a hold of the blog Henry. We are excited to get to know you a little better. You are very handsome and that sure is a nice restaurant you visit all the time. Best you let those nice people catch you and fix you all up. They are really nice people and want you all nice and healthy. Take care and have a great week end.

  33. Henry: You are quite the entrepreneur! I see you've found the 4-star restaurant in town. It's the hip and happening Katnip Lounge. (what kind of music do they play at the lounge? )

    You are the ramblin' man.

  34. Um, are cat-nuts sort of like corn-nuts?

  35. You really hit the jackpot finding the Katnip Lounge Restaurant, Henry!

  36. Henry you are handsome but guests do not pee on their host's belongs....I'm just sayin'
    If you want to keep the good gig clean up your act.

  37. Well hello there Henry! Good on ya to take over the interwebs! Theese is an excellent restaurant you are a patron of, you obviously has good taste! I finds myself a bit jealous of know what I'z talkin' 'bout...Anyway, stay safe Henry.

  38. Henry you sure are one handsome mancat.
    Hehehe we had to laugh that someone said you had coconuts! That was good. But we think you might be missing those one day soon.

    >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^<
    Abby Ping Jinx Boo Gracie

  39. Pleased ta meet ya, Henry. Ya have an inneresting perspective on things. Ya ought ta try the hut though, it sounds comfy.

    We suspect there is a TNR event coming up. Whats TNR? Oh..... um "Tuna Night Review". Thats where ya go inna small "celebrity transport limo" to a "recording studio" an talk ta us about the good canned food ya had, and it is PURRFECTLY safe and OK, and dont you listen ta anny rumors ya hear...

  40. Hello Henry, you are pretty sure of yourself. Keep an eye out for those humans.

  41. Henry, Henry, Henry, You're one smart guy. You've got the best of both worlds: freedom to roam AND the dedicated service of the World's Finest Kitty Servants.

    Props, Henry. You da Man!

  42. Henry, you are one cool dude! You have a pretty good gig going there. And you know it! Lucky, we mean cat.


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