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Friday, June 24, 2011

Finally Home Friday with Sylvester


Sylvester here.
Mommy informed me TODAY that it was my turn to tell all of you Ten Things about me.  What a I know what the other Cats have been up to and so busy on the computer.

Gosh, this is exciting!

1.  I am the newest member of the Katnip Lounge. 
I was adopted October 9th, 2010.
My old family left town and left me at the vet's office, where I lived for two years.  It could have been worse I guess; I could have been abandoned and left to fend for myself, and we all know how THAT works out.

2.  Daddy rescued me and he is my Special Purrson. 
Here I am on the lotus tree gazing lovingly at my Daddy.  He is the only one I like to hold me.  I'll allow Mommy a quick cuddle, but I have to moan if it lasts longer than I like.


Grodle = Groan + Yodel
Daddy holds me until I start groaning and moaning; then Daddy jiggles my tummy...and I go:

It's very undignified and it cracks Mommy up every time.  She keeps threatening to get it on video.
We shall see, Mommy, we shall see.

4.  I love the Catio, heat, and sunpuddles.
Unless it's over a hundred degrees, I am OUTSIDE. 

Mommy thinks the heat must feel good on my paws, because: 
5.  I have been declawed.
By the previous People, that is.

6.  My lasers are Top Notch.  Which is good as I love to stare and stare and stare...
It creeps some of the other Cats out!

7.  I am unrepentant about my bread-wrapper licking habit.
Ain't gonna stop for NOBODY!

8.  This is MY tube.  I have to rub my face on it for a long time, every time I see it.  I don't often go inside the tube, (size issues) but I like to hang out with it.

9.  I think Lawns are the best invention, EVER!

10. "Hello, my name is Sylvester, and I am a Nipaholic,"

Excuse me while I assume the Loaf position and enjoy some nippy dreams!

Bonus Fact:

11.  I have a VERY long tail!
Mommy says I'm a big boy.  I am slimmer than when I was adopted, but I have a large frame.  It matches my big heart...I have a bevy of beautiful girlcats that I love! 
 (Ladies, you know who you are, XOXOXO)


Kitties, I'm tired.  All this factuating has worn me out.

Time to hop up in my bed,

and have some sweet dreams in my very own Home.

Happy Friday!

We'll wind up the rest of us Kats next week.
Tomorrow we have a Special Guest!

XX  Sylvester  XX

Pee Ess:  We've had some visitors lately that don't have blogs (so we can't comment back) but we want to say "Thank You so much for stopping by and saying 'hello'"!


  1. Oh Sylvester, we are so happy that you became a lounge kitty!!! Two years is a long time to wait for your real home, but wow was it worth it no?

  2. Dood, you scored when you became a lounge kitty! That's sum fascinatin info bout you, too! Purrs for a great weekend.

    Pee ess - i really like your lotus tree.

  3. Ah Sylvester, yoo waited two years fur da purrfect furever home. I think my sisfurs hope dat dey is a couple of da girlcats yoo think ar beyootiful cuz dey sure do think yoor handsome. Well, I do admit, it a totally mancatly way, dat yoor a good looking guy.

  4. I see a bread theme going on here, Sylvester. Bread-wrapper, loaf shape . . . are you gluten-free?

  5. TWO YEARS inna Cage? That's so harsh! We are sure glad ya got outta there. Ya got great Beins now!

  6. Aw, had to wait a long time, but you sure found the Best Home Ever, you lucky Boy! I loved reading your factuatings. They were fascinating!

    PS: You have the EXACT same tunnel as me! I just recently learned to like mine.

  7. You don't look too happy in the photo taken at the vet. But, it all worked out perfectly and now you are in a great home with your own Daddy and Mummy to love and be loved. Good things do come to those who wait. :)
    Thanks for sharing 10, oh wait, 11 things about yourself, Sylvester!

  8. The Woman had a cat with a very long tail and she always told him the cat with the longest tail is the King of maybe now that he is gone, YOU are king?

  9. We don't know if you love us Sylvester but we sure love you! We're so glad your daddy adopted you from the vets and made you a happy lounge kitty! You are a very handsome Mancat although we don't quite understand the bread wrapper thing.

  10. Sylvester,
    I learned a new word from you today: Grodle = Groan + Yodel. It's a good word to know. Coz that's what Brad does nowadays. Anyway, it's great to know so many things about you. May you be blessed and be happy with your new family. purrr....meow!

  11. Nice post! I got good information I wanted. And I hope the author of this article provide more informative articles.

  12. Sylvester, we wants to learn how to Grodle now! We sure are glad you gots a good happy home now. You sure do bees handsome.

