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Thursday, December 1, 2011

This-n-That Thursday


We have a miscellaneous mish-mash post of a whole lotta unrelated stuff, accompanied by some random photos, in no particular order.  Our Mommy is famously disorganized, if we may say so...and we may.


The new Cat Tree is a HIT!
  Daddy put heaty pads in the two huts for us, and we love napping in 'em.
After the initial whizzening we haven't felt the need to tinkle on it.  In fact, the Whizz Wars seem to have  *whispers* reached an armistice, thanks to Mommy and her biochemical weaponry--and Daddy's thorough house sterilizing cleaning.

Maui is leaping for joy because Mommy's friend Steve is doing great!
He's walking unassisted to therapy twice a day and thinks he'll be home by Catmas.  It sure has been a long road, but since only 65% of people with his type and severity of peritonitis even survive, he's lucky to be here at all.  And he knows it!

Daddy went to Sam's Club and got us this fabbo box!
The kitties at Mark's Mews asked us about what toys we like best on our Catio.  We get the most use out of our shelves and skyways, since our favorite games involve chasing one another.  The tube that Daddy made for us (out of sonotube) is a hit for chasing and ambushing; it's also a nice place to sleep.  We enjoy all our cat trees, and the little blue one is good for sleeping, but it hasn't held up too well, honestly.    If we had to choose one Favorite thing, it would be the ESS, paws down!  

Mommy got this from a friend to try...we think the picture on the package was a teeny bit deceiving, but apparently it tasted just fine with peanut butter slathered all over it.

The limes lemons are ripe.
Mommy is wondering if any of your pawrents have ever dehydrated appears that there's WELL over a hundred lemons on the tree!
Pucker up, Mommy.

Sylvester is *exactly* one cassette tape wide.
In case you were wondering.

KonaKitty, that shameless senior, declared that today is officially "Make Spitty Swoon" Day!
How about it Spittola?

Johnny demonstrates how to fit twenty pounds of tumescent tubby tabby into a ten pound fleecy box.  He says it ain't easy, but somecat's gotta do it!

Oh, and we have a new Holiday Hat.

Happy Thursday!

xx  The Horde  XX


  1. Um... it was all good up until the hat...

  2. Katnip Lounger,
    What a household you have! Peace and harmony on a Thursday. Great to hear about Steve. Sending purrrsss and good vibes to him. purrrr...meow!

  3. See? It happens every time. Efurrything is going along just fine and then someHuman has to pull out the kitteh costumes. Sigh.

    KonaKitty--I don't know *how* your Mommy could possibly have omitted you from that list! You are HIGH on Spitty roster of Cattalicious Lounge Kitties. I even have some of your furs, remember?? Plus, that floofy little white tummeh patch is so swoony a boy could drown in it!!

  4. love the mash mush.

    So, if Sylvester is exactly one cassette tape wide, how many cassette tapes wide is the delicious KonaKitty?

  5. The publicist has never dried lemons. She saves the rind and juices them and freezes the juice.

    She is very jealous and not of the kitty hat

  6. Yeah, what's with the hate, I mean, hat????

  7. We love a mish mash. Especially with cat bellies and little boxes -Mirsku will be taking lessons.

    But you could have left out the hat. You do realise that everyone will plotting revenge for that photo - and rightly so. We demand dignity and respect. And no stupid hats. We do hope that the next few shots from the camera involved paws, claws and human blood.....

  8. KonaKitty! Where'd you get that white belly? You didn't lick it white, did you? That's quite a flattering tock shot of May Ling(?). We've never seen dried lemons, but maybe you could sell them along the side of the road? Or open a lemonade stand in front of the house?

  9. That was a great mish mash, with too many favorite pics to choose one! Never a dull moment around your place!

  10. What a great post and great pics! Good luck wif that hat, kittehz. We don't know if Spitty is swooning, but Prancer is!

  11. Looks like you have been having a busy time. The Pannatonne (spl) looks yummy, always good this time of year. Mummy would like to grow lemons, but that's never gonna happen here unless its in a greenhouse. Come on, smile, you look gorgous in that hat :)xx

  12. great picture!!!
    we love to see all of you

    BoBo Salem
    Meow Meow Family

  13. Oh dear. The hat is Not Good. Also, I would like to say that there are not enough pictures of my darling CC here.

  14. I'm betting that hat lasted barely past the flash! What a look on on that puss!
    Love the mish mash!

  15. We're glad to hear that the tree is working out so well! We got a new Christmas hat too, so we share your frustration!

