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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Who We Watch


As you all know, our Daddy feeds the birds, and we like to watch them!
Really, we'd rather EAT the birdies, but so far that's only happened twice--that Mommy knows of...heh heh.  We don't explain the occasional feather explosion on the Catio no matter how much we're questioned.
Even under torture--like getting our belly meat eaten.
Pigeon Stalking

But that's another story for a different time.

Today we want to tell you about our Special Birdies that come to visit us every day.  May we present Mister & Missus Pigeon!

We know they are a couple, because we saw them...erm...doing the same thing that Johnny does to Scouty every night...humping.

Here's Mister,

and here's Missus!

They are very tame, and follow Daddy all over the yard, looking for bugs and little plants to eat that Daddy stirs up doing yard work.  We wish they were tame enough to walk inside the Catio!

Mister likes bread.

So does Missus.

Do you see how she tosses the bread in the air?
It's those kinds of moves that makes our butts wiggle and our teeth chatter.

Missus also steals Henry's kibble from right inside his hut!  It's enough to drive a Cat crazy.

Or CrazyPants.

Happy Saturday!

XX  The Lounge Kats  XX


  1. Sweet! Dem birdies look really tasty, er, cute. Oh, Zippy sez just a'cuz dey to dat ::humping:: thing means nothing. Der used to be two boy parakeets dat lived here and dey did dat to each other all da time! Der names were Blue and Iggy...but daddy called dem blue balls and iggy piggy.

  2. O they sure do look very yummy!! We have never seen a pigeon around here..... I guess they know to stay away from us : ) Thanks for stopping by our blog : )
    Garfield here I must say that I am not a naughty kitty at all I am known as the mama boy because I am always hanging around my mom more then the other cats.....I guess you can say I am a couch and bed potatoe : )

  3. Just see " Mister & Missus Pigeon ", I'm drooling too !!! drip..drip..drip..
    When I hear you guys wish they were tame enough to walk inside the Catio. I think It's very possible !!!

    Look at the first photo, I saw Mister Pigeon's tail are so close to Johnny and Scouty...May be next time ! But this time, I guess your mommy have to wipe the floor around there because it soaked with your saliva..hee..hee heh


    PS : I'm sorry I didn't visit you guys for couple day, my mom really feel drained physically.

  4. OMC, don't those birds realize they are only inches from danger? Or rather, becoming dinner?

  5. Oh man! my teeth would be chattering too if I had those two birdies visiting me everyday.

    Sorry they torment you guys so. - but you may get lucky someday.


  6. Awwwww yay for Mister and Missus Pigeon!!! Awwww what a lovely couple!!!! Just like Mr Johnny and Scouty!! How cute is that?!?!

    Have a great Saturday!!! Me and Charlie hope you go all crazypants for the weekend!! Yay! Take care

  7. I was just tracking some delicious looking Goldfinches yesterday! How lucky was that? Luckier if I had been outside though.


  8. Mmmmm....Call me weird I know....but I don't really like eating birds. Too messy. It makes my face fuzz go all sticky and then i have to lick, lick, lick to get it clean...nah, earthworms do me just fine!

    Enjoy though! I can see you'd all love to get your paws on 'em! :)

    From a cute cat x

  9. Yep, there would be plenty of wiggle-butting going on here too! Y'all have a stalkingly good weekend!

  10. Great photos. Cats are so much fun to watch. Thanks for popping by. I read something this morning about deaf cats and how most will not meow at all and some will meow inappropriately. Very loud for no reason. I think Chuckles was of the latter. Have a great day. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x5

  11. Goodness I bet all you Lounge kitties do a bunch of chattering over those pigeons. We would love to stalk them. Do they have bands on their legs?? We have had a pigeon or two here and they had bands so I guess they were homing pigeons. They are pretty. Maybe since they were doing the cha cha cha, you will have baby pigeons.

  12. Well if you cannot eat'em at least you can dream about'em.
    Birds are exactly why you see lots of pics of me on the table. I take picutres for my mind's eye to enjoy,
    Hugs Madi

  13. Do you like your pigeon raw or would you like us to look out some pigeon recipes for you?
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  14. Mister & Missus Pigeon, a very lovely couple. Just think (I do that sometimes) if you ate them, you would not have the entertainment!
    Happy Saturday to you all!
    ~ Miss Emily and The Bunch

  15. Oh my! The thought of a bird eating cat food!

  16. I've added seeing two pigeons doing it to my bucket list.

  17. Oh, the gall of those birds stealing YOUR food!

    ~Slash & Bronzy

  18. They are a very attractive couple, the pigeons that is.
    Zolie decapitated a robin this week in the garage. And de-winged it too. The nommy breast was gone and she left a huge pile of exploded feathers. This of course was the day after dad blew the dust & crap out of the garage.

  19. hehehe, we know you are just letting them fatten up a bit, while y'all figure out how to make a meal of them!!!!!!!!!

    Love to all of you.

  20. Those pidgeons do look pretty yummy, I'm sure that I could help you take care of those!

  21. We has some of those thing that come to eat at our house, too. Momma won't let us outside but we sure do yike watchin' birdie teevee.

  22. M feeds the birdies too and I has front row viewing too. It's the best kitty TV ever. I can't get at ours tho cuz I now allowed outside unless M is with me and then I has to be on leash & harness or in my KritterKondo

  23. Wow!! We don't have a pair of pigeons, but instead welcome Danny and Darla Dove to our feeder everyday. The're *always* together, and they stay outside our window for HOURS. We wish Mom would let us out to meet them! It would be fun, we swear!!

    Scooter and the gang :)

  24. Mr and Missus Pigeon are SO CUTE! We usually get the big, black, LOUD crows to watch outside our window. We've never tasted a birdy, though. :p

    PS/ There is NO WAY we will let Mummy expand the kitty family to 5! We'll make sure of that!

    Cosmo and Ling...

  25. hmmmm...I mean yummmm...

    Maybe there will be baby birdies soon!

  26. Fun post -- I'm sure they look delish to you, but if you ever really did eat them, they couldn't entertain you any more!!

  27. We dont have pigeons but we have some fat doves that scratch around unner the feeder. Im the only one who can go out ta see them up close. They are faster than they look!


  28. While they **DO** look pretty nommy, I'm going to go against the tide here and say it would be kind of sad to eat them now that they have names and personalities.

    So unlike me, don't you think?

  29. All I keep thinking is poor Scouty!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  30. They look like nice birdies. Would you really want to make them lunch if they came inside?? We think not....

  31. Oh my gosh, that is a great birdie show you've got there! My kitties want to know what channel that is at our house :D


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