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Monday, March 19, 2012

Mancat and Mommy


Mommy had a little convo with Rupert the other day:

Mommy:  Rupert!  Ruuuuupeeeeeeeerrrrrrrt!  Where's my Roop-a-Doop-a-Ding-Dong?

Rupert:  Mommy!  You are embarrassing.  Now you have to call me by my Special Name before I'll look at you.

Mommy:  OK...

Where's my Big Handsome Gray Man? 
Rupert:  Here I am, Mommy!

Mommy:  And how are you today, sir?

Rupert:  I'm great, Mommy, 'specially now that you're here, paying attention to me.

Mommy:  Well, enjoy it while it lasts--I have a lot of overtime coming up in the next ten days.  I won't be home much.

Rupert:  What!?!  NO!! 
 You'll be home when it's dark though, right?  We can still cuddle every night in bed, right?  I need my radar dish ears rubbed!  Your hand needs bunny-kicking and The Bitey!  I have a schedule to maintain!  How can you do this!?!

Mommy:  Keep your fur shirt on buddy, I'm not working any grave shifts, thank Cod.  We'll snuggle  together and read books in bed just like always. 
 Anything for the Handsomest Gray Boy in the House! 

Rupert:  (with an adorable squint) I love you Mommy.
Mommy:  I love you too, Big Boy.

Happy Monday!

XX  Rupert & Mommy  XX


  1. Why, why--something must be WRONG with me! This was almost...almost--well, almost TOUCHING, is what it was.

    Scouty!!!!! Help me, Man! I'm going all soft and mushy and stuff.

  2. SQUEE!!! We totally GET this relationship. Me and my Mommy get a hard time from efurrybody else fur bein extra close. Rupert is a special mancat. Happy Monday!

  3. Thank Cod when my human works overtime, she does it right here at home. And I am her boss. And she is not allowed to call me silly names. At least not in public.

  4. Oh Rupert we love you too you beautiful mancat!!!!

  5. Awwww!!! I am reading this with my big grey mancat on my lap. Rupert, I think you and my Stewart Ferguson are kindred spirits :)

  6. I'm so glad Rupert is getting his cuddle time and your hand will get bunny-kicking and The Bitey... so important for our handsomest gray kitties to keep their schedules..

  7. Awwwwww, we talk silly too, much to Au's disgust. Rupet, you are one handsome man cat. And we won't call you a sweet fuzzy face with velvet ears squiggely pooh. Promise.

  8. We sure hope Äiti doesn't get any ideas about publishing the stupid things she calls us! And as for nightly ear rubs - well, several of us compete for those (and we all have our special routines!).
    And presumably, RUpert, when the overtime torture is over there'll be more money, and so more food/cat trees/nip for you .....

  9. Cuddle time is very important! I am glad you'll get it!

  10. Rupert, I don't blame you for demanding your attentions

  11. HAHA! Rupert's expressions are the BEST!!!
    We loved this. MOL!

    Ok Lounge Kitties! You MUST pressure that mom of yours. This means you too, Baby! Casting Call is now open and I think the Real Housecats are calling YOU.

    xo Katie

  12. Rupert, we didn't know you were such a momma's boy!

  13. This is just the sweetest ever! Yes, we can work and work but as long as we can still sit in bed for a while reading and petting a cat, all is still well.

    I hope you have a great week in spite of your schedule!

  14. What a sweet post. Glad your Mommy doesn't need to work any graveyard shift!

  15. You are handsome dear Rupert... purrr...meow!

  16. What a handsome boy you are. :)

  17. I sure hope mom is able to keep up with her kitty loving and her rest while putting in extra time at work. Good luck!
    xo Catherine

  18. A bit slushy, Rupert!!! You hiding a tender heart behind your gruff exterior? Looks like your mom is ;)

  19. Rupert I had no idea you were such an interesting conversationalist. I bet you'd be a ton of fun on a date.
    Hugs Madi

  20. What a wonderful conversation, Rupert! And what a relief your Mom will be home for night-time cuddles!

    The Chans

    PS: Our #1 and Tommy are home!

  21. i don't know... i kind of like the name, "Roop-a-Doop-a-Ding-Dong."

  22. THat cat is absolutely delicious. I'm glad you're giving him the love, respect and adoration he deserves!

  23. Aw, what a sweet meowing boy.

  24. Oh Rupert! Watching yous making lovey dovey conversation with your Mommy - Me thinks me is in LOVE! Me particularly likes the squinty eye look. ::swoon::

  25. You've got her under your paw don't you Rupert?!
    How did you get your name?

  26. Beautiful Rupert!! Awwww yay for establishing with mum how there are certain rules never meant to be broken! Yay!!!

    You are so handsome too!! And yay for mum! Take care

  27. I knew you were momma's special boy cause Admiral left that info for me in her notes she passed down. And with a dear face like that, it's totally understandable that Rupert is special and elegant.

  28. Awww. This is so cute! Such love. :)

  29. Awww - mommy loves you and you loves mommy. Life is great and all is well with the world.

  30. You sure are a special and handsome one Rupert!

  31. Rupert, you have a good girlfriend. Attentive, deferential, serves you - everything a mancat needs or wants.

  32. What a fabulous post. I love this set of pictures.. Gorgeous.. Hugs GJ xx

  33. Rupert's expressions are wonderful
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  34. Wow, Rupert, my knees are weak just reading about the love you have for your mommy! If only all mancats were so faithful!



  35. Aaah! Let's hope mommy still finds plenty of time for you, Rupe.

  36. We are so glad Meowm doesn't have to work that overtime stuff very often! She is gone too much just with a regular 40 hour week!

    Enjoy your snuggles Rupert!

  37. Take care of that Mommy RupieRoo!

    Ms. Stellie Wellie

  38. Oh Rupert! We love sensitive Momma's Boys! You are just the sweetest!

  39. FaRADaY: SPITTY! HOLD STRONG! In a Mancatly Manner!!
    Maxwell: look who's meowing here, it's Mama's Boy Faraday *dodges paw swipe*
    (I just call'em as I see 'em)
    Allie: oooh I think it's SWEET to see Rupert blush! *giggle*

  40. Oh Rupert, you are so handsome and love that love Squint. Glad you will have your Mommy at night. Take care.

  41. Rupert
    YOU are one handsome big gray man!!!


  42. Oh Rupert, you are adorable!

  43. we appreciate a real mancat saying i love you to the mommy.

    emma and buster

  44. Awww, Roop-a-Doop-a-Ding-Dong, that was such a sweet conversation you had with your mom. We're glad you won't miss out on any snuggle time.

  45. We loves our mum too and we would miss the extra, evening cuddle time if mum had to work all nights.

  46. Aww, are such a momma's boy...ain't nothing wrong with that!!

  47. What an absolutely handsome boy. My Silver girl was the same color, but wasn't friendly at all.

    Enjoy the lovins' you two.

  48. Alright! Another momma's boy!

    Manly purrs,


  49. Well LP is VERY partial to grey cats.Her very frist cat was grey.And are a handsome grey devil ! Srsly. Lucky for you , you are such a Mama's boy otherwise LP might be tempted to snatch you up!! :)

    the critters in The Cottage xo


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