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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Blasting off with Sheebie

Friends and Kitties!

First off, let me say that I'm joining in the Blogblast for Peace today!

Although with this around the house I don't entertain much serious hope for any meaningful personal peace (and quiet)!
Not that I mind.

It's been a nice week--work was fun, the weather's been nice, and the cats have been reasonably well-behaved.  I knew it couldn't last...after putting my groceries in the car on Saturday I somehow lost my balance and fell in the parking lot, with the shopping cart (trolley for you British types) crashing on top of me, resulting in a spectacularly scraped up elbow and a knee that looks like an acid flashback.  Sheesh.  At least I didn't break anything.

See the Bob Kittens?

Well, my Mom and Dad's cat Shadow did too!  This was her first time seeing them in "her" yard (they visit pretty regularly) and she was all up in arms, every fur and whisker poufed on Full Bottlebrush.  She patrolled from window to window and back again all afternoon after they wandered off.

The pumpkin is our sole contribution to Fall decorating, and I'm gonna eat it next week.  Scott bought it at the hardware store!  Holidays aren't too big of a deal around here.

There's been earth-moving equipment working every day on the park.  The guys move dirt around, scoop it up, dump it in the desert, and deliver more dirt.  Scott is convinced it's just a giant construction worker's sandbox (sandpit for you Brits) out there.

Here's the view up the street.

Look what all the cars were hiding!
The big building in the back will be the "comfort station" for the trail head, and the smaller one in the foreground is slated for trash and recycling.

This is the big building from across the road...

...and the view looking back down our street.

With hindsight, I can see that this project was realistically never gonna be done until winter; the landscaping wouldn't survive transplanting during the summer months.  Which doesn't excuse the slowness of everything else...but I have my fingers crossed for spring!  Of 2013.

And why I bagged on the King's English today, I have no idea...

Have a Peaceful Sunday and an Injury Free Week!

XX  Sheebie  XX 


  1. I love the bobcat picture! But OMG it would upset certain kitties here to have them in our yard as well.

  2. Cool seeing those bobcat kitties. We've never even seen an introoder regular kitty around our house.

  3. OMC! We thought the Bein was a wall decoration at first. MOL!

  4. Sorry to hear about your fall! The bobcat kittens would rile things up around here too. I didn't realize the entrance to the park would be so close to you. Looks like it's going to be a nice place to go though!

  5. So glad to hear that you weren't seriously injured! Hope your dignity wasn't too badly bruised either. Mommy says seems like any time she has ever fallen in public, she's been wearing her skirt over her head! MOL!

  6. I appreciate the interpretation for the Brits, very kind of you.

  7. I can understand Shadow having a fit! Yikes!!
    We hope your bruises get better fast!!

  8. Wow--another grocery cart victim! Remember Katie-Isabella's mom and the grocery catastrophe? She *did* break bones. Who knew shopping could be so perilous?

  9. King's English? Is William the king now? Well....he'll always be the king of heart though he dumped me for waity-Katie.... So sorry about your fall. Glad you didn't break anything. purrr....meow!

  10. PEACE and good will to yous too! and falling, when you've gotten ..well, "fluffy" like me is dangerous!
    Nellie's Mom

  11. Wow, that's a lot in your yard (or Garden, if you are a Brit) to have to watch all at the same time. We'd have to take shifts.

    Hey, peace do be with you guys. We appreciate all the smiles you give us in your posts, even on days we may not say so. This one is for you, :-)


  12. So sorry you fell - after falling three times last spring, I'm especially careful now - I'm a slow old lady! But I'm careful!!

    Happy blog blast for peace to you. T.

  13. We have been waiting and waiting for the bobcats to show up. And they finally did!
    Sending healing purrs to you!

  14. The boys would seriously freak if they saw a bobcat. I'm amazed at how they just come to these populated areas and are totally nonchalant about it, but then, we've encroached on their territory, so I know they've had to adapt.

    Ouch to your scrapes from the fall! Purrs from the boys for speedy healing, Trish.

  15. Shadow is queen of her kingdom and all those in it, so those bobcats need to get away fast!
    Sounds like an active week, with bruises to show - those shopping trolleys (thanks for the translation) need to carry a health warning!
    We hope that there's peace all over the Lounge , for today at least.

  16. Thanks for the translation. It was all gobbledegook until then!!

    Can't get my eyes off those pylons!! I'm sure they fry your brain .... well maybe not your brain, but that clown in the top picture (Hi Scrotch) looks way too happy ;)

  17. We had a bobcat IN the bedroom in Florida when I had 2 Pekingese and no cats. I came in from grocery shopping and saw my dogs chasing something down the hall. Imagine my horror when I heard that growl and flashed the flashlight under the bed to see what they had cornered. Yikes!

    Hello? Animal Control?

    Try not to break a hip today. And me, too.

  18. Well I have to say that your Fall decoration (single pumpkin) is a whole lot more than we have. We also wish you the best with getting some peace around the house.
    So what are ya doing, falling down in the parking lot.You need to watch your step young lady. Take care and we hope you heal up soon.

