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Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday Munchies


Mommy went to CVS pharmacy on Saturday.  She had two coupons that added up to $12 off of anything!

So she bought us THIS:

Notice the treats inside!

It's supposed to have toys in it, but since Mommy is sick and twisted always thinking of new ways to keep us amused she nixed the toys and put treats in it instead!

And then her and Daddy nearly wet their pants laughing at all of us, trying to figure out how to get 'em out of there.

And of course, it's all on "film".

Grayce had first crack at it. 
I can feel those treats.
::paw paw paw::

I can SMELL those treats!
Mommy:  This is the classic "Snow Cone" position.

If I wet my paw the treats stick to it.

:nom nom nom::

Felix tried it out:


I want some treats, too.

Maybe from this direction, there's a bunch in the corner.

Yes!  I got one!

Who's that?

Good Luck, Sweet Pea, this is harder than it looks.  The box has a lip that you have to flip the treats past to get them out.

Hmmmm, I think I need a little nap...this is exhausting.  Besides, I'm full.

To Be Continued...

Happy Monday!

XX  Grayce, Felix & Sweet Pea  XX

pee ess:  The Baby is back to her usual cantankerous, demanding Diva self.  Thank you for all your purrs and well wishes...they worked!  That, and the $215 spent at the Vet--LOL!  ~MomKat Trish


  1. I think your mom has a little mean streak inside! MOL

  2. Dat was a good idea your mom had there.

  3. Oh no, we hope they don't sell such devices here. That looks like it's exhausting.We hope they were extra high calorie tasty treats.

  4. It looks like you guys have to work a little for your keep huh? Grayce is a pretty smart gal, nice touch with licking the paw! We're very glad that The Baby is feeling better, excellent news! PS: You Loungers are welcome to "lurk" around our blog anytime you like! (I wonder if all 13 of ya came visiting at once, if it would crash the system?)

  5. Humans have such a weird idea of what's fun... give them a swat at night when they're asleep to thank them...heh heh heh

  6. Well, see now, isn't this Just Like The Humans?

    They COULD generously hand us some tasty treats, but NOOOOOOOOOOO, instead they put them inside some damn thing that makes us work for them and, worse, they watch us struggle and they LAUGH.

    And then we're supposed to be all grateful to them. As if! As if!

    Oh, but I **am** glad the Baby's back to being a b..... oh sorry, I mean "being feisty." Hey--you don't see HER playing with that treat torture device. She's a Goddess.

  7. Yay for the Baby being better!

    Grayce sure is clever to figure out about wetting her paw to get those treats out.

  8. hahaha! That is great!!! I will have to get something similar.

    BooBoo "the large" has mastered the treat ball and can now get the treats out with minimal effort!

    Glad the baby is better! :)

  9. I am glad that The Baby is better! But man, you guys, your humans are really twisted! Why are they making you work for your treats?!

  10. Wow, yoor mom really is twisted! If ours tried to do dat we'd poop in her shoe...okay, not really, but we would whine and make her feel really bad. Glad The Baby is feeling more like her self.

  11. "Snow Cone" position, That cracked me up : )
    Grayce , I have to accept...your trick is so smart !!!!

    Hooray for The Baby, That's really good news !
    Nothing good like back to be yourself, and I like the words" demanding Diva self " Sound Lady Cattitude..hee..hee


  12. Awwww .. we are glad The Baby is feeling better? And yoor momma too. Purrs.

  13. Your mummy is cruel and I am going to report her to the ASPCA.

  14. Such fun! Our Mom thinks we should try that with treats too!

    We're glad The Baby is feeling back to herself!

  15. Awwwww mumTrish and scrotchyDad are fiendish!! LOL!!! But yay for wonderful Felix, amazing Grayce and beautiful Sweet Pea for foiling their plans!!!!!! So clever!!!!!

    Great news about The Baby!!!! Take care

  16. Wow, what sick peoples you live with! Mine tried to do this with me and a treat ball, but I just ignored it totally until she learned that I will only eat them from her hand, or straight out of the box. Maybe you could try this?

    Much love


  17. Haha ~ what will they think of next to amuse kitties... and humans!!! Ha!

    So happy the Baby is feeling better!!

    xo Catherine

  18. Wow dear friends, looks cool that box with holes!
    I'm so curious as well!

  19. That kinda looks like fun! I think your mom is awesome for spending her $12 coupon on you.

    We are so happy that The Baby is feeling better!

  20. Hi kitties, we think your mumkat is brilliant to put treats into the toy!!! We have the same one at home and I am going to try it for the boys tonight :-) I know Jimmy and Archie will go crazy because they love treats the most!

