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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday with Sheebie!

Friends and Kitties!

It's been quiet yet busy around here, and due to a) a lack of any cohesive story line, b) snappy segues, and c) laziness, I'm gonna post a list.

1.  I started yoga classes to help stretch out my back and I think it's helping.  The class is very low key, all adults, and lots of fun.  What's nice is we all get a printed sheet (homework!) of what to practice during the week which helps jog my memory--I find it hard to remember poses when I'm busy clearing my mind.

d.  I did two nice bike rides last week.  I had a wee tad of trouble on one hill but pulling over and puking took care of it.  Next time I'll gear down sooner and chug less water all at once!  Spring has sprung here in Las Vegas with highs in the 80's and lows in the upper 50's at night.  It's just glorious outdoors, except for my allergies.  I'm allergic to pine and olive tree pollen and they're blooming like gangbusters right now.  Thank goodness all I get are itchy red eyes and not the sneezy chesty type reaction; a few eye drops and I'm good to go.

Z.  Both my immediate supervisor and manager got promotions, so I'll be getting a new boss.  I have a couple of candidates in mind and have been prodding encouraging them to apply.  I qualify for the job, and I'd be good at it except for the fact that I'm so non-politically correct that I'd be down in Human Resources within the first 25 minutes of acceptance.  I have a hard time with stupidity and there's a couple of dead weights around here that--well--let's just say I've volunteered to dispose of the bodies.  
There's one individual in particular I'd be more than happy to work for so I wish them the best of luck.

7.  Our tomato plants have blossoms!  Scott put in several varieties of cherry tomatoes for us to try this year.  It gets too hot too soon to do the big ones, they split.  He has to spray some sort of magical sexy blossom elixir on the flowers in order for them to bear fruit as there aren't any natural tomato plant pollinators out this early.  There are plenty of bees but apparently tomato blossoms are stinky and they don't like 'em; instead they're all in the arborvitae partying drinking the sap off the stems.

@.  The kale is doing well, too.  As is the catnip!

14.  Sparkle's Human and Quill's Mom came over for an afternoon last weekend, and we had a wonderful confab together, talking cat-talk and a thousand other subjects.  The Horde (sans Scouty and CC) was very gracious and welcoming, with Tarty Salem whaling about for a good hour on the dining room table much to everybody's enjoyment.  Especially hers--what a ham.  
A large ham.

5.  The Park Across the Street is coming along nicely.  Joining the Horned Toads is a new giant animal (shrouded by a tarp, dammit) which is some sort of lizard, the bocce ball court is about done, and the curb for the horse corral was poured last week.  Nothing that photos would do justice to, but the whole complex is really starting to take shape.

q.  I've been making bread at home in my new Kitchen Aid Mixer, and I swear I'll never buy bread again.  Home-baked is just so freakin' good!  I bake on Wednesdays and Scott and I have bread-n-butter, fruit, and cheese for dinner.  Delicious.  I've used my mixer for several batches of quick breads and to shred cabbage for cole slaw and smush up apples for applesauce and boy was that ever easy--I have decent knife skillz but nothing near as fast as those slicer blades.

elebenty.  Scott has a new hobby, he's taken up tie dying and so far his shirts are Far Out, Man!  As soon as he gets confident enough to make shirts to order he will be setting up a store, he enjoys it that much.  I think it's great--he is so creative with color.  It just goes to show that being red-green color blind doesn't prevent you from using the full palette.  I often wonder just how he visually perceives things.  Photos of his work to come...

So, that about wraps it up...have you done anything new and interesting lately?
Tell me in the comments!

Happy Sunday and Have a FUN Week!

XX  Sheebie  XX


  1. You have been quite busy this week. Have a wonderful week this coming week.

  2. The tie-dye excited our Mommy. She considers her tie-dye shirts her own personal uniform. They go with everything and make her smile. Whatever trips her trigger. Happy Sunday! xoxo

  3. My Human is horrified to say that she has nuffing to add to this list. She has hadded so much sick for the last two weeks that she doesn't do nuffing interesting no more. I am here to testify to the complete truth of that, too. She's absolutely useless. 100%.

    Maybe next week. But I doubt it.