  13. Hi Sylvester, great to know more about you. Tell your mummy she needs to put you in a video! :)

  14. Can we grodle on FInnish ? Mirsku comes up with some funny noises so maybe that is what he is doing. We were so happy to meet you when your Daddy rescued you from the vet's: two years was a very long time! And we are delighted to learn more about you. And we'd love a grodling video.....

  15. Miaow Miaow great to know so many things about you !!!
    I don´t know how long 2 years is ??? (I´m just 1 year old:).But It sounds like a LOOONG time !!!
    Sorry to read that you are declawed :(
    In Sweden it is illegal to declaw cat´s.
    Wish you all a PURRfect weekend !!!

  16. Sylvester, you really hit the jackpot when you came home. But I think you know that.

  17. Dear Sylvester, I remember crying my eyes out when your Mommy posted your gotcha story last year, I was so HAPPY for you!!! And look how handsome, healthy and happy you are now...
    And I vote "YES" to a GRODELING VIDEO too

  18. Drop dead gorgeous Sylvester!! You are the Sidney Poitier of the Katnip Lounge!!! They call you Mr Sylvester!! Yes they do!!!

    Awww me and Charlie are heartbroken that you were de-clawed by these bad people who abandoned you. We are so glad mum and dad crazypants found you!! Yay!! Take care

  19. Sylvester, I have a big heart too... And you are very handsome! Better to love many than just one, right?

  20. Sylvester you are a King among cats. With a luxurious tail like that all I can say is "Hi Bro" >^,,^<

  21. Hi Sylvester. he he I had to laugh when you said you were Daddy's boy - I'm Daddy's boy here too. I love M, but really really love my dad.

  22. We are so happy you got out of that cage! We sure do not understand how beans can leave such a beautiful... um... handsome boy!

    Happy Friday, and looking forward to meeting your special guest.

    ~ Phillip and The Bunch

  23. Sylvester, you are one handsome dude. That is just awful that you were declawed. Makes mom want to toss her cookies when she hears things like that. They should pull the humans finger and toe nails out that did that to you. We loved to hear all about you. Have a great week end.

  24. I vote for a grodling video! SOON!!!

  25. ::purrr::


    I may be little but I'm a bit of a feisty girl and I've got my you know if you ever need me to claw for you...I'm so there!

    I would adore hearing you grodle!

    xoxo Bennette

  26. Sylvester, it was wonderufl to learn about you and man, you landed yerself smack dab in the lap of luxury fer sure~!!! Mom is hoping your mom gets that video of you "Grodeling".

  27. We are glad you love your furever home, Sylvester. You are living a life of luxury now!

  28. We didn't know you were in a cage for two years - that makes us even more happy that you found a good home with your mom, dad and lots of brothers and sisters.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  29. Hi Sylvester! Looks like you have a great home! Tobi also loves to rub his face allllll over his favorite things in the house including my legs. It's so sweet. You have so many fun toys I think I need to buy Tobi some more too to keep him busy!

  30. Sylvester you are pretty boy. The publicist would like to make you growdel

  31. Hooray again for your dad!
    We'd love to hear you grodel, maybe allow them to let us hear it just once???
    Wea are so glad life is good for you Syl. Nip, bread bags, cat tres and way more room than that little cage.

  32. Do you do your grodeling next to that snappy Dylan poster? If so, you're my hero. That's exactly the sound I'm going for when I 'sing' and play guitar.

  33. You really have got it made and found the right forever family! Grodle, cool, maybe I should try that too!

  34. It may have taken 2 years, but you ended up with a VERY awesome new family.....

  35. Oh Sylvester glad you were adopted. WE are also adopted and we're so happy.

    I like the lawn portion, I should tell Mama to make one for us since we don't go outside we don't know about grass and all.

    Emma and Buster

  36. Sylvester, your black paw pads in your white furs are very cute!

    You look great in the lawn!

    We are glad you became a nip lounge cat!!!

  37. Bread wrapper licking is a new one to us! Thank you for coming to our party - you guys won the treats for guessing closest to the number int he jar. We need you mail address so do email us with it so we can get the treat off to you.

  38. What a lovely post Sylvester! I enjoyed hearing all about you. But your previous people should be shot for declawing you and then abandoning you! I'm just very thankful you have such a wonderful home now.

    P.S. to Cats of Wildcat Woods -- many cats have an attraction to plastic bags. Theories abound as to why, but some say it's because rendered animal fat is used in the manufacturing process. Others say it's because of the gelatin and/or petroleum used.