  21. Hi Katnip Kitties!! Well done with that complicated toy. I 'm sure the movies will be fantastic... can't wait to see it.

  22. Well done Grayce in working out that treats will stick to a damp paw - we're waiting to see who else comes up with a cunning plan too. We're glad the Baby is feeling better.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  23. Hey, the mom says as long as the $215 doesn't balloon into $2500, you're okay. :-P

    BTW, our mom is just mean enough to want one of these toys for us too, to put our treats in! She'd get a kick out of making us work for them, cruel human that she is.

    -Fuzzy Tales

  24. P.S. We're glad The Baby is back to her usual self, of course!

  25. Thanks - now mom is thinking devious thoughts - and laughing as she imagine Mo and Junior trying to get the treats out of that thing.

  26. What fun!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We are so happy that The Baby is back to her usual self.


  27. I sure am happy to hear that The Baby is back to normal! Hey guys, just flip it over, that's what I would do, they'll come right out!!!

  28. the licking the paw to snare the treat strategy was ingenious. glad baby is back to herself...

  29. Oh, great! :( Now our mom wants to go out and get one for us to make us work for our treats too!

    So glad to hear The Baby is back to her normal DIVA self! (((HUGS)))

  30. Your mom is quite devious!
    And how rude of them to laugh!

    HooRay for The Baby!

  31. You guys are so lucky that your mom spent her money on something for you!

  32. I love my puzzle box. Mommy got the slightly larger one and I love finding my toys in there.


  33. Wow, that looks like great fun especially if you win a treat. We are sooooo glad the baby is feeling much better :) xx

  34. We would sure like to have a puzzle treat box like that.....long as there's treats in it. Otherwise, yawn - since we're not really crazy about toys.

    Glad to hear The Baby is on the mend.

    Mindy, Moe, BonBon, Cookie & Mike

    PS glad to hear your heat-o-meter is is cranking out some heat, ours is slower.

  35. MOL your Mom is very creative; however, it seems she and Dad enjoyed it nearly as much as you 13!!
    I would have had a meltdown seeing food that I had to work for. Baby and I went to the same Diva school...everything is handed to to us and we work for nothing.
    Madi and Mom

  36. "The Boys" and I are really glad to know that "the Baby" is back to being "the Baby"--and feeling much better. It's those green papers that did it!

    Your new food hider looks like fun to play with, although Sweet Pea seems to have the right idea; get down on your side and stick your paw in. If you go to sleep before you've got your treat, oh well!

  37. oohhhhh, your Mommy is MEAN! Ours tried a treat ball like that, but neither of us would even try it. Work for treats? I don't think so, lady!

  38. They do this kind of think at the Zoo and call it "enrichment" because it makes the animals think and work harder -- like they would have to in the wild.

    Great twist, Mom!

  39. OH GOOD we are glad Baby is back to feeling like a Diva. YAY!!!!!
    Oh my cod that is just mean mean mean of your Mom to do that to you. Make you WORK for treats! Well we hope all of you figure it out and outsmart her!


  40. LP said, Thank Cat for your Mom's twisted and evil or was it sick? mind.That's cause LP's mind is sicker or evil too.She put the treats under the toys in ours to really mess us up,or as she said, "to challenge us a bit...".
    Have fun kitties!
    the critters in The Cottage

  41. Cody has the exact same toy! Great idea to put treats in it instead though. May try that to mix things up a bit. He mostly uses his Bat-A-Rat for treats which he loves!

  42. So glad Baby is feeling better and that the vet sorted her out. The £'s realy tick up at the vets office we know only too well. I love all the pictures trying to get the treats out. Hugs GJ xx

  43. What a great game! My Mommeh is always looking for "enrichment" games and activities, so we might have to get one of those for ourselves!

  44. Gee!!!! Don't go giving our Mom any ideas!!
    That looks hard to get the treats :o
    But it could be fun too,heehee
    We are sorry Baby is sick and happy the Vet could help :)
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  45. Wow! Good idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Enjoy babies!

  46. I had one of those evil boxes. I hated hated hated it. Of course, I'm not as smart as Grayce is. I wish I'd thought of that.

    I can't believe your beans not only did that to you, but video taped it. I think you need to video tape them doing something foolish (it shouldn't take long)...and post to You Tube.

  47. We got one of those boxes. We played with it once or twice and then it just sat there. Our mom shoved it under a chair to get it out of the way. She obviously is not as creative as your mom and never thought about putting treats in it, even though she did put almost every toy imaginable in it. Now treats...that might get us interested again!!

  48. That is a really good idea! lol

  49. We love your mum's sick and twisted sense of humour - and you look like you are enjoying it too!


Oh Boy...this is gonna be GREAT!