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Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Evil Flap


*lickety lickety*

Salem the TUBseedo Svelte here!
We read on Tuesday that our wonderful pal CORY is in a real pickle of a situation.  Her Mom and Dad put an Evil Cat Flap in the (big Human) door leading to the Ladies Room...and closed the door!  What's worse, they put poor Cory in the loo, and made her figure out the Cat Flap instead of opening the door like nice peoples.  Even worser is they laughed at her puzzling and puzzling over the mechanics of the Cat Flap.

Cory, in the spirit of solidarity and to avoid any further indignity--here's how it works. 
1.  Headbutt a corner.  Either one is OK.

2.  Push the Evil Cat Flap open with your forehead.

3.  Jump through like your tail's on fire!

Here Sweet  Pea bravely demonstrates a Common Cat Flap Peril...

Trailing Tail Syndrome!
Which can be avoided by not lollygagging when you pass through the opening.  (Or having a short tail.) 

Cory, I hopes this helps you in your struggle to take a pee.

Now, Mommy wants to tell y'all a Funny Flap Story:

Hi Kitties!  Mommy Trish here...when we lived in our old house back in Illinois we adopted a stray all-white blue-eyed deaf guy named Chuckles.  Scott had built a big chest in the garage with a hinged top and a Cat Flap entrance from the foyer for the litter boxes.  It was a fancy affair; it had an exhaust fan, LED lighting, and it was a four-holer, to boot!  It was the only "facilities" in the house, so anybody new had to learn to master the Flap right away.  I gave Chuck Flap Training on his first day--picked him up, and pushed his head through the hole, so he could see the toilets.  Naturally he struggled a little bit and I had to regrip to complete the pass through.  As Chuck SHOT through the Flap I felt something tug on my thumb.  Like an idiot, I sniffed my thumb and all of a sudden I realized what I thought was a tug was actually a sphincter squeeze!  Poor Chuck, here he is, the new guy in a new environment and some crazy lady violates his anus with her opposable thumb.
He never required a second lesson.

Happy Thursday!

XX  Salem and Mommy  XX


  1. Ah Poor Chuck. And we expect that poor you when you realized what you did!

  2. GAG! ::thud:: Our Mommy is on the floor laffin her asterik off!

    Pee Ess - great tutorial!

  3. I am sure Cory is glad for your help! I hope she gets her cat flap figured out - I would hate to have her suffer Chuckles' fate.

  4. In the beginning, all our cats and dogs push the flap with their paws, and of course "receive" it back on their head... which makes them afraid of the catflap. But they all learned it, and I must say cats are "smarter" than dogs!

  5. The Farm cats do not have this conTRAPtion to worry about

  6. Oh dear. I don't think the Human is going to be much good to me any more, collapsed as she is on the floor, crying from laughing herself sick over the Chuck story. I don't know what to do. Will she recover enough to feed me in the morning?

    If not, can one of you come over here and help me?

    P.S. Salem: Excellent displaying of your JLLs tonight.

  7. OMC OMC! No fair! I'm too sick to laugh this hard!! OMC! Poor kitty, all new to the house and I'm sure not expecting a colon exam! I'm dying!

  8. We have made Äiti sign a document that Mom Trish will NEVER be invited to Finland for a holiday. we think continuing this relationship at a distance is fine, provided that is more than a thumb's distance.
    And Salem, we love the display of your cat flap skills- and we notice that little sag bag under your tuxie tummy manages to squeeze through okay!

  9. OMC OMC OMC. Mommy has fallen off her chair and rolling around on the floor, laughing her head off over Chuck's flap lesson.
    Thank goodness we don't have cat flaps here!

  10. Hahahahahhahahaah ...... this is so cute!!! :)

    Love the Trailing Tail Syndrome! Lucky sure won't have any problem with that! :)

  11. Love the flap demo pictures. Curious, however, as to why a closed door and flap are needed. Now the Chuck story - has Mom gagging a little bit.

  12. lol Did Chuck ever manage to look you in the eye again?

  13. That's quit a story about Chuck!

    Over at this end, Tama-Chan has totally refused to learn how to use the flap to the cat run. The end result is that it has to be propped open during the day with tape, letting in howling winds and icy temperatures.

