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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sweet Saturday Snuggie!


Sweet Pea here.

All kinds of exciting things have been happening here at The Katnip Lounge.

First of all, Sunday is Mommy & Daddy's Anniversary!  They will have been married for 18 years.
For a gift Daddy had Mommy's car widows tinted...and when she was on her way home from the window-tinting-place she went to Wally World, to pick up some lounge pants for our friend Steve.  (Owner of the most Excellent Smelling shoes  ~Grayce)  Steve is doing really well, he's off the respirator and down at "the gym" twice daily for physical therapy, hence his need for pants.  Those hospital gowns...
Steve's Mom is doing well too, her leg is healing and she's already walking on it.

Anyway, Mommy cannot be trusted shopping.  She bought him CARTOON pants!!  A pair of Family Guy Evil Stewie ones, and a South Park pair.  Steve is gonna be the talk of the town in his stylin' jimmy-jam pants.  Mommy bought Daddy Chicago Bears shorts, and got herself a NEW SNUGGIE!

Which is the second exciting thing...The BOX!
And yes, she got the zebra print one, something about "neither black OR white hairs showing on it", blah blah blah.

Mommy already has a snuggie, but we love it so much she really can't use it effectively.  She's lucky to get a corner!  Which defeats the purpose.  Of course we've commandeered this one too, there's advantages in numbers, heh heh.

The third exciting thing are THESE!!

We got new park benches for the yard!  They were a gift from Mommy's Pawrents.

I have one more exciting thing to show you, but it has to wait until Monday, I'm exhausted. 

Happy Caturday!

XX  Sweet Pea  XX

pee ess:  Mommy is "on vacation" this week...which of course means she's obstinately refusing to type comments on your posts!  She is a real pain sometimes.  Meh.  And yes, our breakfasts are late, too.  Double Meh.


  1. Family Guy and South Park pants huh? Got somethin against Futurama and American Dad? What about Robot Chicken? Huh, huh...?

    An whats the prob with "butt-hangs out" gowns? We LIVE that way. Should we be abarassed? No, say we.

    On the other paw, GREAT benches! An we like the new box. The name on it is SO RIGHT!

  2. From one Sweet Pea to another, that late breakfast really bites! It messes up all the good from the new snugglie and box the Mom bought for you. Pawsome benches, could you hop the fence from them?

  3. Happy anniversary to your parents!!

    Steve's lounge pants sound pretty great - and certainly an improvement over those awful hospital gowns.

    That snuggie box looks like a perfect snoozing spot! I know what your mom means about trying to hide both black and white hairs. I wear a lot of gray at home since it's the only color on which all the cat hair doesn't show!!

  4. Love love love your blog!

    My catkid Dolly occasionally gets the computer and leaves a post. New for her but becoming a habit I think.

  5. Happy Anniversary to Lounge Mommy & Daddy! Hope y'all have an excellent weekend! Nice pressies for sure!

  6. Wow! What exciting stuff. Tell your people to have a happy anniversary! And enjoy that box! And the new snuggle.

  7. You look mighty happy in that box

  8. Happy Anniversary to your mom and dad. M says that's a real milestone these days. Great benches too. Your M and D have done such a good job of landscaping.

  9. Happy Anniversary to the Pawrents! Those are some nifty gifts, specially since most of them benefit you.

    I really, really don't like mysteries, Sweet Pea. I wish you had not said there was another exciting thing because now I'm not going to sleep all weekend.

  10. Those Snuggie humans are smart when it comes to packaging - it's like getting two cool things at once! I am a little bit surprised you let your human have a vacation - she should know that when you have kitties, you never REALLY have time off, and the larger the number of kitties, the smaller time shrinks!

  11. So much excitement!!! except for the comments, of course...

    The Chans

  12. Happy Anniversary to your humans!! I think we can all let them take a well deserved break :)
    And LOVE the benches, what a lovely garden you have to play in Sweet Pea!

  13. Sweet Pea, looks to me like your mommy should NOT be let loose anywhere near men's shorts!!!

    Happy anniversary :D

  14. Yay for comic pants! LOL!!!! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to mum and dad!!

    Have a brilliant weekend you gorgeous katnip lounge kitties!!

    Me and Charlie are so happy to hear Steve and mum are doing well! Hooorah!!!