  19. Firstly that sounds sore so be careful of it. Next oh my cat imagine having bobcats in your garden, how brilliant. Love the clown.. Hoping for peace too.. Take care Hugs GJ xx

  20. My kitty brats get all discombobulated by insects-I shudder to think what they would do about bobcats.
    Nice pumpkin-I don't even do that much =)

  21. Great pictures. Looks like a huge project. Those things always move too slowly!

  22. Those bobkitties are cute! But if we saw them, our tails would puff up too! We sure hope you're okay after your tumble. And we hope you can get a little PEACE and quiet today...the Lounge daddy is a crazy guy! ;)

  23. WHOA!!!
    You live in the desert!!!!!
    The Maple Syrup Mob

  24. Shadow is all brave protecting her house & people from the Bobcat threat! (Mom thinks they are "darling")

  25. I love bob kittens!!

    Looks like a walking date in our future.

    Sorry about your wounds!

  26. Love the Bob-cat kittens and the pumpkin! Purrs for your scraped elbow and knee to heal fast.
    Peace and love always.

  27. OH NOES! I hope you are OK. Falling is NOT FUN.

    Take it easy today. That is an order. Or I shall send Abby down there with the AbbyGoat Stare of Death!

  28. Hi Sheebie thank goodness you only injured your pride in the fall.
    Been there done that.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  29. Those Bobcats are really special fur sure!

  30. That company working on the park look like they're just gonna steal the feds' money for as long as they can. They just started a project working on the Lincoln Tunnel helix by me and they're jack hammering all night. There goes my peace. Hope your bruises heal soon.

  31. Yup, we hope there is peace in your crazy pants household! Hope you battle wounds from your fight with the shopping trolley soon heal. The bobcats look cute, but I know if we had them here that Eric and Flynn (Flynn in particular) would have to chase them off - bad idea!

  32. Sorry to hear you fell. Those shopping carts are ruthloess. We hope you feel better soon.

    Those bob kittens sure are adorable, but we bet their parents are scary!

  33. We have bobcats/bobkittens here, too. Never got a photo of them.

    Love the clown.

  34. Oh dear, I hope you aren't too hurty!

  35. AAAAkkkkkk! scary clown! scary clown! scary clown!

    we are fouffed & out the back door!

    Note from that woman:
    Bobcats, how unbelievably cool. Sorry Shadow is so worked up but it's a good thing she's inside!

    That Woman

    *and from the backyard, Ms Stella-
    ya, whatever! it's it gone??*

  36. Still. Scared. Of. The. CLOWN.

    Thanx alot for the bobkitten Glogirly's all kitten-this, kitten-that.

    This peace thing is outa control here.

    Katie & Glogirly

    "Peace begins with a smile."
    -Mother Teresa

  37. Bobcats!! Yay!!!!

    Awwww you all must look after mum after her trolley accident!! Awwww!

    We totally can't wait for when whatever they are doing across the road is all done! Yay!!!

    Take care

  38. Bobcats! Mom saw some once and said they were furry cute but we think they are a little scary!
    purrrs xx

  39. OMC!! Baby Bob's in a backyard!! Amazing! And, it would have sent me into my floofiest state! paw pats, Savannah

  40. oh my we hope you are ok! Bobcat kitties? That makes me kinda nervous

  41. OH BABY BOB CATS! Oh I know my mom is 100% jellus!!!

  42. Definitely sending peaceful purrs to you now. Take good care of yourself and as for the clown, OMC, and the bobcats, OMC!

  43. Wow--those are big bob kitties--do you know if they purr? They are in Dallas too--but not close to us...and that sandbox the trucks and their humans are making--is it really gonna be a huge litter box...?


  44. Oh no! I hope your elbow and knee will feel better soon. You don't want not to be able to feed the kitties ;-)
    Purrs of peace!

  45. Bobkittens! And I am so sorry you got hurt...take it easy! I like your photos; they are like a relaxing visit....something sunny and dry to see from up here in the wet NW.

  46. Yikes!! Our tails would be puffed up too if we saw bobcats in our yard!! All we see are squirrels :/
    We also have no construction on our street.It's so quiet, we just snooze ;)
    PEACE !
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure,JJ and Julie

  47. Ow! Ow! So glad you were basically OK! (There wasn't a cat underfoot anywhere near, was there?)

  48. Oh dear, hope your knee heals quickly.

    Cool pics of the bobcats, though I think my kitties would be very freaked. Poor Shadow!

    That's quite the project across the way.

    Enjoy your pumpkin!

  49. Oh, sorry to hear about the crash and burn! What were you doing to have that thing land on you??? Were you standing on the back and riding it???! ;)

    I hope you are okay!

  50. Hope your boo-boos heal up fast.

    YOu know what my English mother taught me to call shopping carts? Buggies. A buggy. "Go get me a buggy, dear." So that's still what I call them. "GOrdon, go get me a buggy, dear." God knows where that came from!

    She used "trolley" for something else but damned if I can remember what now. My mother was peculiar.


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