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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Rumbling Rio!


Daddy has a friend, T, who loves Cats.  We like it when he comes over, because he's always good for a nice scratch behind the ears...he doesn't even mind Grayce and her Biting Ways!

T has a doggy and we're used to smelling Sampson on him.  But one day last week T came over and he had an entirely different odor on him...

It was that NEW KITTEN SMELL!!!

We immediately sent Mommy and Daddy over to investigate.
They found this lil' guy...

...who was kind of shy at first.
Mommy hauled him out from behind the table to gave him pets and kisses and he relaxed right away.
His name is Rio!

Rio:  Hi Everybody!
I'm just tidying up here.
Gotta keep my Flame Points Spotless!

Um, I am not doing what you think.
The Visiting Lady Who Squishes and Kisses me put some NIP down for me!

mmmmmmmm, I LIKE catnip. 
As much as like tummy rubs.
They make me purr like a motorboat.

I'm a four-month old wild and crazy guy! 
The Visiting Man Who Eats Kitten Ears gave me this toy.

oooooooh, and this one too! 
decisions, decisions.

Look at my mighty claws as I kill this ball!
I have HUGE paws, I'm gonna be a Big Boy.

Sampson:  Whatcha doin, Rio? 

Rio:  Hisssssssssss! 
Actually, me and Sampson get along pretty good.  I like to follow him around and see what he's doing.

I really like the younger human here, too. 
See how he holds the scratchy post for me?
I sleep with him at night and make squillions of biscuits on his pillow.

Yup, I like my new home and my new family.
I'll have them whipped into shape in no time! 
Luv, Rio

So kitties, that's who we smelled on T, and when Mommy and Daddy got home we sniffed them, too.  We'll get some more photos as Rio gets older.  He's gonna be a Handsome ManCat!


  1. That must have been quite a shock! New kitten smell! Rio is a very handsum boy. Keep us posted. Purrs.

  2. Well isn't he a gorgeous boy? Very handsome!

  3. Rio is adorable! He is going to be a gorgeous Mancat! Samson is a cutie too!

  4. Rio is a very pretty kitty. In fact the publicist now wants a white kitty. The male person is mumbling things that cannot be repeated on a family blog.

  5. He is so cute!! Big blue eyes! Giant paws! FLOOF!


  6. Rio is already a very handsome young guy! He should have his own blog!!!

  7. Rio you are adorable. We think you have made yourself right at home. Enjoy your loving family and it is nice to meet to you. Hugs and nose kisses

  8. Nothin beats that new kitty smell, and oh my Rio! Our Mumsy sure likes you! We alls think you bees just real handsome. Our Odysseus, she just in love with you! She keep sayin to oh dis look at doze flaming points you gots! Our Sneak Pie, with him's biggie paws, admires yours :-) We do bees soooo happy you gots a good happy home.

  9. I think Rio is going to be very very handsome.

  10. That Rio is a good-looking little gent! (PS: Is Lounge Daddy the one that eats kitten ears?...No wonder Scouty is scared!)

  11. Well, I see that the visitor Lady with the grabby hands was pretty busy with you, Rio. It's good you were nice to her because I think it's good for her to get her kitten fixes from kittens that already have a good home somewhere else, MOL!

  12. Oh wow, he's furry, does dis mean dat T won't be coming over to get a kitty fix and yoo'll hafta suffer thru fewer pets?

  13. Äiti is threatening to go through her old music collection and play 'My name is Rio' at full volume cause she is so happy at seeing this gorgeous white kitty. He is one handsome dude and we were hoping he could be persuaded to do a blog. And we know what you mean about the new kitten smell - only I am not so sure I like it right now!

  14. Rio is sure a handsome guy. We will enjoy more news of him as he grows up.

  15. Oohhh, the mom just swooned! Rio, you are one gorgeous young mancat!

  16. P.S. We love Sampson's "grin!" That's a sh*t eating grin...Wait, since he's a woofie, that could be taken literally. LOL. Sorry...It's WAY early and the mom is WAY too tired to be commenting. :-P

  17. Ah, Rio is so handsome! I agree with Fuzzy Tales, too: Sampson's little grin cracked me up.

  18. Oooh! A very handsome litlle soon-to-be-bigger guy.

    Hi Rio :)))