    Take care

  15. Sweet Pea,
    Happy Anniversary to your pawrents and please hug them for me. As for the vacation, hmmm...deduct her snuggle time. That should teach her. purrr...meow!

  16. Happy 18th anniversary to Mommy and Daddy! And those benches look like a great ddition to the yard.

  17. Happy anniversary to your parents! I love those benches! If i had a place to put them, I would be online now seeking them!

  18. We are holding off on the bitey until Monday. We are willing on grounds that shopping can be exhausting, especially given the "creativity" described here. And celebrating anniversaries likewise because who wants to contemplate the passage of time after all. Come Monday, though, slack will be tightened-up. Comments must be forthcoming or consequences will consequate.

  19. Hello Sweet Pea! Happy Anniversary to your Mom and Dad and tell your Mom to enjoy her vacation...whatever that is!

  20. Neat benches... Congrats to your parents. Tinted car windows... I see the romance isn't gone...

  21. Gonna say Happy Anniversary to your Mommy and Daddy and enjoy your vacation Mommy...we'll be here waiting when you come back, cause we loves you. xoxoxoxo

  22. A great big Happy Anniversary to you two. Hope it is a great day for you. Glad to hear Steve is doing better. Take care.

  23. Happy Anniversary to your mom and dad. We love you new benches - there's a lot more room for you all to spread out!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  24. Happy anniversary to the people!
    Very nice on mommy to get the pants for Steve. Keep up the good work Steve!
    As for the benches, they look like they belong there!

  25. Happy Anniversary to your Mommy and Daddy! Those park benches are way cool in your yard! We thought we were going to get to see photos of your mom in her snuggie! We bet Steve loves his new pants too!

  26. That's a pretty exciting post wif lots of new things to fur up! Happy Anniversary to the pawrents! Mommy lufs those benches. She thinks they are indestructable! Purrs.

  27. OH we HAD to laugh at the lounge pants your Mom got for Steve.
    And those benches are just awesome!

  28. Happy Anniversary to your wonderful parents!!...Cool new benches...Sweet dreams, beautiful Sweet Pea!...Have a fun weekend, precious friends...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  29. We got very excited reading your most wonderful post full of good news and happy things. Your park benches are beautiful.
    Happy Anniversary to mom and dad, WTG Mr. Steve...we'll be eagerly awaiting more info on the great vacation caper.
    Hugs madi and mom

  30. Happy Anniversary to your pawrents! Those are nice benches. But no comments on posts?? Pshaw!!! I thought vacation meant MORE time to comment on posts.

  31. Happy bday to your parents!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Happy anniversary to your mom and dad!! I hope they will have wonderful anniversary weekend!!

    I love the benches...they look really great! It must be a lot of fun to take a nap there :-)

  33. Wow! Your Mommy went Nuts!
    Concatulations on their anniversay and the benches is lovely! We needs something like that so we can looks at the river!

  34. Hip Hip Hooray for your Mom and Dad on their anniversary !

    My mom is also on the run so here will be no posting and no comments for a couple of day´s :(

  35. Happy Anniversary!!!! Here's to many more!

    Great news about Steve and his Mom as well!

  36. If your mum is on vacation, that should mean she has time to help you visit and comment on every blog, every day.

    Happy Anniversary to the beans too.

  37. Wowwee!! That box is great...and those benches are even greater!! Does this happen whenever your mom is on vacation??

    Happy Anniversary to your mom and dad!!

  38. Happy Anniversary to your mom and dad! Sounds like you have a lot of things going on. I hope you get time to fit some snoozes in. :)

    xo Catherine

  39. Ah Sweet Pea.. We have to say The Box is the bestest of all, although the benches are very cool.
    Since we are posting this on Sunday (computer problems..always) we want to say Happy Anniversary to your Mom and Dad!!
    ~ The Bunch

  40. Happy Anniversary to your mum and dad. I like your snuggie box Sweet Pea. What do you think about making it a shared snuggle box?
    Purrs Flynn

  41. Happy anniversary to your mom and dad! We think you should try and sleep on that Snuggie instead of the box. :-)

  42. Hi Kitties,

    I seriously love your blog and have awarded you THe Versatile Blogger Award.

  43. Aw, hope you had a wonderful anniversary! It was our 18th in May. Congratulations! '93 was a very good year. :)


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