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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Things Sheebie Likes

Friends and Kitties!

Sheebie here, and I have a confession to make:

I stole an award from the Kats!
It's true.

The Crew at The Cat on My Head gave them the My Favorite Things award:

Thank You so much!

This gave me an idea...what if I made a list of things that not having made me happy?

1.  I don't miss my knee brace or feeling weak.  My busted kneecap is doing great and I can almost climb stairs again.  Also, I can sit comfortably at work.  I'm trying for a full five days this week...

2.  I don't miss stale, fuggy, hot air in my house.  The new HVAC unit is installed and the drywall guy should be coming for a job preview this week.  We own a portable A/C that normally lives in the garage and it saved our bacon from spoiling last Wednesday when the replacement replacement unit was put in.

3.  Sometimes, sunshine is over-rated.
Saturday it was overcast, and it rained!  So I didn't miss the blistering heat.  The smoke and ash from the fires up at Mount Charleston/Kyle Canyon are over 50 miles away from us (so we're safe), but I think they might be seeding the clouds that build up every afternoon because we normally don't get rain this early in the monsoon season.

(click HERE if the video doesn't load)

4.  I don't miss wrassling with Maui to comb out his dreads.  However, I think he may miss his modesty...
...and yes, he is neutered!

So, I have lots to be grateful for today and I'm gonna keep on looking for good things.  What gives you a cheap thrill burst of happy?

Happy Sunday, and have a Wonderful Week!

XX  Sheebie  XX

pee ess:  My folks' kitty Shadow had a bad reaction to her vaccinations (they are going to forego them in the future) and is feeling under the weather--can you spare her (and them) some good thoughts?
Thanks!  xx  


  1. Oh poor Shadow and parents! We be revvin our motors and sending good peaceful thoughts their way. (We will save the 'pee on everything you own' thoughts for later.
    Ms Stella

  2. Many good thoughts for Shadow, and for all of you in the area of the effects of the fires. Äiti would like to add she doesn't miss being away from home and we don't miss her not being here either.
    Have a great Sunday.

  3. Wes is purraying for Shadow.
    What a great idea, Me also must say, mes gots that award twice and me thinks me should get my Mommy to answer it too!

  4. Poor little Shadow. I hope she feels better soon.

    Glad your knee is doing so well.
    It's cooled down here and the goats are very happy about that

  5. Fires are bad, rain is good, bad knee is bad, healed knee is good, wet ceiling is bad, reactions to vaccinations are bad. We hope all goods stay good, and all bad turn into good very soon :)

  6. Wow, the "not having" as good things blew our minds. But we have given it some thought an think we unnerstand.

    We will be glad when the neighbor being "not have' boomies.

    We will be glad when the evil squirrels stop mocking us from up trees we can't climb as well.

    We will be glad if peoples dont knock on our door. We go growl at it when they do.

    Stuff like that?

  7. Sending purrs and pawsitive thoughts for Shadow! So sorry to hear this. It happens sometimes.

    Great list! Maybe things are lookin up at Chez Katnip Lounge???

  8. Poor Shadow. My Himmie had vaccine problems. She had to have nonadjuvanted vaccines. The girl cats are sending lots of purrs to Shadow.

  9. Sending lots of purrs to Shadow and mom! Enjoy your weekend!

  10. You STOLE an award from your cats??? You had better watch your back, lady!

    I am purring lots for Shadow. The same thing happened to Binga - she had a bad reaction to the vacs she got. At the time, my human's boyfriend worked full time at the vet clinic, and apparently there is a different mixture for kitties who don't react well to the usual vaccine, and the next time she needed them ('cause our old house was being tented for termites and we were being boarded), she got that instead.

  11. Purrs for Shadow, we hope she's feeling better soon. Don't get our human started on vaccs for adult indoor cats.

    Your work courtyard is lovely, the perfect spot to spend a few minutes' break or a lunch hour.

    So glad to read that your knee is doing so well. Yay!

    And feel free to take some of our rain, since we seem to get some every other day...or for days at a time.

    Oh, and good luck with the drywall replacement!

  12. Good thoughts are sent for Shadow. Maybe our rain has found it's way over to you. We are having good weather at last. I should warn you though that once our rain starts, it never knows when to stop again.

  13. Many purrs for Shadow. Vaccine reactions are scary!

    We're so glad to hear that your knee is feeling well enough to try for five days this week, though the kitties will no doubt be disappointed not to have you around for extra lap time.

  14. Congrats on the very nice award! We are all sending our very best purrs to sweet Shadow and we sure hope the all better arrives soon.

  15. What would make me happy right now is if all the rain we've been getting would least for a little while. While it's not a constant rain, it rains some every day and it's so muggy! Ugh! I'd gladly send you some of this rain. :)

    Poor Shadow, I hope she feels better. Wally had a bad reaction to his vaccinations one we don't do them every year and when he does get them, the vet gives him something to counteract the reaction.

