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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Poop Extravaganza!


May Ling here...just a sec...

There.  Done.

Kitties, Rupert's post about our litterboxpools garnered lots of comments with questions!
So I'm gonna answer 'em...

just let me hop down. 
The Baby's not the only kitty in the house with mad jumping skillz!



C'mon and follow me out to the Catio.

::pad pad pad::

We have three litterboxpools, two on the Catio and one inside the house.  In addition, there's a HUGE plastic tub in the Little Out for our convenience.

Here's Mommy with the bucket and shovel, all ready to scoop. 
She's got on one of her snappy outfits.

It's enough to blind you! 

Our first litterboxpool literally blew into our life yard one afternoon when we had a windstorm.  The funny thing is that Daddy had just talked to a friend who had said that's what we needed!  Karma.
The others were purchased at Wally World and KMart.  And y'know what?  The one from KMart is a DOG wading pool, and has a BONE imprinted on the bottom!
ha ha ha!

We use Fresh Step Clumping litter, because that's what Sam's Club sells inexpensively  Since there's so much litter in the pools, they only get scrubbed a couple times a year, (it's a huge project to shovel out all the litter) but Daddy keeps the sand pretty deep so our "deposits" are usually in the middle stratum, and not clinging anywhere.

Except for Salem, who has the weirdest peeing position we've EVER seen; she squats with one hind foot on the rim!  So she makes clingy corner pees.

Finally, I have a bit of gossip...CC rolls in the pools!
In the fresh litter.
One of his nicknames is "Gritty Kitty"

I hope I've answered all your questions..., where was I?

Happy Tuesday!

XX  May Ling  XX


  1. I can't imagine scooping all that litter! I have enough problems with my two (if the litter isn't scooped twice a day, there are "deposits" strategically placed right next to the litter box).

  2. Binga sometimes pees the same way Salem does.

    CC is just... gross.

  3. We hope Äiti reads this carefully and learns from it. We are hoping for a deep bowl on the catio. However we are glad our trays get scrubbed weekly. And if they are not clean then somecat also deposits just outside!

  4. Hmmm, TBT is rethinking the litter pans now. In the small ones, we ALLUS pee against the sides and that IS clingy. On the other paw, thats HIS problem, not ours.

  5. My goodness you must go through a tonne of cat grit! Amazing. Like having your own quarry - without the nuggets of gold....

  6. Mom knows about da "clingy" stuff. Speedy always pees right in da corner! As Ayla, Iza and Marley sez, dat is mom's prollem, not ours.

  7. You guys are lucky to have such attentive people who give you plenty of room to do your stuff.

  8. We think you did a good job explaining about your cool litterboxpools. Nose kisses

  9. Salem, Salem, Salem. Just **look** at those JLLs! A stunning rear view!

  10. I'm just glad I have the one cat who likes to do his business under the pieris al fresco!

    Such dedication needs some recognition. The Poop Scoop of the year award?

  11. Ha..Ha..Ha.. Miss Salem, My mom said you do your business like my human sister when she was 4 : )

    And Thanks for the gossip, Miss May Ling !
    Now CC made me wonder did he get a hug after that..MOL


  12. Beautiful May Ling!! Thank you for such wonderful answers to your paddling pool litter trays!!!! Yay for mum's snappy outfit too!!

    Me and Charlie love how you all ignore the beach signs! LOL!! Awww adorable CC! Your secret is out!! :-) Take care

  13. Ohhhh boy. As a fastidiously clean kitty, I'm horrified by CC. Did you know I tap my paws on the sides of my litter box in order to loosen all particles that may have been stuck in my paw pads? Yup.

  14. ohmigod, I imagine your mommy has lots of work there to clean that box!
    Funny post, I like the word extravaganza! MOL
    Take care!

  15. Nicki *always* makes clingy corner pees, regardless of the size of the litter box (all giant size, though not wading pool size!).

    Scooping litter for that many kitties would be a full-time job in itself. LOL.