  16. Is that you sweet Grayce or is that handsome Rupert in the blue tree box?!?! And which one of you is being tortured,ahem, being made to wear the Hat!?!? LOL! Me and Charlie are not very bright this morning! Yay!

    Awww look at lovely leaping Maui!! Awww!! Gorgeous KonaKitty, handsome Sylvester and scrummy Johnny! Yay!!

    We agree the panettone on the box is NOT the one inside!! LOL!!

    We are soooooooooooo happy to hear that Steve's butt is on its way to being kicked by mum! Well done Steve!!

    What will you do with all these gorgeous lemons?!?! Gin and Tonic time!

    Take care

  17. I love all these, but the hat photo made me laugh out loud. I am jealous of your lemons. Cuz there will never be any citrus fruit growing in THIS Canadian garden!!!

    We just came through a whizz war. I am scared to say it has ended. Thank the Great Cat in the SKy for Feliway and Odormute! I feel your pain.

  18. oooh. conway twitty cassette tapes!

  19. Somecat is grumpy having drawn the short straw and being made to wear the "Christmas Hat"! Is it Rupert?
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  20. Haha ~ it looks like random photos of funniness here!

    Happy December kitties!
    xo Catherine

  21. Sure, it's all fun and games until somebody brings out the cat hats.

  22. That was fun and we love the last pic - Mom is bringing out our hats too...soon!

  23. That really was lots of cool stuff, but the new hat is the best!!!

  24. That last picture made me snort. LOL. Thanks for that!! Glad to hear your friend is doing better!

  25. Our human wants to snorgle the bellies! She wonders about preserved lemons for your crop, but they'd be more work. We are glad to hear good news about the Whizz Wars. We luf our ESS, too!

  26. We're so happy the new tree has stayed safe from more tinklings...
    And big massive YEAYS that Steve is doing so well!

  27. Was going to comment on each and every mishmash .. . and then I saw the hat!!!! >,^.<

  28. Wow, that was a very informative post! Love the new hat!

  29. Glad your friend Steve is doing better.
    Love all the pics especially the last one with the Holiday Hat. That look on his face is priceless!

  30. They are a great mish match of pics. Glad to hear the pee problem has abaited. We were having a slight pee problem here too, so we seperated Gizmo and Denali at night times into seperate rooms and put out an extra 2 litter trays. It's been a week and so far no issues. They also seem even more cuddly during the day now that they have alone time too.

  31. Your humans are a special kind of ebil. They give you heated boxes but then lash some horrid contraption on your head. I think Scouty's concerns must be valid.

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  32. GREAT MISH MASH!!!and we thought it was well organized too.
    Yay for Steve!!
    Triple yay for no more spraying!!
    Madi and Mom

  33. I swear, no matter what you guys write about, I crack up every time! Loved the holiday hat photo and comment. And you guys are so lucky that you get heaty pads in your cat tree! Hooray for Steve too--that's amazing news, er, mews.

  34. Yes...Scouty..we will start taking your concerns FR more seriously! That it)

  35. That holiday had picture cracked me up!

  36. We love the jumping picture....


  37. *giggles* We are glad it is not us with the hat. Thanks for doing it, so we don't have to!

  38. We are glad Steve is doing well. I notice that a certain beautiful white lady is missing again.

  39. If you like middle eastern cuisine, you might try preserved lemons. Lots of recipes on line, some adding various spices. I've never tried making or using then but am intrigued. Being a tea nut, I juice them and then freeze the juice. Ours are not yet ripe although weather here as been sunny and quite warm.

  40. Everybody was lookin' adorable and comfy until someone got the hat put on they don't look so happy. :) Hugs and now kisses

  41. these were great! I loved the jumping for joy photo and am thrilled that your friend Steve will be coming home soon.

    I also loved the rear end view lol

  42. Lemons, must be lemonade time.
    Happy for Steve.
    Everything is good with peanut butter on it.

  43. We're hoping we are forced to wear a hat this year, but we aren't holding our breaths....

  44. Oh man, that hat is just going too darn far. Someone must pay for this.

  45. You guys are all hilarious! I must admit I enjoy the combination of the silly pictures along with the brilliant commentary! It is but to laugh!

  46. The holiday hat looks rather uncomfortable.

    Luf, Us

  47. We are very impressed by Tiny's ability to fit himself anywhere. Scylla is most thrilled that there is a cat that weighs more then her, and hopes it will keep the Mom from saying the D word for awhile.

    Hi to all you kitties, we enjoyed seeing all of you.


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