  4. Ooooooooh, the hubby loves tie die. It has something to do with his misspent youth. I will look forward to the shop. PS - Hubby's b'day is in April. Any chance it will be up by then?

  5. Our Mommy took on hiking. She goes to meetup-dot-com amd finds fun hikes and goes for them. Some are good some are a "killer".
    We love home made bread :)

  6. My human says that she would have gladly schlepped Salem back to Los Angeles! Although she would probably pine for Tee, so it is just as well my human did not try to stuff her in her camera bag... not that she would have fit!

    P.S. Do you realize my human read through your list and did not notice the numbering until the last couple of items? She is slipping!

  7. Mon - Wed - not so much -
    Thurs - I had day off from the Salt Mine and the Shearer was here to nakedify the sheep. I had Friday off too and went to lunch at Applebees with a girlfriend (French Onion Soup - yum!!) Today I spent most of the day making homemade cinnamon rolls for church breakfast tomorrow - I used my bread machine (that hasn't seen the light of day for eyons) to mix and kneed the dough - worked swell. The rolls will have green frosting as a nod to St. Pat's day. Hope you have a good one! XOX T.

    PS too - I didn't notice the numbering inconsistencies either, until I hit elebenty ha ha ha...

  8. that's quite the list! I find that puking always helps. always.

  9. That's quite an exciting time. We eat, sleep and scratch as usual. Our human loves homemade bread! Purrs!

  10. Wow - what a list. Nothing to add here at all: Äiti is just a frozen lump of inertia.

  11. You are truly very very busy~!!!

    This week here there is nothing very fresh around us. I think my human's tummy is getting bigger and she could spend more time to be with us, I think that is the better part.

  12. The Yoga will be wonderful! It's been too many years since I've taken classes, but when I was, I felt fantastic.

    And fingers crossed re: getting the boss you prefer. It's so, so important to have a supervisor you respect, etc.

  13. Mom Trish, I think Yoga is wonderful ! You should take a class with the kitties sometime ! I'm sure it's going to be fun too : )
    Baking and my mom don't match...she is too lazy for that ; )
    And me and mom are so happy for your hubby ! We think he may can sell them in ETSY !!!

  14. Sheebie, your unique numbering system is nothing if not inconsistent! :)

    Being politically correct is so tiring. Let it all out is what Austin says and he does …. frequently!

    The only thing of note this week has been a visit from a government person and this will be blogged about in all its gory detail shortly!

    Have a nice day :)

  15. Wow, lots of news. Hope all works out for both of you. The correct boss, good sales on the TieDye. And so on. Glad no cats were stolen during the blogger visit.
    Anyway, have a super week.

  16. The mom wants to sign up for a voga class too since she's been having some problems with her hip and now her back is bothering her. She says it's no fun getting old. We think she whines too much.

    Good luck on getting a new boss...and to Scott on the tie-dye business!

  17. I've been thinking of starting yoga too. I went to an introductory class a couple of weeks ago... Might start with a DVD first...

  18. good luck getting the right person promoted. :)

    what a fun confab.....

    mom has thought about yoga - but she doesn't think that voice in her head that makes lists and yammers about cat issues and work would ever shut up :)

    mom's sister in law is blue-green color blind and mom wonders about how things look too

  19. Sheebie I don't know how you have time too have a very fun and productive week with work intruding on it. MOL
    I'm not a fan of stupidity either and much like you I'd get in trouble quickly!!

    Now I want some homemade bread.
    I have a Kitchen Aid mixer...I must take a look at the recipe book
    Hugs O'Madi and O'Mom

  20. WOW! You sure do have lots going on, but don't forget to nap!

  21. Homemade bread--I'm so jealous--and a few cat owners for the afternoon in one house!!!

    Side note on red-green color blind. Former co-worker has it and could spot any paint repair on vehicles no matter how good it was!

  22. You had quite a busy week! I just sat on my butt doing tax returns so am feeling pretty dang lazy! Visiting the Lounge is on my to-do list the next time I get to Vegas to visit my mom. Good luck to Scott with his new tie-dye business!

