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Monday, December 24, 2012

Saucepot Monday


Miss Salem here.
Did you know that I love visitors?  It's true!  
The kitties here who run and hide shouting "Stranger Danger--FLEE!" the second the doorbell rings are a bunch of pussies.  In my feline opinion, nothing livens up a day better than company, and one of my all-time favorite visitors is Daddy's friend, T.  I adore him!
I always start with a coy sniff, just to make sure it really is T, and not some other, impostor letter of the alphabet.

Credentials verified, I give him a little head bop to get things started.

T's a kitty lover and he knows just how to scritch those hard to reach spots!

Secretly, I enjoy a nice tail tug.  I only put on the airplane ears to save face.

See?  I strutted right over for more.

Double hands on the neck, that's heavenly.   

I admit it, I keep begging shamelessly for more pets.

And I get 'em!  First a chin massage...

...then a whisker wibbling. 

I love you, Mister T!  Those other kitties who run and hide from you?  I pity the fools!

Happy Monday!

XX  Salem  XX 


  1. Oh man... I'm a scaredy cat when it comes to visitors, but teddy says "can mr.t come visit me next?!?!!!!"

  2. Double hands on the neck, a whisker wibblin, AND a tail tug? That man has moves! We never have any visitors like that.

  3. Ah! Visitors who know how to scritch! Heaven!
    Yous is a furry lucky kitty!

  4. Salem, that is just like Binga - she ADORES company! If the company is lucky, they will get licks. If they are REALLY lucky, they will get love bites. Except that if they get love bites, sometimes they do not feel very lucky! But so far she has not broken skin in her passion.

    Me? I wait a few minutes and make a grand appearance. But I do not like being touched, just admired.

  5. Salem, you are such a pretty one, no wonder Mr. T is in love with you!

    Hope you and the KatPak have a grand Christmas! T.

  6. Sally, I think you're going to send Spitty into heart palpatations with all these lovely photos of you and your JLL's.

  7. Salem! You're SHAMELESS! Darling, don't you know that T could turn on you at any moment and, say, PICK YOU UP ::shudder:: or think about how yummy your JLLs would be with a little hot sauce? FLEE NOW

  8. But this way you get mr. T all to yourself!

  9. No-one can resist your mesmerising charms Miss Salem! Yay!! Take care

  10. Miss Salem-you get those nice chin scritchins all for you! Yeah. Let those fraidy cats run and hide!

  11. Tee hee! I pity the fools too! Ha! Salem....did you know that my momma Ellie, Bennette and I are the welcoming committee! Anyone who comes in the door...they get all 3 of bet! Rubs, pets, purrs.....oh the best part is that once we get the party started, Jonesie usually joins us. Extra hands extra laps...what's not to like!!!!

  12. That was one happy visit! I love visitors too, my sister always hide for a little while!

  13. Ahhh, pure lucky kat!
    Miss Kitty

  14. maybe it's something about tuxedo kitties but theo also loves to greet people at the door.

  15. What a lucky kittycat you are to have such a good friend!!
    ~ The Bunch

  16. ha ha- it's good the other kitties disappear when company comes over. That means just that much more attention for you pal.

  17. Salem, that shows you are one smart kitty! How pawsome your daddy's friend gives you so much attention :)

  18. We bet T looks forward to your attention too! You 2 have a great thing going!

  19. We're wondering if T ended up going home with a little happy drool on him. That looked like a great visit, and you had T all to yourself since the others were hiding!

    Newton loves it when there is company, too. Pierre and Ashton think he's crazy, but Salem is showing them why company can be such a good thing.

  20. You remind me of me, Salem. Do you get called a trollop, too?

  21. WOW!!!!! I'm speachless! *drooling*

  22. If all the other kitties run away, that just means more scritches for you, Salem!

    Merry Christmas Eve!

  23. Salem
    YOu get all the good rubs for yourself!
    Way to go girl!!

    A very Happy Holiday from all of us at ManxMnews

  24. What a cutie!!

    Happy Christmas to everyone at Katnip Lounge.


  25. You are such a sweetheart, beautiful Salem!!...We all love the scritches, but Calle loves the tail tug too!!...Merry Christmas, wonderful friends!!...xoxo...J, Calle, Halle, Sukki, Mommy Cat, Daddy Cat

  26. Wow, Salem! It looks pretty nice to have T all to yourself since he sure knows how to treat a ladycat! Merry Christmas to all of you at the Lounge!

  27. Cosmo and Ling can't believe what they are seeing! They flee at the first sign of a visitor (like today)!
    You sure do love the full attention T was giving you. Do you think Santa will put a bow on him and put him under the tree as your present? MOL.

  28. Oh Salem - you are such a flirt!

    Merry Christmas to all at the Katnip Lounge!!

  29. Salem, you little flirt!

    Merry, merry Catmas to you all!

  30. I love visitors too Salem and our dad's friend gives good scritches too. Flynn is one of those silly scaredy cats but it means more scritches for me.
    Merry Christmas to all of you. Flynn sends big smooches to Sweet Pea.

  31. I feel a little jealous...

    Happy Holidays to you and yours from me and mine.

  32. Oooh another cat daddy. Salem has good taste. Happy purry holidays from our (quarantined) fur gang.

  33. way to go Salem!! High paws gurl furriend for great technique in the "solicitation of attention"...I can only dream of coming close to your skill...paw pats, Savannah

  34. You are too adorable! Meowy Christmas to you all.

  35. Salem you are such a good kitty! As for the other? I agree...what do you expect from a bunch of "pussies?" MOL!

  36. You is a fine looking kitty Meowy Christmas to you! I hope Santa brings you lots of cool stuff.

  37. I love to be greeted like that, Salem. You are very sweet. Tell your mom and dad we wish them a very Merry Christmas and hugs are headin' over for all the kitties. Hope Santa is good to you. Hugs, Deb and all.

  38. You look like a very happy cat there, Salem! We are glad you got lots of loves from your friend T. :)

  39. Look like you've got a friend for life. Happy Holidays.

  40. What great photos!

    "T" is definitely a cat whisperer.

  41. Wow, you got the full treatment AND it's so well documented. Our mom gives all of us tail tugs. Did he give you a spanking, too? Skootch is obsessed with spanking.


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