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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Crazypants, Under Shirt!


Maui here!

I was lazing around on the sofa, resting up from some miscellaneous random craziness, when all of a sudden Daddy tossed his shirt over me!
He was hot from working out in the yard.
My tail is poking out, and if this was a video you would see it swishing wildly!  I LOVE shirt caves.

It smells sooooo good under here.
Nothing is better for a cave than a delicious Daddy stinky shirt!

Although Mommy might would argue that. 
Anyway, I really enjoy a good shirt cave, clean or dirty.  

I get all cozy and warm, and whenever Mommy or Daddy walk by they gently poke and pester me, asking me what I'm doing under this shirt--and my tail waves wildly some more!
Good times.

Kitties, do YOU like to play "Cave"?
Tell me how!

Happy Thursday!

XX  Maui  XX


  1. OMG! OMG!! I HAVE to play the lottery today! I AM FIRST!! NO WAY!!! HEART DON'T FAIL ME NOW!!

    OMG!! I'm gonna die! lol

    I have to say that that blue is quite becoming on Maui! Let's just hope she got the "stinky" off of her! MOL!

    She is gorgeous!

  2. No no no no! I disapprove of caves in general, and certainly any cave made by throwing something over me!! As if! I might SUFFOCATE or something. No no no no no! (Which doesn't mean YOU can't love it, of course. Spitty's rules apply only to himself.)

    Special note to Mommy: Well, maaaaaybe, if you were to actually come here, I miiiiiiight offer up my widdle forehead for a smoochie, just cause I lubz you!

  3. Gosh, Maui, isn't it like a blast furnace there? I think caves are better suited for winter enjoyment!

    P.S. You guys' comment about the kangaroo made iced coffee come out of my mom's nose!

  4. Well... I certainly don't see how a sweaty shirt cave could smell all that good. MOL. But I guess whatever floats your boat. My cats prefer to sleep on TOP of shirts than underneath them.

  5. This is one of Harry the Farm cat's favorite games. He does not like to share his caves though

  6. Me, Ducky, likes to do the cave in bed with mum.

  7. We don't like tshirt caves but LOVE blankie caves! And only Mummy's blankie. I can just imagine your tail swishing wildly while under your Daddy's stinky tshirt cave. MOL.

  8. Maui wowie sauce! You are so prettyful! I don't like anything over me, but that Jenga cat will fight That Woman when she's trying to make the bed to get under the sheets! When she's under there you can hear her snorting! She's weird.
    She might like to come live with you guys. I could send her there free of charge?

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  9. I love playing cave! I prefer blankets because I can tuck my tail and everything inside so no one in the whole world knows where I am.

    Such fun.

    xoxo Cory

  10. Yup, caves is fun. We'z not sure about stinky shirt caves as we haf never tried one but it's prolly good...

  11. You look so cute in your cave! We have caves under sheets and bedspreads but haven't had any t-shirt caves yet.

  12. Funny enough, I am one of those rare kitties who rather dislikes the Cave Game. I like to be out in the open and on dis-Play!

    On the other hand, I like it when my toys are undercover and I have to dig them out.

  13. What works for you, Maui - enjoy!

  14. Oh man, I LOVE CAVES! Rugs and newspapers are preferred. :)

  15. Awwww beautiful Maui - me and Charlie can just imagine your amazing tail all swishy and wishy and swashy and washy!! Yay!!!!! Cave play t-shirt is fun!!! Take care

  16. Ooooh! Austin loves stinky cave, but he gets twee nose if it's too stinky! Favourite cave is apron with long string. The best. >^..^<

  17. Maui - I love those pictures of you... So cute! I always try to make a "cave" for Alex, but he wants no part of it. My dog, however, used to love it. She would also like it if I "dressed her" in my tank tops....

  18. Milo likes to play cave under the duvet cover (actually inside it between the duvet and the cover!). mom tries to discourage him for hygiene reasons but dad tickles him under there ~ so poor Milo gets mixed messages. No wonder he is norty and hasta be told off sumtimes!

