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Monday, April 30, 2012

An Award and an Announcement!


Felix here, and I'm pleased to announce that the winner of our little giveaway on Friday is none other than the Wonderful Marg!  Concatulations!  We will mail your package out this week.

And, we got an award from Leo & Star, the Celestial Kitties!

Thanks for thinking our blog is awesome!


So, the deal is we have to assign an attribute of ours to every letter of the alphabet.  We decided to take two each--are you ready?  Here we go!

A--Adopted (three times!)  Sylvester

B--Bed Hog  CC

C--Crazypants!  Maui

D--Daddy's Girl  Sweet Pea

E--Eldest  KonaKitty

F--Filthy  The Baby

G--Gassy *poot*  Grayce

H--Head-Butter  May Ling

I--Irrascible  Felix

J--Joi de Vivre  Maui

K--Killer  The Baby

L--Live Wire  Felix

M--Mommy's Boy  Rupert

N--(Mr.) Not-So-Bright  CC

O--Obtuse  Johnny

P--  Purry  Rupert

Q--Quirky  Salem

R--Retiring  KonaKitty

S--Stewable  Scouty

T--Teaser  Sweet Pea

U--Unknowable  Scouty

V--Vigorous  Grayce

W--Well-Dressed  Sylvester

X--XXL  Johnny

Y--Yeller  May Ling

Z--Zaftig  Salem

This has made the rounds so we won't pass it on, but go ahead and take the award and do the meme if you want, we thought it was a lot of fun!

Happy Monday!

XX  All of Us  XX


  1. You put a cool spin on the ABCs. Very glad that Marg won.

  2. You guys did a pawsome job with the ABC award! And concatulations to Marg! I'm so happy she was the winner!

  3. Concats to Marg! We learned lots from this meme. Let's do it again!

  4. We loved it! Poor zaftig Salem & stewable Scouty. Yay for Marg! A better person couldn't have won!

  5. concats to Marg, yay!!!!
    We really loved the ABC, specially Scouty's attributes :)

  6. First - Concats to mark and
    What a great ABC!

  7. That was GREAT!!! ...but we just knew it would be : )
    The Baby's made us MOL. ...and we had to ask Mr. Google what Zaftig is. Apparently it's what Glogirly says I'm becoming. My food dish is going to be a little lighter tomorrow. Great.
    ; ) Katie

  8. Concats Marg! We like your ABCs but we're a bit worried about gassy :-)

  9. We enjoyed your alphabet, have a fun day :)xx

  10. Congrats on the award. We love this ABC thing! :)

  11. Hooorah for lovely Marg!!!! Yay!!

    Awww love the A-Z descriptions of you all - Stewable Scouty - awwww!!! And Zaftig Salem! LOL! Take care

  12. Hahaha! Good ones except for poor NSB CC !!! Zaftig is good in some cultures. In fact the more zaftig the better the marriage chances !!

  13. Theo shares the letter "n" honor with CC although we don't mention that outloud to him.

  14. Hooray for Marg! Congrats on the award and for doing such a great job with all those letters!

  15. Congrats to Marg and to you for the awesome award!! We feel we know more about you all now :)

  16. Congratulations to Marg!
    And congratulations on your award! Wow, you did fantastic job on the alphabet! I had fun reading your list. Stewable Scouty made me laugh so hard!

  17. I'm so glad Marg was the one to win a package from you. I know she can use all the help she can get.

    An congrats on the ABC Award -- you did a great job assigning adjectives to each letter. Of course you have 13 cats to describe, so you would have only needed two each!

    I made note of the fact that Grayce is the pooter! Haha!

  18. Yay Ms. Marg is so DESERVING an prize!!
    Hugs Madi

  19. I loved reading you ABC'S. Poor Grayce and her gas. :o)

    Your header picture is so gorgeous. It reminds me of my Marshmallow and Peanut.

    Happy Monday

  20. Wow, the doggies are so excited that we won the drawing. They need some new treats. Thanks so much for having this drawing.
    We love your ABC answers.Those were well done. Take care.

  21. well, all the secrets are revealed now....!

  22. Concats to Marg. That was a great ABC, but Salem might not think so.

  23. You guys did good with your ABCs!! And congrats to Marg!!

  24. Great ABCs!! We need to do that too!!

    Thanks for helping make Ellie and Allie's 10th Birthday extra special!!

    The Florida Furkids

  25. You make ABC's as easy as 1-2-3...remember that little ditty from the Jackson 5? MOL!!!

  26. Had to look up Zaftig - it describes our Mom to a t (she keeps reminding us round is a shape!)

    If we were Scouty we'd be unknowable too knowing you think he's stewable, MOL.

    Congrats to Marg and to the entire crew for the award. We can't think of more deserving winners.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku (& Mom Eileen too)

  27. Awesome pawsome and delighted Marg won! See you for our big birthday bash tomorrow!

  28. Aw! you did a great job guys!! Sorry I didnt see it til now, I've been a bit out of it.. but I love it!


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