  16. Those are some pretty awesome toilets! We don't have room for one of those here, though ::sad face::

  17. thanks for the thorough report. i'll sleep much better now.

  18. Holy moly look at the size of that cleanup bucket! My Grandma is lucky because I have started going outside to use the bathroom and use the litter box less and less!

  19. We ever get an outdoor space, mom wants to do something like this!!!

  20. Hi May Ling,
    Nikki here. Mama lets me blog until Angelina returns. Mama always say the poops we made daily can fertilize a 200-acre farm. har har har...yeah, we poo a lot. meowww....Nikki

  21. Hey! I have been known (fairly often, actually) to squat with one hind leg on the rim. Nothing strange about that!


  22. I thank you for this very informative post and rest assured the Mom will be told that she should be very thankful she just has two boxes buy litter for and clean.
    One question how many pounds of litter does it take to fill up a pool. Last week our grocery store had a BOGO free on Tidy Cat. I currently have 60 lbs of litter in my house.

  23. Your mom & our mom must shop together at Snappy Outfits, Inc.
    That's interesting how the first one just blew into your yard. We'd love to do our poopies in something like that! We get lots of corner clingons in our cat boxes.
    Salem, that's quite an odd position May Ling describes. Maybe the depth of the litter bothers you?

  24. I think you've covered everything nicely...heehee!

  25. Those sure are fantastic toilets. Wish we had room for at least one of those in this house of many cats. I know how the Mom feels about all the scooping. Your Mom and our Mom should have a contest as to who is the better scooper. LOL. Take care.

  26. We often wondered about those cool litter pools! How much does one day's worth of poo and pee clumps weigh? Inquiring minds want to know.

  27. Leo and Monty both get as close to the very edge as they can to pee. They're very fussy about litter too. I was trying to find information on composting litter last night as it seems a shame to chuck it in landfill, but got SUCH conflicting information I gave up! xx

  28. Mum says that is a lot of poop to scoop and almost a full time job mol. I have two trays and usualy do my poops in one and wee in the other te he. what a subject.. Hugs GJ xx

  29. Those pools look like a catabulous way to address the poopy issue...they're nice and roomy. I must say, I do not envy your hoomin though.

  30. Me would LOVE to have a wading pool sized litter box!
    Me has to share one with Kozmo in the little warm room. But at least he poops in the right corner so me don't have to rearrage all the poopies all day like me used too.

  31. My mama had to get a covered box cause with my arthureyetis I sorta stand and well you can imagine where the pee goes.

    When it hit the newly painted wall mama said enough of this! But I don like the cover thing.


  32. We hope we can leave a comment for you as Dreaded Blogger has been very bad today....
    Mom says we all have different habits.Jinx is a "HEAVY" side pee'r we swear he is a racehorse.HE really goes and goes and goes. Ping has to go into the box right after Mom cleans it. I do not use the box. Yep that's right, I refuse to share. So Mom has to use training pads for me. I go right outside the box on the pad. (she says it's better than the floor)...Gracie and Boo have purrfect litterbox habits. *raspberries* to them.


  33. "Gritty Kitty" made me LOL! When we got Harley, our Mommeh had to get a "big boy" litter box, so we got something called a BiddyCat litter box!

  34. we only have 2 litterbox. but we poop a lots..
    our human sometimes very lazy to scoop out.

    BoBo Salem & ChaCha

  35. mum is waiting for the kiddy pools to go on sale, she wants to get us one. I, Derby, do like to sit on the edge too, so sometimes it gets on the edge or the corner.

  36. wheeeeee! i knew when i read the title of this post i'd love every bit of it and i do. i can't even pick a favorite part.

  37. Man, and our mom thought cleaning our three boxes was hard work!!

  38. Wow, we could not imagine shoveling out litter to scrub those pools out.

  39. Why, you answered questions we didn't even know we had! We might have to do (hahameow doo) a litterbox post ourselves one day!


Oh Boy...this is gonna be GREAT!