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Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Friends


May Ling here.
You all are the BEST bunch of pals we could ever have!
You came up with some good suggestions to help stop the whizz wars inappropriate elimination at our house; Mommy and Daddy are very grateful.
All your purrs and hugs and stories have helped tremendously.  Mommy says it's reassuring (in a weird way) to know that other kitties are neurotic, obstinate, single-minded pee-ers in the same boat as me and Sweet Pea.

Here at the Lounge we are all about getting stuff done, so Daddy ordered us a new Cat Tree today for the living room to increase our vertical space.  Mommy is making arrangements to get Henry neutered, in case HIS spraying in the yard is upsetting us.  And both of us have gotten lots of extra luvvins!

We've gotten along pretty good today, mainly because Miss Pea's been doing a lot of this: 
And I haven't felt picked on!
She has to take a pill every night for the next three weeks, and hopefully we can both relax as a result.  (Mommy has mad pilling skillz so it's not too traumatic for either of them.)

After that, we'll see what the next step is...what's that Mommy?
I'm next?
Mommy:  Thank you all SO much for your input!
I've bookmarked the links y'all sent, and we're working hard to keep everyone happy and HERE.
I'll keep you posted on "our" progress.

Happy Friday!

XX May Ling  XX


  1. If you want, you could send Salem over here for a vacation. Wait--what? She's not the problem? Oh yeah, I know. But still, I'd enjoy getting up close and personal with those JLLs. Just sayin'.

  2. Ooh, we cant WAIT ta see ya guys in the new cat tree!!!

  3. I'm so glad that there were so many helpful suggestions!

  4. We think you guys planned this all along just so you'd get more lovin' and a new cat tree. ;)

  5. We're sure rooting for everybody to get this worked out. The idea about Henry sounds like it may be playing a role.

  6. Good luck. We will probably post next week for a friend of ours who has a stray cat that was trying to adopt her but he can't seem to be with other cats... sigh. She wants to rehome and thinks he'll be happier but well, you know how that goes...

  7. I'm sorry I didn't have a suggestion for you but wow you got a lot of great info! It sounds like you have good plans in action now, fingers and paws crossed that things improve soon :-)

  8. We sumhow missed yesterday's post. Precious hates Princeton! It's a constant struggle here. Retalitory turds and pee-mails are daily. It's all Precious really. We are slowly working our way through efurry option. Good luck and keep us posted. Thanks fur letting us vent! xoxo

  9. Glad to hear there have been some good options to try. The only suggestion I could think of to offer was that in time you might get used to the smell of cat pee. Who knows, you might even grow to like it.

  10. I am glad you got such good advice. I hope it all works out for all of the kitties and the mommy and daddy of course

  11. We are so pleased you have got lots of good information. Oh May Ling, you look rather scaredy in the last photo. Quick, run and hide hee he :)xx

  12. When I was working out the issue with the Feliway triggering aggression in Gus last year, I had to pill him with a valium like pill every day and then taper it off for a several month period.

    While doing that, I was encouraged that the dose I had did not seem to knock him out totally, just took some edge off. Iif I had to keep pilling him long term, he would have had a pretty normal quality of life. Since the alternative was shutting him off in a room of his own, this made me relax. The dose certainly didn't affect his ability to fight the next dose like a madman. And the price wasn't too high, either.

    As it turned out, when the Feliway went so did the problem, so I could stop the pilling too.

  13. a new cat tree to hang out?!!!
    great!!! we bet it will be a BIG one. yay...

    BoBo Salem
    Meow Meow Family

  14. Beautiful May Ling and adorable Sweet Pea!! Awwww you two are just lovely!! Yay for mum's pilling skills!! Best of all you are all getting a cat tree which is just brilliant!! Hugs and purrs! Take care

  15. May Ling darl,
    We've been busy with little Sebastian that we didn't bloghop much these couple of days. Anyway, all of our carpets been rolled up and kept in storage since yonks ago. Why? Coz some people it's way nicer to scratch than the scratching pole....har har har...*evil laughs*

  16. It sounds like you have some great ideas to follow up on. We've been really lucky in not having and problems with sprayers, but we have had our fair share of accidents (including Fui weeing on the couch when he was out of it after a procedure and on the bed when he got annoyed at one of our fosters breaking into the bedroom). The one thing mum doesn't scrimp on is enzymatic cleaner, the stuff is worth it's weight in gold. We soak up as much of it as we can, then soak the bejeezus out of the area.

