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Friday, May 13, 2011

Kitties, this was AWFUL!


So blogger had a MAJOR hairball yesterday...and our Thursday post is GONE!

CC is VERY hissed off about that.  We'll see if it comes back; if not Mommy said she'll at least repost all of his photos for you to see.  Especially Miss Huffle, ::blush:: 
We get all your comments in our e-mail, so we did read those!

But we're back on track...sorry no pictures of us cuz Mommy already left for work and we don't know where the files are on her new computer! 
Yes, Mommy is getting organized, and it's confusing the fur offa us to try and find stuff now...the icons are moved, and look different, and there's all these organized folders, Windows 7 (which ROCKS!)...let's just say it's SCARY!

Speaking of scary, here's a snake Mommy saw at work last week:

Sorry about the quality, it's a cell phone photo.

Don't panic, it's just a Bull snake and non-venomous.  He/She was about 3 feet long.  The water plant has a HUGE pack Rat population, so snakes are very welcome to keep 'em in check.  Pack rats chew through everything and nest everywhere, in fact one got into a critical piece of communication equipment a few years back, chewed the wires and fried himself, which shorted out the comm cabinet and shut the entire plant down!  Mommy thinks that they should have a Feral Cat colony there to eat the rats, however she hasn't been able to sell the idea.  But she's working on it!

Oh, and we may be scarce commenting this weekend.  Something about Mommy working seven days in a row, blah blah blah...let's face it, she's just not a very dedicated Mommy.


Happy Friday the 13th!

XX  The Katnip Lounge Kats  XX


  1. OMG the only good thing about Blogger having been screwed up was that I actually get to be the FIRST comment??? Are you friggin kidding me? I usually get buried alllllll the way down as being number 50-something! OMG I am so sorry you lost your post yesterday. Thankfully I didn't post anything and I checked and all of my old stuff seems to be there. I will have to check again though. Blogger was broken since yesterday afternoon through til about noon today. The good thing is, they gave me material for my blog today. I didn't have a thing planned!
    Hope all turns out well!

  2. We are very hissed off with blogger too. And no pics of the Loungers today makes us even more hissy. But Äiti said once she survived without the innerwebs. I cannot imagine that at all. Where would we go to moan about our humans without it?

  3. Yep, Blogger dropped the catnip ball on this one!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  4. Yep - lost our great Thursday post and mom saved a cute one for today and it is lost is outer space...and we can't repost cause mom can't find the graphic she used. hard to get good help. We vote for feral cats (much less scary than snakes!!).

  5. I hope Blogger hacked up a really HUGE hairball all over the IT staff who couldn't get things back together for so many hours. It would serve them right.

    P.S. I don't know why the water plant is so adverse to having a feral cat colony. It seems like humans would like that better than a feral snake colony. Except for my human. She LOVES snakes and would want both!

  6. Blogger boogers everywhere!!! Have a snoozy weekend friends!

  7. boo blogger. i think i read your post yesterday. i'm sure if i did i left a witty comment.

  8. Happy Friday the 13th. We did a post at Mousebreath on some ideas for not using blogger...

  9. yes lost my post too. Oh that snake is a biggy. I am glad to hear its not venomous but looks scary. If it keeps the horrible rats at bay that has to be good. Mum hates rats.. Hugs GJ x

  10. MY post is also gone..I had worked my way on comments all the way down to Spitty with just him and one other when Blooger pulled the plug. Hissed off for SURE!!! Took that blog too.


  11. YUCK! Our mom would rather have the rats than the snakes. And don't feel bad - our mom is 'bandoning us on Saturday. Phooey.

  12. Mom and I are just glad that Blogger has things back up, even IF Thursday is missing. We were having MAJOR withdrawal symptoms not being able to read or comment, or get comments. Scary stuff.

  13. Oh boy we're in the TOP 20 -- that's amazing for us! We don't normally blog until later...but Mom said "let's roll" so we did. After our escapades with the venous snakes last week, Mom is VERY gun shy about ANY snake right now. Poor black snake got whacked because he came around at the wrong time and would not run away when shooed. *sigh* We know snakes are good in a lot of ways but when you see those 'killer' snakes it's NO GOOD!!!

    >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^<
    Abby Ping Jinx Boo Gracie

  14. Yeah, Dread Pirate Blogger strikes again...and we heard mom cussing in a new langwidj yesserday! So, now we haf even more words on da bad word list.

  15. We so understand about undedicated Moms!

  16. Hey all you kitties!! Yeah our post disappeared too. I hope they find them.

    Try not to work too hard.

  17. I just saw your Favorite Music. I too love all Music. I don't meet too many people that do. I guess we're special.

  18. We were absolutely horrified by what happened, but our post from yesterday has reappeared, so hopefully CC's will as well. Paws crossed.

    The Chans

  19. Mom has a new name for Blogger....she is calling it Booger for messing like it did...supposedly a 1 hour maintenance turned into a nightmare. Mr. Booger if it ain't broke don't fix it. I say we sic the snake on blogger.
    Mom is leaving today's post of all day tomorrow too because it didn't post until 1:30 when she had to do it manually. It would not even auto post. Anyway unless there is another SNAFU Sunday's post will be new.
    Hugs Madi

  20. OH ! I feel so good !!! Finally I can make a comment for you guys !
    About lost your post yesterday, Please ask your mom to check " Draft " Because my yesterday post has been removed too but it still appear as a draft , so I do post again for today ( My Saturday )
    Miss You Guys

  21. Hi Katnip Kitties! Oh thank Cod the world has been set right again. What a fright!

    The Human says that she feels kinda mean saying TOO many rude things about Blogger since she really likes doing my blog and it was pretty easy to learn and it works really well almost all the time and it doesn't cost NUFFING.

    Me, I say they should get it right ALL the time, 100%, or hang their heads in shame. No Mr. Nice Guy when Spitty has his say.

  22. Man, we are glad that this Blogger stuff has been fixed because we missed all our furiends! And we couldn't leave comments and stuff!!

    As for that snake...our mom says it's scary no matter if it's venomous or not!! 3 feet long??? Yikes!!

  23. Finally blogger is fixed! That snake looks scary. I will take your word for it that it's okay!

  24. We missed every cat yesterday and mum got fed up with us moaning. Although we did hear a few naughty words when she realised a post and it's comments had gone walkabouts! We know our mum would have totally freaked out if she'd seen that snake so your mom was very brave to take a picture.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx


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