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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thursday Q and A


We've had a few questions in the comments that we want to answer, and so all y'all won't whine comment about "where's the kitties" we put in a bunch of random unrelated photos, too!

 1.  What do we consider cold?
Here in the Mojave desert it can get pretty cold, occasionally even below freezing at night.  And it can snow, too!  Our usual winter daytime temps range from 45-60F.  Since our back yard faces SW we get nice warm afternoon sun, and it's not uncommon to hit 70 on the Catio, even in December when the days are short.
Mommy is a Western Wienie and complains the second the mercury dips below 85.

Rupert and Sylvester
q.  What does it say on the edge of our yellow skyway platform?
Check out our header, it says "KATNIP VIC SKY LOUNGE"

How many do you see?
&.  What type of kibble do we recommend, and do we like natural foods?
Mommy recently bought us a bag of Taste of the Wild, and we like it very much.  We love Blue Buffalo, and FELIDAE kibble as well.  We get as grain-free (as possible) kibble.  Mommy would prefer that we only ate wet food, but KonaKitty refuses to eat it, and since she is almost 15 Mommy caved in on the kibble issue.  Wet food is better for our kidneys--we eat Friskies but we really like Tiki Cat and Weruva.  We also get poached chicken, fish, and of course our duck and chicken jerky. 

6b.  Are the Whizz Wars over?
Mostly.  Cod willing and the creek don't rise.

The Baby
92.  Does Daddy limit himself to his Office?
Surprisingly, YES!

elebenty.  What is that on your Daddy's head?
It's a Chicago Bears foam Bear hat.  It's actually Mommy's, hee hee hee!

Salem and Sweet Pea
And we have a question for you--Mommy publishes our blog at 8 PM PST, and sets up the post time for 12:05 AM the next day.  If any of you are email subscribers, what time does our post hit your in box?  

Did we get 'em all?
Tell in the comments if there's anything else inquiring Cats need to know!
And stop back tomorrow for a fun drawing...

Happy Thursday!

XX  The Lounge Kats  XX


  1. Yep! Yous answered all my questions!

  2. Yes, one more question: who has the biggest nip habit, hehehehe? And one more: girlcats or mancats ? WHich is better. ? Treble hehehehe.

  3. Tell your Mommy she can set the approximate time the email is delivered in her feedburner if she looks under "publicize" and I think timing or such. I am not a technical goat

  4. Thanks for answering all those questions, it is so much fun getting to know you better!

  5. wow, so many answers! I love answers! Your kitties all look so great!

  6. We are usually able to read your blog at about 8 or 8:30 PST. Are you sure she is setting the time to publish that late? But that was a lot of information! We have you in google reader but the post shows up on your blog-

  7. You guys are so interesting!!!

  8. 1. We think we can see 11 kitties in that picture.

    2. Your posts show up at 11 PM EST here. Heres what TBT THINKS happens. The Blogger server is in US Eastern Time Zone. When you SCHEDULE a 12 am post, it goes there for 12 am Eastern Time posting. But, they leave their server on Daylight Savings Time, so it shows up at 11 pm EST! Try SCHEDULING a post for 1:05 am and that should fix it.

    Meanwhile, an AUTOMATIC post registers YOUR local time and shows up immediately everywhere showing YOUR time.

    It all quite odd. I worked out a way the same SCHEDULED thing could happen if the Blogger server was in the Central Time Zone, but I can't remember how that worked.

    It is most easily explained if they are in the Atlantic Time Zone, but I don't think they are.

  9. Great post! We luffed all the pics, too. We'll see you kittehz tomorrow fur that surprise.

  10. You guys are so fascinating! Your people are hilarious and it's so interesting reading about how they take care of all you kitties.

  11. Does anyone who gets your posts emailed to them ever reply back to them via email? You can tell that way what time they got the post by looking at the time of the email they are replying to. I'm on Feedburner and my human set the email delivery time to be between 7 and 9 a.m., but maybe that is Pacific time, because the last couple of humans who have replied got their email between 10 and 10:30 a.m. (maybe they were on the East Coast!).

