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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sheebie's Giftmas

Friends and Kitties!

Sheebie here.

Buying a gift for Scott is nearly an impossible feat.  A) he never knows what he'd like, and B) as soon as he figures it out he buys it himself.  Occasionally I'll get lucky and present him with a tin of kipper snacks or a tube of lip balm the lack of which he was unaware, but for the most part I steer clear of the gifting quagmire.  Myself, on the other hand, am an easy recipient.  I like everything.  There are very few things I've received from Scott in all the years we've been married that I consider to be "dud" gifts.  (And I will never, on pain of death, reveal which ones they are so don't bother asking.)  It sounds sort of one-sided but for us, it works.

I should state that we don't celebrate any traditional holidays at our house.  We did away with Christmas in 1997--long story involving a trip to Mexico--Scott hates birthday fuss, I detest "lovey" days, and our families live conveniently far enough away to prevent easy get-togethers.  Additionally, I work most holidays (at double-time-and-a-half) by choice.  We do take note of my birthday, mainly because I parade around for weeks crowing things like "next week is my birthday", "it's my birthday" and "do you know what today is?  It's the day after the day after my birthday!"  Scott is an intelligent man, and reacts appropriately to maintain marital harmony.

And some of his best gifts cost nothing except his dignity.

Friday I was at work with my swollen up cat-bitten hand and feeling pretty miserable.  I would have taken time off except it's the holidays and I just didn't feel right about sticking my co-workers with an extra shift, so I'm grousing through the day, having a craptacular solo pity party when I get an email from Scott, who had just set up our indoor bike-riding doohickey* and sent me some photos:

I almost wet my pants laughing.
Of course I immediately called him, and he said that besides putting together the riding thingummy he'd also done all  my house chores and he'd make dinner (pizza!) too.  Well.  My day got a lot better despite my lame hand, and I slogged through the remainder of work in a vastly improved frame of mind--and when I got home I saw that Scott had been harvesting the lemon tree and picked a few dozen more for me--he knew I wouldn't be able to snip them off for a few days.  I've been slicing and dehydrating them a dozen at a time for my tea, and he knows that I want to get them done while they're at their peak.  But that wasn't the real gift.

This was: 
How about these

Pin-up cheesecake!
Naughty or Nice?
Scott sometimes drives me crazy, but where else in the world would I find a man who puts lemons in his shirt just to make me laugh?   Furthermore, how do you go about screening a possible mate for that sort of thing? I don't suppose internet dating services ask you about your fruit placement preferences, or maybe they do, depending on the site.  Anyway, that's besides the point.  My point is that all of us, just by our very existence, are a gift, to somebody.  As you are all to me, reading my ramblings--my present to you.  I wish you all a Very Happy Whatever, Whenever.

Happy Sunday, and Have a Laugh This Week!

XX  Sheebie  XX

*This came up on spellcheck!  I only had one "O" in there.  Who knew?

pee ess:  The hand is doing much better!


  1. The Human says, Well, Sheebie, *I* knew, that's who. While the single syllable "do" is pronounced to rhyme with "dew," when it is followed by other syllables (e.g., donut), it is most often pronounced to rhyme with "doe"; this is also true even when it is just followed by other letters (we say "don't" --doe-nt, not dew-nt). Thus, when one wishes to maintain the "dew" sound in a word of more than one syllable like "doodle" (or "doohickey"), one must double the -o. Now, wasn't that a fascinating lesson in phonetics?

    Spitty says, *I* have to live with her. And if you think I escape such lectures because I am a cat, you are wrong.

    We are both pleased to hear your hand is better.

    And we have never seen lemons put to a better or more enchantingly pervy use.

  2. Mommy says it is pretty much the same at our house!
    Mommy is always happy with what she gets and she really does not care about a lot of "things"
    Daddy always buys what he wants!
    Me is a cat and me don't cares much

  3. Our human doesn't care much about birthdays or festivals and felt that having good health is a celebration itself! Purrs! Merry Christmas and we wish good health to all of you!

  4. Well now, looks like Scott is "getting them done while they're at their peak" too. Bahahaha! Thanks for the ramblings and the pics!

