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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Torture Continues on Tuesday


We're all playing with our new puzzle box rather successfully.  We each have different methods of extracting treats, at this point it's still trial, error, persistence and blind luck.

 Mommy & Daddy are still laughing.
But some things are the same from Cat to Cat.
We all peer into the side holes.

We all do the Snow Cone maneuver.

And we dig dig dig until we get a treat!  Or two or five.

Scouty, I wish you luck.
I have become disgruntled with the torture device puzzle box

I see CHIKKUN jerky!
Must. Have. Chikkun.

Oops!  Too far.

To be continued...

Happy Tuesday!

XX  Salem and Scouty  XX


  1. I still think treats should not be worked for!!

  2. What if this becomes some sick "survival of the fittest" game where you are pitted against one another for an ever-decreasing treat supply? Is there no end to the devious inhumanity of your formerly devoted Mommy and Daddy?

    Have they joined forces with Voldemort? Did someone suck out your Mommy's soul along with her Hisser? But even if they did, what happened to your Dad?

    Do you want to come over here and hide?

  3. We agree with Sparkle!!!!

    Then again, treats are more 'delicious' when 'hunted'!!!

  4. Oh Spitty!!!!

    You make me laugh!!!

  5. So, dey is still tortchuring yoo need us to call da police or sumthing?

  6. Scouty, I know you !
    CHIKKUN jerky is in there, You are not gonna give up !!!
    I can't wait for the next episode, How you get the CHIKKUN JERKY !


  7. One day you will all figure out how to pick that thing up and shake all the treats out.

  8. MOL @ Spitty!

    This "torture device" is least from the mom's point of view. :-P

    -Fuzzy Tales

  9. This is horrific! I don't know how you cats are still managing to survive with peoples that are this cruel to you! If you need some TLC at the level at which you clearly deserve, you're welcome to share my human for a while. I have her well trained!

  10. You guys will figure it out, I know you will, y'all are smart!!!

  11. You show em Salem and Scouty!! You'll have a the last laugh, me and Charlie just know it!! Yay! Take care

  12. Wow you are very smart! Mommy there could do a video about it, I bet it would be a huge success on youtube!Yesssssssssss!
    I'm curious here... :)

  13. This toy does look like a great one for long periods of amusement - for you and for the humans!

  14. Oh goodness,we need one of those for sure with all these crazies that live inside here. That sure looks like fun. Hope all of you have a fun day.

  15. theo would probably get his head stuck in one of the holes.

  16. Wait a minute there is treats inside? I'm coming over stat nothing keeps me from eating treats not even a cuboard door!

  17. How do the treats get in there - do they appear by magic when no cats are looking??
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  18. That puzzle box is REALLY started ta peaque our interests. We gotta chack that out more careful.

  19. LOVE Spitty's comment! He really nailed it!

    How can those two laugh at you when you try so hard with no success?! You get a treat for trying...that's what we say. How can they sit there and watch a kitty cry??? Have aliens come and replaced them with androids like Mr. Data on Star Trek?

  20. We think it's worth the torture for some chikkun jerky!

  21. Remeber if you head doesn't fit....walk away or you'll be wearing a new hat.
    Hugs Madi

  22. Mom put up my puzzle box on accounta I stopped playing with it BUT!!! Mommy said she's bringing it it again with treats instead. Fanks you.

  23. We had one of those but never di play with it - Mom gave it away! Oh well....

  24. Wow, two days in a row and you're still playing with your toy. That's got to be a good sign. Looks like you've got some good teamwork going on there, too.

  25. MOL
    WE love seeing how they work it all out!

    >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^<
    Abby Ping Jinx Boo Gracie

  26. Oh dear! That toy is sick and twisted. Treats are not meant to be worked for.

  27. I´m sorry babies, but I´m laughing very much!!!!
    Kisses and have a nice Wednesday!

  28. We are MOL at Spitty. We are sorry Meowm saw this...she might get ideas!

  29. LP laughs at our attempts to retrieve the treats in our puzzle thingy too. Poor. All of you two footers are. Poor.
    the critters in The Cottage

  30. Oh no! What a torture device. Our mum said she will have to look out for one for us because we don't often get treats now, so we should work harder to get them. She is just as cruel as your mum!!!
    I looked back at yesterday's post to see what it was all about. How lucky that I did or I would have missed Sweet Pea.

  31. I thinks I might be able to wiggle right into that box. ~Arty Mouse.

  32. Our interest in the box in increasing!

  33. Do you want some help getting those treats? we would love to try it.

    Mindy, Moe, BonBon, Cookie & Mike

  34. Salem, you sure worked hard to get those treats! Scouty, you are too cute! Our mommy is laughing at you guys but we don't see anything funny whatsoever about the torture box.

  35. MOL, I love your "disgruntled" face Salem!!

  36. Man, this does look like torture! We hope our mom doesn't get any ideas to turn our puzzle box into a torture box like that!

  37. I'm sorry, Kitties, that thing is just WRONG. I wonder how your mommy and daddy would like it if they had to be tortured for a snack or a cocktail or something.

    Anyway, it was pretty warm here on Saturday too. Then the winds blew us all over the place and we couldn't see because of the dust and then we got a cold front and it was freezing again. (At least that stopped my mom from whining about not having the cooler running yet.)

  38. Wow, I have never seen a box like this ! I am sure Rosie would hide all her mousies in there, lol !

  39. Erm ... it is a bit of a cruel toy. Yoo shud get treats for just trying.


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