    Island Cats' mom.

  16. Oh we sure do send Shadow lots of purrs that he feels better soon. Those shots can be really bad. None of these here get any shots for a couple of reasons and that is one of them. Hope Shadow gets all better.
    Love your things that you are so glad you do not have. Good one.

  17. I miaow like Sparkle = You STOLE an award from your cats??? You had better watch your back, lady!!!

    Sending lot of (((purrs))) to Shadow <3


  18. Hope everyone is having a terrific weekend there!
    xo Catherine

  19. Poor Maui, not only has he been de-dreaded but there's less ammunition for him to hack up in revenge... We're sending positive thoughts shadow's way.

  20. Good to hear your knee is improving and the HVAC is doing its job!

    I'm grateful today for the rain we got yesterday, as it means I won't have to water the containers today.

    I'm also grateful I took your advice yesterday and read my book, instead of doing the housework. I'm in a much better frame of mind today, :)

    The cats and I will be thinking of Shadow, hopefully she is feeling much better soon.

  21. I like hiding under the bed when it's storrrrrrrmy.

  22. back up AC sounds like it was a good plan! Whoever though of buying that backup should get an ice cream reward!

    Glad for knee healing, keep it up!

  23. We're sending lots of purrs for Shadow and hope she feels better soon.

    Glad you got some rain and hope it brought down the temps to a more reasonable 100 degrees or something like that! Anything over 85 is way too hot for me!

  24. WE will get the purr motors going to sent to Shadow. We will purr for that nasty drywall too. Meow

  25. Healling purrz for Shadow. TW's knee started barking last night. I'm grateful for the AC and that Pop has a job innerview this week.

  26. I never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never want to live without cwentral heat and air. ever.

    The end.

  27. The Museum crew (long overdue for a visit!) sends our love to Shadow, and best air-con wishes for your new cooler environment!

  28. It's fun idea to list things that not having make you happy. Knee brace, definitely. Glad you are recovering :-)
    So sorry Shadow had bad reaction to vaccinations. I hope she feels better soon.

  29. Many purrs for Shadow. it is sad that more vets don't discuss the downside of vaccines with their clients..

  30. Oh no we are sorry to hear about Shadow. My human sis's first cat had a time with her series of vaccines.
    Of course we are purring for Shadow and her peeps we know they are all
    snuggly and hugging on each other
    Madi and Mom your BFFFs

  31. Purrs for Shadow!
    Boy, we have had SO much rain lately that we find it hard to imagine anyone being thankful for it! Then again, if we had the hots that you have, we'd probably be delirious too.. MOL

  32. Poor Shadow to get a bad reaction to her vaccines strong purrs to her and her family.
    A good list to be thankful for sometimes it is not that is good especially increased mobility.

  33. We are grateful today for da heat cuz we loves it! Makes us a little slow which is fine wif Momma. An she says to tell yoo she wuz wonderin' da same fing about da asparagus pee. Yoo humans sure are funny!

  34. Grief!! If I videod the rain it would be 24/7! Well, a slight exaggeration!!! Glad you cleared up the Maui googlies question!! Can sleep content now :)

    That is nasty for poor Shadow!!! Sending megapurrs from Austin and good thoughts from me xx

  35. Sending purrs to Shadow. We are taking note of some of the comments, since Audrey used to react to her shots with her first Mom, and it was stupid for her ot get them because she was in an apartment! I know rabies was required by law but not the others. Anyway, maybe only one shot at a time?

    Sheebie, good move taking the award and answering the questions. Avoids having 13 kats fighting over who gets to do it.

  36. An attitude of gratefulness is a wonderful thing to have. We complain so much but to be able to count our blessings is a good thing.
    Purrs to little Shadow!

  37. I believe you that Maui is neutered but only because you said so. :)

    Yay for the rain and that your knee seems to be doing quite well!

    I hope Shadow will be OK and feel better soon!

    Not having 100-degree weather in July in north Texas definitely makes me happy.

    Hope you have a good five days at work this week!

  38. Lots of prayers for Shadow! No fun having a reaction to someting that's suppose to be GOOD for you!! ....and I love the 'modesty' :)


  39. you and your garden and the ever busy Catio are on our list of Favorite things. Good luck Shadow! you can pull through! we just know it! *headbonk*

  40. Good take on the award. Glad the fires aren't near you and that your knee is getting better and the A/C is fixed. You're right, it does sound like lots to be thankful for. Prayers for Shadow and your parents. Thanks for linking back to us. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  41. glad you are healing, cooler and safe. :)

    Purrs to Shadow and your parents - that can be so scary.

  42. Poor Shadow! My Hobbes has a hard time with vaccinations too-that can be so hard on them. :( I hope she feels better soon.

  43. Much loves and ourrs to Shadow! We are glad you got a little rain.

    You sure Maui is, uh, tutored???


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