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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Phoning it in on Sunday with Sheebie...

Friends and Kitties!

I had an idea all planned out to write about for today and then I got sidetracked window shopping on-line and wasted nearly three hours. Then I got all fretty and stuff about what would I entertain all y'all with and whilst I was in the bathroom (where you always get the best ideas) I remembered--I had all kind of cool random stuff on my phone!

Anybody know what kind it is?  S/he was about 3 inches across.

Salem helping me put dishes away.
Yes, we have POTholders, heh heh.

Duct tape comes in cool is that?

Felix, trying for some Positive Cattitude...

Sylvester guarding his bread wrapper.  And bread.

My stylin' new T.U.K. bucks!

A rainy view, driving to work Thursday afternoon.

The last thing is video I took Saturday morning.
Our Canary Palms are prolific date producers.  The flower blossoms are tiny, but there are hundreds of them, per bunch!  Two bunches opened overnight, and the bees were out in full force.  If you turn up the volume you can hear them hard at work.  They are very docile bees and paid no mind to me at all.
(The YouTube link is HERE)

It's hot and humid here again, believe it or not we're affected by Hurricane Isaac, too.  It pushed all the weather back West and the dry air we should be getting from the California desert is stalled.  Come on, Autumn!  I've been reading some really good books--check my Goodreads link later in the week, I should have it updated.  The Fall releases are coming out and I have several titles pre-ordered for my all I need is cooler weather to flake out on the Catio with a cat and a cuppa.

Happy Sunday, and have a Great Week!

XX  Sheebie  XX


  1. Really love those shoes!
    We have the hots here in California too!

  2. Me wanted to munch on the Moth! Purrticularly when me readed how BIG it was, but Mommy was more interested in your shoes and books.

  3. Your Mommy has sum great stuff in her phone. Ours just has pics of cat butts. MOL!

  4. Loved all the pictures, but secretly, what we loved best about visitin was that HUGE litter box. Sorry, just couldnt help sayin...

    Well... it was UNIQUE!

  5. Brulee loves bugs on the front door, so she is going crazy over that big moth.

  6. OMC, look at that moth! Now we will have to see if we can get some ideas for using the sheets of duct tape. Would they work like "sticky Paws"?

  7. Sorry, I got stuck on Mothra the Meal!

  8. Bees, mothra and vets! it's heebie jeebie sunday with Sheebie!!
    love how involved Salem is with the workings of the kitchen.. Is he, perchance, a chef kitty? Perhaps he's the one who's been telling Scouty there's such a thing as Scouty Stew?

  9. "Katnip Lounge" has been included in the A Sunday Drive for this week. I hope this helps to point even more new visitors in your direction.

  10. My Mommeh loves those shoes! BTW, she recently bought a couple pairs of Frye Engineer boots (one pair black, on pair dark brown) and wears those all the time now.

  11. A Mothburger would go down well right now! >^,,^<

  12. That is one big Mothra fur sure!!!

  13. Great randomness!!

    That moth would make a great snack! We've never seen one like that before!!

  14. Hooorah for Oversexed Canary Palm!! Great job!!! Yay!! LOL!!

    Mothra is BEAUTIFUL!! Take care

  15. Pretty sure it's an Achemon Sphinx moth:

    Definitely some kind of sphinx moth, anyway!

  16. "Ditto" Knatolee. No really, I have no idea. Cute photos of cat's butts and shoes. Deb

  17. Love them ALL...but Sylvester and his bread wrapper are the BEST!!!!!
    ; ) Katie

  18. We really enjoyed all of the randomness. We especially LOVE your new shoes.

  19. Shaky Cinematography... hehehe! Great job. It don't think I'd brave the bees, no matter how docile!

  20. Those are great pictures. Love the one with Salem in the cupboard. Way to go pal!

  21. We have no idea what kind of moth that is. Love Salem in the cupboard. Great shoes. Also love the tail over the bread. Too funny. Have a good labor day.

  22. Awesome pics, especially like the shoes. Random posts are so much fun, I never know what I'll see next!

    As for the bees, regardless how docile, I'm still not a fan.

    Hope fall arrives soon for you, it's definately here now.

  23. Disclaimer: the following is from a guy with absolutely no fashion sense... But those are cool lookin shoes.

  24. Enjoyed the random-ness. Bees are cool, glad to see and hear them!
    ~ The Bunch

  25. Oh wow I would love to have a go at that moth. My idea of fair game. The shoes were a real bargain.. Hope you get some cooler weather soon.Love the cupboard shot.. Hugs GJ xx

  26. We love random stuff with Sheebie!!
    Lots of t-storms here today we are trying to comment in between them.
    Love the polk-a-dot shoes.Hugs
    Madi and Mom

  27. I want those shoe :) Great photies..Have a great weekend xxoox
    Mollie and Alfie

  28. Those shoes are cute and so is Sylvester guarding his bread and Salem in the cabinet! We're having gorgeous weather but it's only in the 70s so you'd have to wear a parka!

  29. Like the moth and the shoes too! Derry would love to munch those moth wings. :-)

    Had NO idea Duck Tape came in sheets, let alone designer sheets. The only kind I've ever seen here is the standard rolls of it, usually grey.

    Why is it "Duck" tape? Maybe I don't want to know.

    Like your pretty, new background. Or maybe you've had it awhile...Mostly I read posts in Reader, since I'm commenting so little these days.

  30. Your big sky drive to work looks inspiring, like a meditation.

  31. those shoes are totally 'stylin'...and Salem in the cupboard is a hoot! I sure would like to reach out and pull that tail!!! Have a great week, paw pats, Savannah peeEss my next cat interview is coming on Tuesday!!

  32. Great photos - well done Salem, Sylvester and Felix!
    Purrs ... Rainbow

  33. Salem's photo is my fave! Love the shoes too!

  34. I especially loved the picture of Sylvester MOL!

  35. Awesome pictures! Especially the moth, Salem and Sylvester.

  36. Holy Moth-er of Cod! Not a dead leaf???

  37. Every one of those pictures is wonderful! The Thanksgiving size moth, Salem in the cupboard and your lovely POTholders are cool! Syl with the breadwrapper is a hoot and our $7 shoes ROCK!

  38. Buzzzzzz. We had a bee in the house, mum got rid of it.

  39. I like the bread protector! Hee! Hee!

  40. That is a wild moth. It looks like a folded leaf. Very unusual.

    It would be very hard for me to resist giving Salem's tail a tug with it hanging down like that ;P

    Never knew duct tape came in sheets! How cool! :)

    I hope Felix was able to get his cattitude adjusted ;)

    Smart utilization of your tail Sylvester! I'm sure with you on the job, you will always have some bread in your home. :)

    Snazzy seven $ find! Luv em! :)

    Canary palms are one of my favs. I like their nickname of pineapple palms :)

    Great phone in Sheebie! :D

    Waggin at ya,

  41. Wow ~ everyone has been busy over here! Love the shoes and the bread warmer! LOL!
    xo Catherine


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