  23. Wheee, you've had a busy week! The tie dying sounds good! Have a great Sunday! Purrs, Kitty

  24. Busy week!
    We're with Brian...better schedule that naptime in pronto!


  25. That's quite impressive list for the week. I think a relaxing weekend is in order now. Hugs GJxx

  26. Wow, that's fab. Happy St. Catrick's Day! Peace, love purrs from our boys!

  27. You've got way more energy than me, I'm truly impressed. Though the falling over and puking doesn't like much fun.

    PC is so tiresome isn't it. Stupid people need to know, right?

    Loved the numbering....elebenty is probably my favorite number, LOL!

  28. Wow - you have a lot going on. Your visit this weekend with Twitter/Blog friends is so great. From your pal O'Mario!

  29. You are so lucky getting such great weather....we had snow, AGAIN! It's due again Monday.......

    Our Mommy does some Yoga moves and even though she has one slightly bad knee, the doctor was very surprised she could bend her leg up close to her body. The lotus position is great for the legs and the deep breathing exercises help the aging muscles.

    (Mom Holly) I used to bike, walk the spoos and take long walks with my Mom where we used to live but here the streets raise up in the middle and the lower parts have pot holes. The only good street is where our township rep lives!!

    We are blessed having a 5000 acre park a short walk away but the hunters are still out. Once the weather really breaks and the fisherman are all over the park I am hoping to get ICE on the trails for more walks.

    Our bread machine has not seen the light of day after 2 uses. My kitchenaid Mixer is in use all the time. Just made pumpkin loaf and molasses snack time cookies from recipes handed done generations. YUM!!!!

  30. Mum and us just doing the usual. Not much of anything super special.

    Can you send us some warm weather please?

  31. Busy week. Love that you could get together with cat bloggers.

    We helped transport some kittens this weekend - otherwise not much new.

    Happy St Pat's and thanks for coming to my party!

    Darby and Cats of wildcat woods

  32. My Mommeh just started yoga again about weeks ago. It's awesome!

  33. Our Mom is just lazy :/
    When it warms up here, she might get outdoors and attack some weedy vines that have gotten out of control.
    Considering how out of shape she is, that will be fun for us to watch! heeheehee
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger,JJ and Julie

  34. Holy Cat! You sure have been busy, Sheebie! We are looking forward to finding out what's under the tarp at the park. :)

  35. I love your update. First I would like to say that I am glad everyone is doing well at your household. At least it sounds that way. Your description of work reminds me of my last job. I hope you get a great new boss. That makes all the difference in a job. Your bread maker sounds fabulous! that would be way to deadly in my house. Fresh, homemade, warm, squishy bread? I would gain too much weight wanting to eat much more than I needed. Sounds delicious. Hooray for Scott in finding a creative outlet he is really enjoying. I look forward to seeing some of his new shirts when you get some picks. I'm all about being creative so hearing that makes me very happy for him.
    As for myself, I am 3 weeks post gall bladder surgery and getting better everyday, physically, mentally and emotionally. Tiger, Motor and Jack are all good, as well as my husband. And spring and sunny weather are upon us and that really helps the spirits too.
    Glad I could check in with you guys today. Glad you and your family are well.
    Mary Ann/The Very Best Cats

  36. What a busy week you had. Do the kits help with your yoga? We like to help Mom with her PT exercises, especially the one with the straw. We try to take it out of her mouth while she's trying to breathe out through it. So much fun! Purrs and hugs from the kitties at, Lily Olivia, Misty May, Mauricio, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

  37. What a busy week. The peeps haven't worn tie dye in about a million years. Pop would be the same kind of boss as you. He hates stupidity and having to do things twice cos someone screwed up.

    Happy St. Patrick's Day from Pope Keisha.

  38. The visit with Sparkle and Quills mom sounds like so much fun...would have loved to teleport over to join in! Oh how I'd love to get my paws in the supersized pool of litter....and Bennette...well you know she would just love to see Sylvester.

    xoxo Cory

  39. You have a lot going on! Tarty Salem, LOL. And we are curious about the tie-dyed shirts. With all of the bright colors out in stores now, I've actually been thinking about something tie-dyed. . .

  40. Oh WOW! Plenty of many interesting things going on!
    Here it snowed again. Boring!

  41. I absolutely LOVE tie-dye, please keep us posted about the store :-)


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