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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Snuggly Saturday


Mommy and Daddy went to K Mart, where a clever saleslady told Mommy that the clearance stuff was an additional 30% she bought us this bright new bedspread for OUR bed!
It's nice and soft and squishy underneath our paws.
How many of us do you see?
We love it.
Thanks Mommy,  that was the best $12.97 you've ever spent!  We'll save a little room for you.

Happy Caturday!

XX  The Lounge Kats  XX


  1. Grayce....Is that your beautiful bitey self on the bed and Ru-Paul on the nightstand? Or....
    But where's my Salem? Or The Baby? Do they not partake in the bed-fest?

  2. We love that spread! The pattern is kind of similar to your previous blog. It's fun to see so many of you enjoying your bed with your mom. You all look so cozy!

  3. That bedspread holds a lot of kitties! We're glad you let your mommy have a little room too! We bet your mommy sleeps really well with all you kitties keeping her warm!

  4. oh, we can tell the new blankie is very comfy! Nice! got room for four more? :-)

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  5. It looks like your blog background!

  6. What a comfy bed that looks like and how nice that you are all sharing it so well with each other and your mom!

  7. Great bargain! Our mom says it's a good thing your mom is so slender, 'cause you haven't left her a lot of room at all. LOL.

  8. I think I see my darling CC in there!

  9. We love those squishy things on the bed too!

  10. What a great bargain! Well, I think there are 8 cuddly cats visible there...and is that one more snuggling under the covers?

  11. We think your Mom is taking up too much room in her bed!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  12. Seven and a interloper human type!!! Lovely quilt :)

  13. YOUR new blankie is very fansy, and we like it too. Your mom looks very happy too.
    Here is a note from the servantmom:
    Well, I just read about the peepee problem. SO sorry about this problem... it may never resolve. Some or one of these perps will most likely continue the behavior at the the slightest change in routine.
    there are many many formulas out there to clean up and eliminate the odor. We use resolve pet oxy advanced for everything in the house and then have several enzymatic sprays as well. Those work got get rid of the stink, but the problem is going to be something you must address early on. You might have to rehome one or both kitties. I know that sounds terrible, but I have seen many situations in our neighborhood here. I have loads of discussions with the neighbors that have these problems. Fortunately, Miles and Pierro like each other. They are as different as night and day and I believe that somehow they find each others differentness appealing.
    we also have an open floor plan so yeah, Feliway in every elec outlet is nearly impossible. we used Feliway last year when we introduced Miles and it worked great.

    I can just tell you this is something you should think about now: rehoming both cats. Many years ago we waited too long hoping a peeing problem would resolve and it never did and our olde lovable boy Caesar had anxiety for the last 6 years of his life, where he would spray now and then.

    Best wishes
    and huge bonks and bronks from the boys

  14. How does your human get up without disturbing you? Or is she just not allowed to get up at all?

  15. OMC,this made our day. def, sharing it with my cat writer friends today.

  16. Looks like you guys could play a great 2 a.m. Game of Twister....

  17. Oh how mom would love to get in the middle and love on all those cats. xxooxx

  18. OH! and Petzyme is good too :-D

    Missie CurlieSwirlieTeri is an expert on peepee and spraying (Mr. Diskers and Mr. Sammy). She would probably tell you to get a "black light" bulb and shine it around the house in the dark to find peepee spots. It works really well, as the spots get florescent.
    This is the curlieswirlieblog:

    more bonks

  19. We were definitly counting 6 with Rupert on the side table and didn't notice Sweet Pea(?) right there by mommy until the bigger last picture!
    Glad everyone joined in to welcome and test the new blankie!
    Pee Ess: Doc in a Box is a distinct possibility.

  20. Great bargain! Such a cheery pattern, too. And wow, you weren't kidding when you said you'd leave your mom a little room. She must not move in her sleep much!

  21. That was deffo money well spent and looks great. I think your mum is so lucky having all those kitties on her bed. Thank you for comming to my birthday party.. Hugs GJ xx

  22. I counted 8 cats. Just 5 shy of your Baker's Dozen. I might presume that there are some UTB but they are really prolly out on the catio.

    I love how they all find their nooks on you!

    Ms. Stella's Woman

  23. Great quilt!!! WTG Mom
    I think we counted 6 lounging felines and one pretty Mom!!

    Answer to your Moms question. We don't know for sure the number of characters on NC plates but most we see never have more than 8
    Hugs Madi

  24. It looks like that bedspread definitely passed the kitty test. With those big colored spots, if you get bored, you could even play a giant game of kitty Twister on it.

  25. I thought there was 7 but then I spotted somebuddy sneaking out of the litterbox!

  26. We counted 8 of you! Plus your mommy so that makes 9!

  27. After I read all the comments, I forgot what I was going to say!! I'm a good boy, I don't spray (although I did once. I'll share that story in a post someday, hehe)

    Love the quilt, everybody on it. I think cats are really good at group quality testing! Jeez, doesn't look like there's much room for mom, tho :)


  28. Me and Charlie see only beautiful mum with gorgeous Katnip Lounge kitties! Yay!! Take care

  29. We see 6 on the bed and one on the night stand. Where are the other half of the baker's dozen? Love the new bedspread!

  30. Your mom scored with that bedspread! Oh yeah...we see 8 of you on there!!

  31. Nice of you guys to leave room for Mom after she spent all that money on you. I took a little nap this afternoon and had 6 sleeping with me. Heavenly.

  32. What a beauteous Bed covering! It matches the tie dye on your blog. And do yous all sleep with your Mommy and Daddy?

  33. We have been thinkin hard on the pee problems. Ayla sprayed many times when in heat, but that wasn't ezactly her fault. At least she hasn't done it since the FINALLY got successfully spayed.

    LC used to spray a bit. I never have figured out why. She was so happy with Skeeter. There were possums n the deck sometimes. Those sprays dont show up unless with the camera flash, which is more artistically annoying than something we can detect nasaly.

    The most important thing I can think of is how many friends we read comments from who have this problem. Ans how many of our kitty friends are unhappy with some of their shared-space kitties!

    We are so happy together! We know it is real. It doesn't bother us in the least if another kitty in the house is watching us in the litterbox. Seriously, it is no more disturbing or threatening than if TBT watches a friend eat a sandwich...

    So we are both lucky and a bit confoosed. Lucky because that sort of thing never bothers us, and confoosed why it would bother anny other kitty.

    We suppose it matters that we play together, eat happily together, and sleep together. We did not realize, until now, how fortunate we were to get along so well. Those oictures of us nappin together aren't fake.

    We just wish all our friends were so happy together. We missed (through ignorance) the message we wish we had sent through Dona Nobis Pacem!

    We all love each other. We don't pee annywhere but in our litterboxes. There hasn't been anny Feliway around for 2 months, it helped us before Marley, but we haven't really needed it since.

    TBT: I don't want to push this too far, but Marley is the kitty glue to this house. I knew it the moment I met him and he just rolled belly-up in front of me, a stranger.

    I am sad for those kitties who do not get along, and spray or pee in unhappiness. I know the cure; you need Marley. But I won't pass him on... I am just too lucky to have him.

  34. I wish there were a dozen of Marley to send around...

  35. That does look like a wonderfully cuddly blanket! Especially with all those kitties on it! :)

    xo Catherine

  36. Those colours are quite pretty -and go well together. But what I really, really like ...are the furry decorations you have on top!

  37. Mmmm...warm kitties and a fresh squishy quilt blankie. Bliss!

  38. What happens when Mommy want to roll over? ;)

  39. That looks like a lovely comfy bed for all of you and a good bargain too. We can see 8 kitties + Momcat Trish.


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