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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Toothsome Tarty Tortie Tuesday


May Ling here.

You may have heard that I have a Huge Crush on Mirksu, the Finnish Leviathan.

It's TRUE!
 I'm pretty sure he likes me too, and paws crossed he asks me out soon. 
I have a big baggie full of nip all packed up and ready to go!
Maybe if I show him my killa moves with the Magical Flying Fishie he'll telephone.

This one is out of focus.  
Mommy needs to improve her photography-slash-playing coordination.  
However, I think it shows off my womancatly physique quite nicely.
Round is a shape, right?

I'm a verreh intense player...

...and a stink eye expert, too!

I prefer playing ventral side up, so I can bunnykick my victim toy into submission.


Hey!  Come back here!
I need to chew you some more.

::riiiiiinnng! riiiiiiinnnng!::

Was that the phone?  I'll get it...

Happy Tuesday!

XX  May Ling  XX


  1. Our leviathan has just fainted and beached himself. Mirsku is all a panting and drooling - and he hasn't been near any nip. He is head over paw in love, and drooling over these pictures. He's just managing to get his paws to the phone and asking for the dialling code to May Ling land............

  2. We too, enjoy tarting on Toosdays! That Mirsku is one lucky kitteh! Go May Ling, Go May Ling, Go Girl!

  3. *drool*...**pant!!!** ...**pant!!!**
    ***DROOL!!!!***... *PANT*...THUD!!!

  4. Darling, If I were you, I'd invite your sweet Mirsku to your place....did you *SEE* that Finnish Abomination on my bloggy today?? Don't.Go.There.

  5. Wow! You got the moves, girl! I'm sure that phone is for you!

  6. May Ling you are one fluffy fishercat

  7. Ever since Mirksu entered the balance beam competition...our mom has a bit of a mom crush on Mirksu...he's got style May Ling.

    Good taste in mancats!

    PS...Figaro has posted his dirty furs in case The Baby stops by for a look-see.

  8. Oooh May Ling did you get a date, we'd love to hear all about it :)xx

  9. If that call isn't from Mirksu just wait a minute or two cause we will be calling.

    Manly purrs,
    Spooky, Big Boy and Little Boy
    of The Kitty Krew

  10. You're a smartie little tarty ladycat!

  11. Hay May Ling, youz don't want him..What about Mez :) I'm far more handsome..All my Purrs Alfie xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  12. My goodness, May Ling! You have great moves while killing that Magic Fishy. We hope that is the call you've been waiting for :)

  13. You have the prettiest colors in your coat May Ling. Gorgeous!
    xo Catherine

  14. mirksu is one lucky fellow. i've spent my entire life looking for a woman who can disembowel things.

  15. Stop blushing May Ling we know it was your beloved Mirksu because you were all giggly and coy.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  16. Who wouldn't be won over with those moves?!
    Jane x (The Maple Sryup Mob are now practising THEIR moves!)

  17. We hope you'll get to see Mirksu soon..You're lovely and I'm sure cupid's arrow will find its mark, hehe


  18. MOL May Ling...mancats love a lady cat who can not only bring home dinner but cook it too and all the while not breaking a sweat
    Hugs Madi

  19. That is how Kitty loves to play. You are such a pretty kitty xoxo

  20. ohhhh May have all those mancats left over from Mancat Monday running around panting, sweaty paws, drooly dribbles, WOW! Mirsku had best get a leg on and grab the next flight over to ask you person is better than phone...don't ya tnink???just a thought, Savannah

  21. Great job with that fishy, May Ling! We bet that's the phone call you've been waiting for!

  22. Paws crossed May Ling, it's the call you've been waiting for.

    Emma and Buster

  23. You are a fierce girl, May Ling. How could he not love you ?

  24. Round is the purrfect shape for a Tortie!

  25. That’ll do it May Ling! Who could resist? Yep, round is a shape! :)

  26. MOL Streaker...I say it loud and proud too!!
    How is Maui doing?
    hugs Madi and Mom

  27. May Ling you temptress! Oh how that 'ThunderButt' boy is in for some sassy treats we can tell! You GO girl!

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  28. What a nice fishy toy you have to play with! ;)

  29. May Ling, you've got ALL the moves. You'll have to beat them off with that don't rip it completely to shreds.
    ; ) Katie

  30. That flying fishie doesn't stand a chance with you, May Ling!

  31. Oh how comely and toothsome you are beautiful girl. You have won his heart for certain!

  32. Isn't a leviathan some kind of fish? We love fish too! (hee, hee)

    It looks like May Ling's furs have gotten darker. MMM's have done the same thing.

  33. oooh, May Ling---I think your furs are the prettiest. And the way you handle the fishy! A ladycat who knows her stuff!


  34. See, this is exactly why I don't let my cats surf the web. Do they really need to be exposed to X-rated pictures like this? I know May Ling is a very sweet girl, but some things are better left to the imagination and should not be "out there" for everybody to see. Anybody falling for this?

  35. All the mancats in this house just swooned.

  36. Me don't know about the finnish fellow, but yous has had Kozmo totally enraptured!!
    Kozmo, put down the phone!!!

  37. We knew he would have to call you double quick when he saw those pictures!


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