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Friday, June 1, 2012

Friends on Friday!


Scouty here, and I am enjoying an Extra Super Delicious Treat!
Exposing the pink tongue of approval
A couple of weeks ago we sent some Valerian Root to our pals Daisy and Harley, and they sent us a Thank-You gift back--Instinct Raw Boost Bites! 
The treats of Ultimate Nomminess.
Kitties, these treats are DA BOMB.  We love them! 
Room Service
And they are good for us, too!   
Clean Plate Club member
At first we didn't know what to make of them but that was because Mommy had a brain fart passing moment of incoherantness and gave 'em to us whole--what was up with that? We want our food bite-sized.
 Once Mommy figured that out and broke the pucks up for us we chowed down! 
These treats will make my furs grow back thick and luxurious.
Thank you, Daisy and Harley!  
We really like our treats and Mommy is going to order us more.
Restin' and Digestin'

Happy Friday!

XX  Scouty  XX


  1. Whew, I'm all caught up on your posts! Thanks for all the kitty goodness! Looks like you guys got some kitty goodies, yum!

  2. Yum. Those look like serious noms. How in the world do you get your Mommy to give you treats in bed?

  3. You are lucky to receive such yummylicious treats! WooHoo!!

    Chloe and Cecil

  4. Those sure look innerestin. Good thing Mom had the wit, er "brilliant realization" to break up the hockey pucks into smaller pieces.

  5. We wonder if they would pass the "Oui" test? She is so particular!!

    Sweet Scouty,
    I KNEW it wasn't stew! (or pie)
    Purrs & kitty kisses,

  6. We've never seen those before but they look tasty! We like the room service too! We'll get mommy to check those out!

  7. Oh! Those look super nummy! Almost as good as my birthday cake!

  8. Wow,they look very tasty indeed. Have a nice snooze then you will be ready for some more :)xx

  9. Those Boost Bites are awesome! Even I will eat them... most of the time!

  10. Those look great! We doubt we can get any here, though. :(
    We'll have to put it on our list of "to get" for Daddy when he goes to the US again. :)

  11. Our mom's wondering if she could get those here. Though she bets we wouldn't eat them. LOL. They *do* look yummy, though!

  12. So glad you like them, too! They are our new favorite treat (we just get 'em through Amazon)!

  13. Mmmm, yummy! I hope you kitties realize how lucky you are! :)

  14. Room service! As well as getting her to chop to size, why don't you get her to pre-chew, so you guys don't have to over exert yourselves!! ;)

  15. How wonderful to receive some yummy treats! And served right to you ~ extra good!
    xo Catherine

  16. restin and digestin. story of my life.

  17. Mmmm. Delishus chick-hen.

    But I'm afraid I really must protest the continuing absence of Salem. Efurry day I come here, all a-quiver with anticipation, and do you know, do you KNOW, that she appears nowhere in your front-page posts? I mean, there's a picture of a bottle of GLUE f'revvins sake, but not a trace of Beautiful Salem.

    The world is SO unfair.

  18. They really do look yummy!
    And Daisy says they're on Amazon (well everything else is!). Going to look them up!

  19. Yay for these yummy treats!! Take care

  20. Oh what wonderful NOMS! I wish I had some.

  21. What a great gift from Harley and Daisy - we bet they were very nommy.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  22. MOL
    Your mom did have a momentary'd are she try tofeedyou like a dog! They certainly look yummy. I, too, am a member in good standing of the clean plate club

  23. I love me a content kitteh or two or 9..and I love your kittehs too..hope you all have a wonderful weekend.,;)

  24. so you tryin' to say your mum just 'pucked' it all up? MOL
    Sounds like somethin ours would do as well. Sheesh!

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  25. Nhumi, I´m hungry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. That sure was sweet of Daisy and Harley! Those pucks look like da bomb for sure. We have to get the humans to get us some! :)


    Sammy and Moosey

  27. They look very yummy.We would get our mum to add them to her America shopping list next time she goes, but we are pretty sure customs wouldn't allow it. We will tell her to check out Amazon.

  28. Yum, we will serve some at our birthday party tomorrow.

  29. WOW! What a fantastic way to start the weekend!!!

  30. Now those are pictures of some very *happy* kitties.



  31. You have such great friends in Daisy and Harley. I know they are very health conscious.

    You all seem to be unanimouse in your appreciation for those treats. Mommy better rush to the store and get more -- especially since she served them up wholesale!

  32. Wow! Those must really be some more special treats!

  33. Those look so...incredibly...PAWESOME!!!!

    *pawing thru Mommy's purse for the plastic card thingy* We gotta get us somma those!

  34. Hiya Guys! So I already placed an order for these babies...hope they are as good as you guys said..'cuz I am not a 'treat' type cat..don't much care for 'em...and Mom and Dad are praying to find something that let's them manipulate me...MOL
    course, that first photo made Mom hesitate 'cuz it sorta looks like what my upchuck looks like..just sayin'...


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