  17. A new cat tree sounds pawsome!

    And your mom has "mad" pilling skills, huh? Maybe our mom can borrow her the next time one of us needs meds (which we all sincerely hope isn't for a LONG, LONG time).

    We'll continue to cross our paws for you all and put it out to the universe to solve this for your Highest Good. ('Cause we have no good suggestions. LOL.)

  18. glad you got good suggestions. we've been working on a new phrase, "if sweet pea is a sleeping sweet pea, maybe you won't feel the need to pee..." obviously the phrase needs a little work...

  19. Keeping all paws crossed for you at this end.

    By the end, there is a product available in Europe called Zylkene ( that you might find interesting to try. If so, let us know. We can arrange to send you some.

    The Chans

  20. We hope you get the pee situation under control - mum says (fingers crossed) she's never had this situation to worry about but that may be because Lucy always pees outside in a special sandy latrene (her choice) and Hannah always pees inside in a litter tray.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  21. We hope the whizz Wars (love that phrase) will be settled soon. You did get good ideas and hopefully these will be your solution!

  22. I think you got some darn good suggestions too. I hope you all have a happy and pee-free weekend!

  23. mad pilling skills are important!! We hope things start working out. Ivy and Spud went round again last night - mostly name calling but it gets old....

  24. We didn't post yesterday because we need answers, too. After reading them and realizing we've tried most, we think Henry may be causing some of your problem.
    If an outside cat (not ours - we are all strictly inside) comes around, sometimes it will cause spraying. We have neutered a couple of them to TNR but the R part didn't work :-/
    Keep us informed how things go and what works for you!
    ~ The Bunch

  25. OMC we had forgotten about Henry. That reminded Mom of an issue they had with Milky-way, their first kitty. Of course he was neuter but at one point a stray cat started coming up on our porch MW would literally throw himself at the door to get the stray to leave...thank goodness the stray took the hint before MW resorted to spraying. Henry might truly be the issue,
    Hugs Madi

  26. I think probably the best idea is to get Henry neutered. That might help a lot. You did get some good ideas and we were reading them all. Hope something works for you. Keep us posted. Take care.

  27. Hi there !
    Sorry for not have been able to visit you for a couple of day´s :(
    It´s all mom fault as always !!
    I hope your war at home will end and that you will have a pawsome weekend !!

    P.S Tomorrow I will celebrate that I really soon will have my 12.500 visitor on my blog and I will send a gift to one of my visitors that leave a comment and mom have promised to give 0.50 Euro/75 U.S cent´s for every comment to our local shelter. So please come by tomorrow and leave a comment !!

  28. We're so glad the suggestions were so plentiful (and so helpful)! We are excited to see your new cat tree. :)

  29. I didn't know what to say as I've never had more than one cat at a time - well you can't count Tigger and he only does his spraying on the bush outside!

    Anyway I hope it works :)

    If your mom wants a nice vacation, she can come to Wales and give Austin his pill, as I am pants at it!!!

  30. Wonderful photos of you lovely kitties. Hope the spraying etc stops soon!Have a great weekend:)

  31. Well, there are alot of you to keep happy, so we are all glad to help. We hope all the steps taken so far end up helping!

  32. I feel Ping's problem is partly a reaction to outside cats. He is the most aggressive when it comes to any new cat visiting the yard. He gets highly upset. But I think he does feel insecure still and that pee aroma of his settles him down. *sigh* Its a struggle.


  33. Ok, those photos are AMAZING!!! Look at those aqua eyes! : )

    So glad you've got smart friends since we really aren't much help here. ha!

    Thanks for coming by to read the latest chapter! ...go easy on the Kleenex, there's still a few more to come.
    Probably 4 or 5.

    xo Katie

  34. We think you'll be amazed at what a difference there will be when Henry is neutered. Once our Mikey was not subjected to intact grandpa figgy roaming our yard and by our windows, the spraying stopped.

    xoxo Cory


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