  39. Awww Slyvester we very glad you were dopted and came to live at da Lounge.... ^..^ One of Sunny'z Brofurz was dopted by da V E T cauze he wanted a ginger cat ^..^ he lived at da V E T Z fur awhile cauze efury one luvz him,,, but then went home after while wit da V E T and livez a furry good life ^..^ his name iz Weezer :))) So being at da V E T Z iz no sooooo bad ,,,, we sure efury one luved you and you were well taken care of ........ but living at da Lounge you got da high life bud.... ^..^ dat'z da Best! You lookz Happy and well adjusted( da mom said dat!)
    We likez your inside lawn.... we want one ^..^
    Headbuttz to you bud ^..^

  40. Aw, Sylvester you are such a nice boy, and it was great getting to know more about you!! Go on with your bread-wrapper licking self!! :D

  41. Hi there!
    I'm one of the new visitors!
    Totally addicted to learning more and more stuff about all of the cats... I also would love seeing that Grodle video!
    I have 2 cats (a neutered boy and a neutered girl) that I rescued from the vet's office, just like Sylvester's case. I don't have a blog though. I just like to see other people's blogs! LOL

    Hugs all the way from Brazil,

  42. Sylvester we well remember the first day of the rest of your were indeed one lucky kitty to have a temporary home at the Vets and to be found by Dad.

    We love the action shot of you heading to the couch.

    Mom and Dad had 4 75' pine trees cut down today and watched it all....I hid under the bed.
    Hugs Madi

  43. Sylvester, Baby has the same fascination with licking plastic wrappers and bags! And she loves to rub her face on lots of stuff, even hard edges. Thanks for telling us stuff all about you.

  44. Please, please, please get the Grodel on video!!!!!!

  45. Great list, Sylvester! We well remember your arrival and are so happy that you are well settled into the Lounge!

    The Chans

  46. Mr. Sylvester, With your bread-wrapper licking habit, I think you are able to make a special breakfast for your pawrents ! You may use your tongue to spread the butter on the bread !....heh..heh

    I hope your mommy don't do a hard tapping on my head when she read this : ) ..heh..heh..Love You

  47. Oh, Sylvester, I am so glad that you got adopted after two years at the v-e-t and came to live at the Lounge! I know you are happy to be there and that they are happy you are there too! I would love to hear you grodel.

  48. Own Sylvester!
    My first cat is same to you. He calls Nelson and is nip addict too!
    Love your post!

  49. You landed the jackpot, for sure! I am so curious about what your growdeling sounds like!

  50. Sylvester, you are one lucky Lounge Kat! :) (actually, it goes without saying that all of you there are). thanks for sharing your factoids. We'd love to hear your sound effects so we hope at some point you'll let your mom get some video of you. have a great weekend!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  51. Hi Sylvester! We want to hear you Grodle! So let your mom video you, okay??

  52. Oh Sylvester we're so happy you found a good forever home finally. Declawed and dumped; you poor thing. Now's the time to lounge and have a little extra nip :-)

  53. Thanks for sharing all those things about you, Sylvester! You have such a great adoption story - I love reading it. You are certainly one lucky kitty!

  54. Well well - another cat who licks plastic bags! I TOLD my mom I wasn't weird! Great to learn more about you, Mr. Sylvester!

    Your friend, Zoe

  55. Those are very interesting things about you! I am so glad that you got found by your daddy!

    I am sorry you are declawed.Isn't it terrible when humans de-claw us? Years ago mom owned a kitty who was declawed! It was sad watching her trying to sharpen her claws!

  56. We are very, very intrigued by your grodle.

  57. We are so glad that you now live at Katnip Lounge with theese folks who love you so! Way to go! PS: I loves to stare too!

  58. Sylvester, you are one lucky kitty to be a member of the Lounge family!! We're so glad to read all about you!

  59. Hi Sylvester,
    We wanted to tell you that Keegan is a bread wrapper licker too! We had never heard of any other kitty doing that before! Lots of love to all of the kitty's! Madison, Keegan, and Cheri

  60. SO happy you found your awesome home!

  61. Sylvester at a Nipaholics meeting . . . love it!

    So glad you got to move into the Katnip Lounge Sylvester, 2 years is such a long time to wait for your fur-ever home.

    Im sorry your previous people took away your claws, Im sure that would have been very sore for you xx

    Hugs and snuggles

  62. Being declawed must have been horrible for you Sylvester. Waiting 2 years for your Forever Home was not good either, but now you are a Lounge Kitty you certainly hit the jackpot at last.

  63. Sylvester we are so glad yoo adopted yoor noo fambly! Yoo picked reall good! Smoochies.


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