  5. ummmm...well...what to say??? I guess to, no...that won't do...hmmmm...ok, ok, I have it now...bwaaaaahahahahahahahaha...ahem, got that out of my system...have a great nothing holiday, happens at our house too.

  6. When you find your love humor is often the most important reason why.

  7. Yeah, my human knew how to spell doohickey too... but then she is an editor by profession. And she says why celebrate a holiday when you already have the best gift ever?

  8. You guys are nuts. Thank goodness the forces of the universe contrived to bring you two together as a pair of nuts! In the nicest sense of course.

  9. Thank´s for today laugh :)
    Here it´s also an impossible feat to buy my dad-person a gift for the same reasons as your´s.
    My mom-person is thankful for almost efurrything she get and me is thankful if I just get some jummy treats :)

  10. Looks like you have a priceless gem there, Sheebie. Sorry about your hand, and glad it has improved.

  11. Happy whatever to you and Scott, too, Trish. Thanks for brightening my morning! :-)

  12. Thanks for the much needed laugh!! Fruit placement has always been high on my priority list!! Happy Wossits to you too!

  13. hahahaha...Scott would fit in here.Chris did a rather fetching (but not convincing) Yorkshire,Ninja Engineer ....for no particular reason but to make me giggle.'ve to to love them!
    Jane x

  14. Great COD, those pictures of Scott are funny. Love the use of the lemons. Too too funny.
    Glad the hand is better. Those darn bites do hurt.
    We don't do much about Christmas either which suits the dickens out of us.Take care.

  15. Haha! I can see that there's never a dull moment at your house! The best gifts are those that are unexpected...and that truly make you smile. I think Scott is the best gift for you. :)

    I'm glad your hand is doing better...having been the recipient of a number of nasty cat bites, I sure can relate.


  16. You crazy kids =)
    Scott sounds like a peach ! I say keep him =)
    Hope the kitties over there have a special treat whatever the day (spoiled fur balls!)

  17. I am thinking there is always lots of fun to be had at your house!

    Wishing you a very happy holiday season!

    xo Catherine

  18. OMG, did I need that smile and laugh! He sounds awesome all right, and I'm glad your hand is better...give some love to those kitties from the Museum crew. :) curator

  19. Ohhhh,did you dont know than that Scott have a brother in Holland....he is the same..story is like about him.....never boring that is for sure...happy that is going better with you hand .Have nice days ...

  20. I've never before blushed admiring another man's lemons.

  21. It's a good thing men don't actually have breasts (female-type ones, not manboobs). It's a good thing because all they'd do is play with them all day.

  22. think it sounds just perfect. A man thaat understands and makes you laugh has to be a good one. Love the smily pictures.Glad the hand is feeling better.. Hugs GJ xx

  23. Hey, as far as I am concerned crazypants is a good thing!

  24. That's our kind of crazypants! Btw, did you know Fat Bastard is wine? Napa I think.

  25. Can you share where y'all got that wonderful Fat Bastard shirt??

  26. I think that being able to laugh at the same things is the foundations of a great relationship. To paraphrase some old timey guy (I can't remember who), "To not find the same things humorous is a great strain on the affections."

    Those are the perkiest boobs we've ever seen. When life gives you lemons....

  27. You got a keeper with Scott!

    Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!

    cats of wildcat woods

  28. Thanks for the laugh! Nice lemons Scott!!
    Merry Christmas or whatever you want to celebrate to all of you from all of us.

  29. We love the Sheebie posts,they make us smile :) We think you both have a sense of humour and that is fantastic
    We would have laughed too,and we did! hahahahaha Scott has a way with lemons ;)
    Wishing you,Scott and the kitties a fun,fun,fun week ahead!!!!!!!!!!!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure,JJ and Julie

  30. Those are some mighty impressive lemons! We are a little worried about both of those shirts though. Please do NOT tell TBT where you got them...

  31. If TW lived alone, she'd forget the holidays too but she doesn't so she'll give in and let Pop celebrate big like he always does. Sigh. Glad the hand is better. I bit both of my peeps hands yesterday. MOL!

  32. Aw this post made us smile and warmed our hearts :-)

  33. Hahaha! We knew there's never a dull moment at home but it's good Scott makes sure to make sure work isn't dull either by sending crazy pics!


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