  12. Lots of answers. We want to know, who's the boss cat?

  13. I get your feeds via google reader and they generally arrive 8am UK time

  14. Awww me and Charlie are so happy to hear that the whizz wars are near enough over! Yayyayyayayy!!

    Happy Thursday you adorable and amazing kitties of Katnip Lounge! Take care

  15. Good grief! Timing your blog posts!!! I suppose to get maximum amount of impact?

    That Baby has a spectacular tongue!

    I have to translate every F to C temp wise!!! Seems hot in F lol

  16. I loved seeing all the photos and reading the Q/A's. Thanks for sharing and for all you cat-love. (we have 3).

  17. Gosh ~ I had to catch up with you kitties ~ and now I have. Looks like you have been keeping everyone entertained with your antics as usual! I liked the "Sunday Puzzler" ~ very fun!

    Have a wonderful week!
    xo Catherine

  18. you answered all my questions and better yet you got all the right answers.

  19. Thanks for posting all the pictures - we had never seen them before, so they were new in our eyes.. Sure do love your set-up - it's kitty heaven.

  20. We enjoyed your question and answer session today - we like to learn more about you all.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  21. Don't get it via email...

    love the BABY picture...too funny!

  22. I like the desert question. I think some people think it means the equator! Ha ha ha ha! Thankfully we cats know better. (But my mom starts to whine about the heat when it hits 85°!)

    Oh and at our house, Pee is still in her one-cat Whizz War. Once it starts, you know...

  23. I love reading things like this. Makes them even closer than they already are to my heart.

    Mom Carole

  24. There's always so many new things to learn about you guys. Happy to hear the Whizz Wars is mostly over...whew!

  25. We see you went to the Miles Meezer School of Numbering.
    Glad the Wizz Wars are nearing a truce. Good News!
    Our mom is like yours: Mo Hotta, Mo Betta!

  26. Bonjour dear friends, great answers!I think you are are very lucky , lots of places to climb and take long naps!And about that fabulous Sunlight! wow
    purrs and love

  27. We too want to know if one or two cats consider themselves "in charge." :-) Cod knows our Tucker takes care of that at our house.

  28. We always LOVE to find out stuff about our friends!

    The Chans

  29. Very interesting Q&A!!
    It has been A DAY here!!
    LET ME JUST SAY MOM HAS HAD A BEAR OF A TIME WITH OUR BLOG TODAY. She got lots of message about Blogger not being supported by our browser told us to change to Google Chrome which we did and now we have the upgraded blogger interface which is 200% different from what we were used to. After all of that she finally got on our blog and can read comments. The only problem is she isn't sure how she got here. MOL. At one point she thought this would be the end of blogging. Mom is not at all technical.
    Hugs Madi

  30. We are just trying to learn about Google reader so we can't answer your question.

  31. Those were fun, and so were the pictures!

  32. LOVE that pic of The Baby! Bleaahhh!

  33. There are always interesting things going on at your place and thanks for the answers. Mum thinks your house looks like bliss with all the kitties.. HUgs GJ xx

  34. Meowm wants to try some of that Blue Buffalo on us, but the expense!!!!! Sheesh!

  35. Love question and answers days. And the random pictures were great!
    I keep thinking I need to learn how to schedule posts..

  36. Lots of cool information. All good to know!

  37. Great pics! Re: times of subscription delivery. We get email notification at 6:52 PM EST making us usually late to the party. I could maybe unsubscribe and then re-subscribe for delivery at another time zone but....When we remember, I just visit after 11PM but lately too busy to do much commenting except for pals on our blogroll.

  38. Very informative! Thank you! :-)

  39. Thanks for answering all the questions. We liked all the pictures too.

  40. Enjoyed all those answers. And the pictures were great. Interesting to hear what all of you eat. I can't get this gang to eat the grain free unless I mix it with other stuff. I just can't afford to feed all canned. But most of mine have lived a long good life on the dry food. Take care.

  41. Well, that sure filled in some of the gaps!

  42. GRAYCE! Ka-thump, ka-thump, ka-THUMP!!!

    The Baby, what is WRONG wif U in this picture??? Did somehuman give you sumfing icky to eat???

  43. Hey, great job on the Q&A - thanks for the advice on Kibble. G&G eat Friskies canned - I figure it got Sinda 21 years worth of purrs - hopefully it will keep the Mrreows healthy too. :-) T.

  44. So many cute kitties! Wish you were all nearer so we could visit. :D


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