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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thursday on the Catio


We finally have warm weather.
  And by warm, we mean over 90 degrees on the Catio.  You know how "Some Like it Hot"?  Well, that's us.
So we've moved most of our activities outdoors, where the atmosphere is rather condusive to inner-eyelid inspection.  

Felix is deep in thought...check out his tail! 
He thrashes that thing around a lot; some day he's gonna put somebody's eye out.

Sylvester is so happy the HOTS are back.
This IS his happy face!  

The heat feels good on KonaKitty's creaky old hips, and she likes to toast her tummy, too.

CC spys Rupert spying on him--do you see Rupert's ears?

After a little convo, Rupert leaves for a scritching.

Mommy, I love you!

That was too mushy for CC and he decides to head inside...

...totally ignoring Sweet Pea's enticing tail!

Scouty wisely stays on the Skyway, out of reach of Mommy's grabby hands.
And culinary aspirations.

Happy Thursday!

XX  The Lounge Kats  XX


  1. Yep, you got the hots! It is very conducive to inspecting the back of one's eyelids! We is enjoying lots of sunny weddurs this spring, too! Happy lazy days, kittehz. xoxo

  2. That's about as hot as it gets here in summer! We don't envy you but that's because we are cold adapted. Your place looks soooo great to hang out. We are pointing out all the things we'd like Äiti to build for us, could you attach Felix's swishy tail to a generator for air conditioning?

  3. Do you want to hear something HORRIBLE? It SNOWED here today.
    Yes, SNOW in MAY.
    That is WRONG.

  4. It has been overcast and in the 60s here and I am not happy about the lack of sun puddles. Hopefully the sun will be back tomorrow!

  5. Hots! Oh mes can't wait for the hots!
    Speaking of hots, Rupert is pretty hot!

  6. We like our weather just the way it is! Mid 60's-70. The mom doesn't like the hots so much anymore. Too hot. {{eye roll}}

    Scouty, you are the most sensible mancat I know!


  7. It's too hot for stew, Scouty. You're safe till Halloween or so.

    Salem, Did you see glogirly's goof the other day???? Check out April 29!

  8. Oh yeah, we kitties like the hots too, even though the humans around here don't. We also like that ceiling art :)

  9. What an awesome cat enclosure! The best place ever to enjoy warm summer months - making me want to be there myself!

  10. We feel badly for Patty Woodland -- yes, snow in May is terribly wrong. And if we get any our mom is going to freak out.

    We're just excited to have temps climb into the low 60s F today. LOL.

  11. Yay!! You all look hot with the hots! Yay! Take care

  12. OMC - that's HOT. M is complaining cua it's 75 here with high humidity.

  13. from what i've seen, sylvester's happy face looks a lot like his unhappy face.

  14. We're glad that (mostly) everyone is happy. :-)

  15. You all are awfuuly cool hot cats!

  16. Why is it wet and cold here when you have lovely warm sunshine - can we change places please?
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  17. We don't like the hots around here...of course we don't have a nice catio to lay in either. Do you have room for a few more?

  18. That's too hot for me. We are now back again in the low 70's - but unfortunately we've had lots of rain - which is not very conducive to time outside.

    Hope you guys and girls all have a great day.


  19. OMC, I'm getting all fainty just thinking about that kind of heat!!!

  20. oh blech....our hots aren't that bad yet, but enough that with the stupid humidity, mom turns on the cold airs (and now Spud is sleeping on the floor vents)

  21. As our grandpa used to say: You look flatter than pee on a plate.
    Yeah, well......that was grandpa.

    Seriously, our mom loves the hots. She does her best impression of a leezard basking in the sun when it gets hot. Maybe because she's a North Dakotan and she's cold all the time!

  22. Jenna and SissyMay 3, 2012 at 8:43 AM

    Our human hates hot weather! I flip my tail all da time like Felix, too. Can't never tell what I'm thinkin by my tail :)

  23. The hots are here in the South too in fact it is too hot for May. 93 here today and mom is not a lover of the 3 H's
    Hugs Madi

  24. Hi friends! Enjoy the warm weather!!!!
    You´re so cute in this photos... I love you all!

  25. I need one of these kittys would be in cat heaven..the cats meow as they say..I love your kona kitty..reminds me of my poe.:)

  26. Is mommy trying to cook Scouty?

  27. We understand what you mean by 'Mommy's culinary aspirations' !!
    Happy Thursday..
    ~ The Bunch

  28. Harley is always thrashing his tail around, too!

  29. We finally got hot weather here too. Only bad thing is when it is hot, Mommie turns on the fans - we hate that wind in our faces!

  30. WOW!! THat sounds HOT to us...kinds like you kitties ;) heehee
    We do not get temps in the 90s and Mom is happy about that . We, on the other paw, love heat!! We are heat seeking missiles!! heeheehee
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ

  31. Yay, the hots are back! Send us some. We like it hot too but it's a cool drizzly mess in NY.

  32. we just love your colorful catio! and all of you kitties :) enjoy the sun and heat - ours has gone away for a bit but at least it hasn't been too cold and we can convince our mom for window whiffies :) purrs,

    Pip, Smidgen, MInnie, Hollie

  33. Oh Cat! so wish I had one of those outside inside thingys! But, I get lots of sun puddles here in Nor Calif SF Bay area...can't complain actually...sending purrrs

  34. We love your catio! We could use it on a day like today...we had the hots too! Maybe not over 90s hots...but the mid-80s hots!

  35. Glad to see the catio back in the header, but I do miss the orange background. I love orange. It's such a happy color, as are red, purple, yellow, pink, fucshia. All the flower colors. The catio looks amazing as always. I can't imagine how much work it is to keep it clean and photo ready.

    The cats do look happy with the heat. It was 90 in MO today, too. Much too hot for the first part of May. I'm afraid we're in for a long, hot summer everywhere. I need to move to Montana with Patti or to Canada with Kim.

  36. Warm again? 90's??? That's not warm, that's sweltering!!! We would melt into puddles on the floor. If we reach 80 here that is hot for us and 90 is very rare. We are happy if we reach mid 70's.
    Sweet Pea, you are looking gorgeous on your white blankie.

  37. Mowzers, Rupert! We boycats do the "DOOD" thing too! And mommy loves the bench Sweet Pea is napping on!


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