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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thankful Thursday!


We got some awards last week from some new friends...we are so thankful for all our blogger pals.

First up, we received the Beautiful Blogger award from Rainbow at Purrs, Meows, etc.!  Rainbow is an all white kitty whose name reflects the fact that white reflects all the colors of the rainbow!  We think that is so cool.
Thank you Rainbow!
We think you are an exceptionally gorgeous kitty, and welcome to the Cat Blogosphere!

Then, we got the Thinking of You award from Texas, a Cat in New York!
Texas, we just bet you'll be thinking of us when you get that nip we mailed you, heh heh...that is when the pink spotted mousies finally go away!
Thank you for the award.

We are total rule-breakers when it comes to awards, so if you would like to grab it for yourselves, feel free!  In our opinion ya'll are Beautiful and we DO think about you, even if our Mommy is a lazy wench has to work and we can't comment as much as we want to.  Stupid lack of thumbs.

In other news, we had RECORD BREAKING rain here today!

You may have read Mommy's whining post on Sunday, that it's been terribly hot and humid here.  Kitties, she was not exaggerating, not one tiny bit.  Scouty thought maybe he was being stewed sans the pot, it's been so sticky.  It couldn't last forever, and today the clouds decided to let loose--we had 1.22" of rain in our back yard!  Mommy had to go for a hair cut at noon and where her hairdresser is had some of the heaviest accumulation; over 2.50" in under an hour.  It's the heaviest rain she's seen in eleven years, she said it was almost too scary to drive.  On the way home the intensity let up and there were soccer-ball sized rocks in the road that had been carried by the water out of the desert.

Here's some photos of the rain by our house:
The guys pouring concrete in the neo-park were caught off guard by the downpour (they must not watch the weather-guessers), they had to run around in the muck building berms to shunt the water into the street.

The rain water in the gutter rose to halfway up the apron of the driveway.

A quick shot (Mommy must be a witch--she was afraid the water would melt her) looking up the street.

This is a major intersection by our house, after the flooding.  Mommy snapped this while she was driving...or so she claims.  We think she's just skewed.

So that's the news for today...tomorrow, Mommy EATS CROW! 
 Don't miss it...

Happy Thursday!

XX  The Lounge Kats  XX


  1. Crow?? Don't you think that they are mostly dark meat? MOL! That was sum toad-strangler (okie slang fur downpour)you had! Glad you finally got sum relief out there. XOXO

  2. Wow! Rain washes rocks in your road?? holy smokes! I'd have been freaked out! We've had a ton of rain this week here, no rocks at all!
    Eating crow tomorrow? Um... did ya cook it first?

  3. Those are BOTH such elegantal awardies!!!

    Whats with all the rain? Can you send it here?

  4. Those downpours can be something else. We are all glad that your mommy is safe

  5. Concatulations on your awards and stay dry and safe!

  6. We love that rain... we miss that rain!

    Eating crow?!!! that's something we need to see!

  7. Wow, that was some storm!! Hoping you are all safely indoors.
    Purrs ... Rainbow

  8. CONGRATULATIONS on your awards! You totally deserve them! purrs

  9. Wow, that was some storm! Only figures your human had to be out and about when it happened. Concatulations on your awards!

  10. ConCATulations to the awards !
    Wow ! that sure was some big stones that the rain transported out on the road !
    Are you sure sure you have heard right ??
    Mommy eats crow ??!!

  11. Crow? Is that like CHICKEN? If it is, we'd like to eat it too!!!

  12. weather-guessers. hehe. And Crow goes quite nicely in a healthy Humble Pie with a little Side Salad and a glass of red wine. srsly.

  13. Wild weather over your way! Yikes!

    Congrats on your awards!

  14. Those rocks washed into the street seem very dangerous!

  15. Crow? We think chickadee would be better.
    The Maple Syrup Mob

  16. Oh my stars! That is quite the downpour you had there. Refreshing! Or will it just make everything steamy.... hmmmm....
    xo Catherine

  17. it's like we live on different planets. seriously.

  18. Yay for cooling blessed rain!!! Mum can eat as much crow as she wants so long as it's not Scouty!! LOL! take care

  19. Ya can send yer rain here! We'll take it gladly.

    Yer mommy can come here ta eat crow. We haf lots of dem in da area :)

  20. OUr Meowm knows all about those rainstorms in Sin city! She got caught in one when she lived there and was lucky she didn't get carried away by the water!

  21. We hope getting the rain will help to cure the sticky wether for you.

  22. Have to say it is just the weirdest weather all over. Our part of Wales hasn’t even had summer to speak of …. just a couple of days of 21C a week or so ago!! Now it’s back down to 16.

    Eating crow is not recommended for lazy wenches!!

  23. weather guessers and the visual of your sweet Mom as a witch was just too funny.
    That is a lot of rain for the desert
    hugs Madi

  24. Concatulations on your award! We're glad your mommy got home safe during that storm! Those rocks in the road are skeery! Our Grandma from Las Vegas is visiting family in Kansas so she missed all the rain excitement down there.

  25. Congrats on the nice award gang! Hey, give it to Rainman, maybe he will be nice to you!

  26. So that's like, 100% humidity right?

    every pore in our little
    dessicated bodies is yearning for this to come over the mountains (and across the sahara desert) to us. Get yer fans out & start pushing it on will ya?

    Glad everyone is safe and alla kitties stayed in the catio all protected!

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  27. Holy cat! Look at all that rain. We are glad you're all safe and sound, dear pals.

    Concats on your great awards. Those are cool!

  28. Concats on the two awards. As for the crow make sure Mom has some ketchup as they are pretty bland without flavors.

  29. Congrats on your awards!!

    We've heard that LV can get these types of rains. A friend of the mom's was there years ago and there were torrential downpours and the hotels on the strip flooded! We hope everything dries up soon.

  30. Concats on your awards.That was a lot of rain all in one go!! We have had nearly continual rain since the end of March. We were supposed to get a heatwave a few days ago. London got it. We got fog and drizzle!
    Your mom is going to eat a crow? Is she going to share with all of you?

  31. Concatulations on your well deserved awards!!!

  32. Guys, looks like wierd shouldn't happen types of weather happens there too. That must have been too wierd.

  33. That does look like serious rain!

    Congrats on the awards. We also got the one from Rainbow and need to post it.

    The Chans

  34. That much rain here would be so welcome. Crow, does it taste like chick-hen?

  35. Concats on the awards … and the rain … I think!

  36. Concats on the much deserved awards. That was some wild rain. Glad Mommy got home safe and sound. Crow sounds tough, maybe chicken instead?mol

  37. Of course you guys I will be thinking of you =^.^= Apparently our mailman is on vacations :-/ I hope he didn't ran away with the nip...
    Wow that's a LOT of rain. Looks like a giant bath for humans!

  38. That is a lot of rain in a short period of time! Wow!
    We would has had rocks in the street with rain like that too!

  39. Wow that's some rain..hope's not to much damage was done...Concatulations on the awards.
    Purrs and Hugs
    Alfie and Mollie xx00xx

  40. Holy Cow, we hope you stayed high and dry!!!

  41. yikes! We saw the torrential rains that his our former home, Redlands...especially a place in the San Bernardino mountains called Forest Falls, that little stream was a raging river shoving boulders down from 6000 feet. Lots of flooding there and down in the Palm Springs guys stay close to home, flash floods not fun. paw pats, Savannah

  42. Those rocks looks scary! Does that happen often? Makes for hard driving, for sure!


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