    Alfie xx

  19. I have never played shirt cave but I would love to join you, Maui (blush...................)


  20. Yes! Maui! Yes! I love it! I go all crazy pants man crazy!!!!

    When Venus was still here, she loved my dad's socks. She would try and crawl inside them!

  21. Maui, we admit we've not tried a stinky shirt cave. Nicki likes sheet caves, of course, when the mom is changing the bed. Derry doesn't "cave" too much, actually.

  22. i always throw my sweaty shirts on theo. he seem to appreciate it as much as you do... diego-san is our cave dweller.

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  24. Some of us like caves like that. It is fun to poke at sisters and brothers as they go by or better yet to give the Mom a big poke. You really are having a good time under there Maui. Take care.

  25. Ew, stinky daddy shirt! :P

  26. Hi Maui, you demonstrate the shirt cave well, those are great pictures. The only one of us that does caves at all is BonBon and he likes the under the bed covers cave.

    Thanks so much for the power of purrayers for me, it worked and I can see to get around!!


  27. Now that's airing your dirty laundry Maui! We prefer playing "cave dweller" under clean laundry or in between the actual laundry basket and its' lining! Make sure you come up for air once in a while! Heehee.

    the critters in The Cottage

  28. I love caves too, but yours is extra special with that Daddy smell!

  29. Every now and then I like playing caves under the big bed covers. ~~Orion

    I sometimes play cave in the PTU that Meowm leaves out. I mainly play cave in it when I want to get away from my brofur! ~~Junior

    Looks like you are having a great time Maui!!!

  30. I'm the cave cat here!!!
    Bedmaking time is the best!!!

  31. I love playing cave, especially under paper or under the blankie!

  32. Maui...there is no accounting for some cat's sense of smell!

  33. These pictures are breathtaking!! Scooter likes to play cave when I'm making the bed...which usually results in a giant lump in the middle of an otherwise beautifully made bed. LOL

  34. Hi Maui! WE missed all of you while we have been away from visiting! We think that is a cool shirt cave - though we admit we aren't fans of shirt caves most of the time (mom tries sometimes and we always run out right away). Most of us don't like to be under blankets and stuff too much - Barney and Lola (and sometimes Kirzon) are really the only ones who like to be covered up!

  35. Star likes sheet caves on occasion, and anything on the bed is her property and therefore she must lay on it. Though not under the clothes, yet. Her favorite is reverse sheet cave. I'll puff up the sheed and she will run round on circles flattening it and attacking it. Once it's all flat, she looks at me as if saying, 'again!'
    I have a picture of Star and a pillow cave I'll have to post sometime.
    Leo hasn't had a chance to show whether he likes shirt/sheet caves or not. I'll have to give it a try!

  36. Harley likes to play cave-man under the sheets when my Mommeh is trying to change the sheets.

  37. Yes! We love to play cave! The laundry is about our most popular place. But we also love to in the sheets and blankets that hang off the bed or Mumsy's comfy chair!

    It's so much funs!

  38. Hi Maui!! Gabriel loves shirt caves but the others do NOT!! You are very adorable today

  39. Maui
    all I can is wowie!
    OH hubba hubba.
    We love to play cave under clean sheets!

  40. You have a very colorful cave. If that had happened around here we would have run for the hills. None of us are cavers we go for boxes and under the bed more than anything. Hugs and nose kisses

  41. Oh I love playing cave too. When mom is making the bed and pulls the comforter onto the floor, I'm always there burrowing into the comforter cave. Unfortunately, my cave time is short lived.


  42. I'm sure the stinky sweat and smell of human male pheremones must just drive you wild, Maui!

    You also look quite attractive in (or should I say, under) that shirt!

    The colour really complements your beauty!

  43. I love to play tents! Dad is always making tents for me out of blankets and pillows. Sheet tents are my favorite!


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