  19. Rio seems cute but I hope he does not grow up to be a terror like Teddy!

  20. I want to dine on kitty ears. Anybody know how to do that, without hurting the cats or the self? Apply within.

  21. My mom goes = Awww soo cute , I wanna kiss his belly !!!
    Yeah I know my mom is a bit embarrasing :)
    Me too think he is a cute little guy and brave too ,that lives with a doggie !!!
    Is Rio a Red tabby Birman ?
    I´m a Cream Point Birman but I don´t act like one say´s mom. I moore act like an rascal :)

  22. Thanx for introducing us to Rio and YAY on his new furever home!

  23. Hello Rio!!!
    You sure are a handsome kittycat, and it it nice to meet you. Looking forward to watching you grow into a Wonderful Mancat!
    ~ The Bunch

  24. Hello there gorgeous Rio and wonderful Samspon!! Me and Charlie are so happy to meet you here at the katnip lounge!! Yay!! Awww gorgeous Rio - you have the makings of a great mancat to be!! Yay! take care

  25. Such a handsome little Rio! That is such wonderful news fur sure!

  26. What a cutie!!!!!!! You got that right....he is going to be one handsome mancat!!!!!

    We look forward to hearing more about Rio in the future.

    Love to y'all.

  27. What a cute little mancat in training - Rio is so delightfully innocent - as are all young kittens
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  28. Rio is so cute! I think he is going to grow up into a furry big, furry handsome mancat. I love the picture of Sampson, too! Rio, it looks like you haf found yourself a great forever home!

  29. Rio is a gorgeous meezer. He 's going to be very smart. We know things things.

  30. O. M. Gee. *SWOON!* Rio, you is one handsome fella! Our Mommy hit the floors so we're gonna go wake her up with nose nudges and kitty claws so she'll feed us breakfast. BYE!
    Scooter ♥

  31. Rio is really really.handsome.

  32. WOWOWOWOWOW!! Rio is SO HANDSOME! And the picture of Samson was hilarious!

  33. Oh.... I See.... The kitten-tot heartbreaker haz arrived. *oldkittysigh*

    how nice.

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

    That Woman says "Man! What a gorgeous face! Never seen orange points before! He's a keeper!

  34. Rio, it's nice making your acquaintance. Looks like everything's gonna work out just fine. You got the nip, the post and the attitude, hehehe!

    Wish you many, many happy years in your new home. By the way, you couldn't have nicer neighbors in case you ever run out of cat stuff. You know what I mean??


  35. Rio oh my cats you have some mighty fine looking flame points too and lovely white furs. Looks like you fell right into the lap of luxury with a nice family, a 4 legged bro and a 2 legged bro and the nices friends. We look forward to more pictures.
    Hugs Madi

  36. Rio is a cutie -- gonna be a heartbreaker mancat for sure!

  37. Love the angry dog and cat pictures. Very cute!

  38. Hi,..Nice to meet you Mr. Rio
    The way you hiss Samson, That's cool ; )
    He live there first, but Cat always be the boss, That's the right way to let him know...heh..heh

    And Mr. Handsome Rio
    I think you should have Blog !


  39. Awwww cute Rio! Nice to meet you!!
    How nice you get along with Sampson and young human :-) I love your fluffy tail and beautiful eyes.
    Please ask the lady who visited you to post about you more when she gets chance!

  40. Hi Rio! So nice to meet you! We are always glad to another flame point meezer!

  41. Hi, Rio! You are a beautiful, err, HANDSOME kitten! Lovely.

  42. Rio you look like you are going to be a big boy once you are a full grown man cat. Cat Humans are the best because they spoil us.

    Katnip Crew
    Thank you for coming to my Gotcha Day Party today and that there was a good time by every cat

  43. Right! Rio will grow to be a real handsome guy!

  44. Man, Rio is a good looking guy!! And sounds like he hit the jackpot and has a great home!!

  45. Rio you are a gorgeous mancat in the making. Looks like you got yourself a great furever home there. I hope you will be stopping by the Katnip Lounge Blog in the future so we can see you grow big and strong.

    Hugs and Snuggles to you and Sampson,

  46. Wow, he's going to be one handsome Mancat. Your parents HAVE to keep us girls updated. For obvious reasons.

  47. ::whap whap::

    Mom wake up? Why did you pass out?

    Let's take a look....


    Please post all future flamepoint siamese incredibly cute kitten photos with a warning label.

    Mom can't handle the CUTE!!!!

  48. Rio is a very handsome young mancat. He is going to have a lot of ladycats swooning when he grows up.

  49. Rio u r soooo gorgeous! We r sure u will fit in well with your new lovely family. U won't be short of a play mate! :)


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