    The Chans

  14. Ihave to try to write this on my own , becuse my mommy is laying on the floor in some strange seizures that sounds like HA ,HA , HA giggle , giggle , giggle :)
    I sure hope that poor Cory is learning fast how to use the catflap , so your mom doesn´t get any ideas about get over to his place and learn him how a catflap works !!

  15. Wet stuff is coming out of Mommy's nose. Send help.

  16. chuck must have had a strong disposition. that incident would traumatize most of us for the rest of our lives.

  17. Awww Chuckles! LOL!!! But it's a Katnip Lounge initiation ceremony!

    Awwwww beautiful and perfect Salem! You are wonderful helping Cory figure out the cat flap - what a true cat flap-per you are!

    Take care

  18. You're very sweet to show Cory the ropes, Salem!

    We laughed at your Mom's story! Poor Chuckles!

  19. LOL, good story about Chuckles!!

  20. That is a great demonstration - we hope it helps!

    And mom snickered about Chuck....

  21. We thought Mum was having a strange turn but she was just helpless with laughter and was struggling to breathe!! Did Chuckles always look behind him when he entered the litter box chest after his "strange experience"?
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  22. OMC, my mom's fallen and she can't get up!

    Oh, wait, she was laughing.

    Pfft. I don't think that's funny at all.

  23. OMC - We is laughing so much now that M can't type anymore.

  24. OMC I'm glad I was not Chuckles.

    Thank goodness I don't have to use one of then trap doors.


  25. That is a great tutorial and we hope that it helps Miss Cory learn to use the fla easier.

    Poor Chuck! We hope he recovered from the incident and wasn't scarred for life!

  26. it is furry nice of you to demonstrate the proper technique for cory. thank goodness it isn't yer mom giffin' the lesson. poor chuckles; we can unnerstan' why he din't need no further tutorin'.

    (our mommer is reachin' fur her emergency inhaler after laffin' an' laffin' so much!)

  27. Don't mind me, I'll quit giggling after a bit!

  28. Thank you, Salem for this helpful PSA!

  29. MOL You literally have my crazy mom rolling on the floor. This is hilarious but the Chuck twist was the best.
    Hugs Madi

  30. You friends, have so much fun there!
    I would like to try that door as well!
    Luna - WE LOVE LUNA

  31. Salem, great demonstration! Poor Chuckles! At least he couldn't hear your mom laughing at him after violating him like that too!

  32. You Mom has our Mom laffin and laffin!!
    ~ The Bunch

  33. Did you get Butt Butter on your finger too? Probably not or you would have said, so he definitely was a good boy!

  34. Oh, Chuckles made us chuckle!

  35. Oh Salem! I just love it when you are on the blog! I think I am in LOVE!
    PS Mommy was laughing and laughing and laughing at the story your Mommy told. I did not think it was all that funny.

  36. Our mum is laughing so much about Chuckles that she has tears running down her face.

  37. mama almost peed laughing. your mama is funny too kitties.

    emma and buster

  38. Now that is pretty darn funny about Chuckles. Guess Mom learned her lesson too. Good way to teach poor Chuckles how to do it.

  39. Pawsome flap demo!!!!!!
    Mom giggled at the Chuck story,heehee
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ
    Mom says "Thank You for the B'Day wishes"

  40. OMG that is too funny! Thanks for sharing!

  41. Wow, Salem! We are impressed with your flap demonstration!

  42. BOL! I awarded you guys the Leibster award on my blog!

  43. Its that tail-grabbin part that worries us the most! ASSUMING the butt jab was really an accident...

  44. OMC!!!! Mom prevented me from reading this...I think she didn't want me to know about the um sphincter episode! So guess what...since I had such trouble mom and dad backed off of their plan and the cat flap doors are once again propped open for business!!!! Yay!!

    I think that means:

    Cory 1
    Mom 0

    ok it wasn't just me...the rest of my cat family hated it too. Maybe someday mom will try again.

  45. Wow a catflap! I have staff that open and shut the door for me....
    Vicki loved your comment about leaving scorpions behind. She thinks the scary spider is nicer to deal with....

  46. Haha ~ a very good demonstration ~ fun!
    xo Catherine

  47. Laffing like crazy over Chuckles training!!!
    No catflaps here!


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