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Monday, September 16, 2013



Rupert here.
I'm on the lookout for my last milk jug ring.  It's red--have you seen it?

I've searched all over the house and I can't find it!
I'm a little bummed because Mommy can't* drink milk and Daddy doesn't, which means if this ring is gone I'm gonna be OUT.
de nada.
Up the creek!

So I'm searching the Catio, it's my final hope...

::tail flick::

...wait, is that a milk ring?

Just a leaf.

What am I gonna do?

Happy Monday!

XX  Rupert  XX

*unless you want to die from breathing methane and sulfur

Pee Ess:  Mommy will be in a training class this week so our commenting will be pretty thin...stupid work!  If it wasn't for the cat fud money we'd let her quit in a trice.


  1. Here it is possible to avoid the methane and sulfur with lactose free milk, However the cartons are all cardboard so no milk top rings. Pöh. We hope you found it - otherwise can't you send Daddy out to raid the neighbour's trash ? And we hope the enforced absence due to training is not too terrible. 'Training' is a phrase which strikes horror into us - Äiti comes back like she has been in the company of Dementors for a few hours. All her lifeblood drained....

  2. Ru-Paul, Are you *really* saying you're not worth the $1.50 to them to buy you your *VERY OWN QUART* just for the ring around the top? 'Cause seriously, that would just be sad.

  3. I'm sure if your beans put the word at say work, a person would come up with a ring or two for you. My grandhumans don't drink much milk and they put the word out and our Uncle Louie got a punch of rings.

    Andy, Kiefer and Gus

  4. WE will save one for you, only if Buster doesn't get to it first. He's the only one who plays with it.

    Emma and Buster

  5. Those milk rings are da bomb, aren't they?!?

  6. Oh Rupert, I know what it is like not to have the milk jug rings ta play with! I LOVE them. I have more than I need an could send ya a couple... ~ AYLA

  7. Pee Ess - Mommy thought your post read "Depraved". Bwahahaha! She needs her eyes (and head) checked.

  8. I wanna know how you got one in the first place, since your humans do not partake of the calf drink. The humans here don't either, and I don't think I have ever seen a milk jug ring!

  9. I buy almond milk mostly in 1/2 gallon cartons so Gandalf has to make do with water bottle caps. Give it a go, Rupert!

  10. Aww, poor kitty! I hope you find it soon and that some nefarious other kitty isn't hoarding it from you!

  11. Awwww sweet Rupert!! We hope you found your milk jug ring! We would love to help you look for it but we haven't a clue what it is! LOL!!

    Awwww we love your super tail flick!

    Take care

  12. Some fancy waters come in bottles that include similar rings. And even better, they are nearly clear, so the peeps step on them unexpectedly and say HBO words. Big entertainment factor for those.

  13. Mummy and Daddy are vegan .So what's milk? Is it the same as moo juice?
    The REAL Maple Syrup Mob xxxxx

  14. I hope you find your ring Rupert. I would send you some but our milk containers don't have them.
    Hmphh! Don't know why mum is sniggering at my first sentence. Silly Human!

  15. Rupert, hope that milk ring turns up.Sorry you have lost it. You do look very handsome in those pictures. Take care.

  16. Hope you find your ring. Have a great day kitties.

  17. i'm sure it will turn up if you just keep laying there.

  18. Rupert, I'll bet a surprise package with milk jug rings will show up in the mail one of these days ;)

  19. Oh Rupert, so sorry your milk ring is missing. I hope it will show up!

  20. that is terrible....we are very sorry it is gone.

    (mom says she understands about the work thing....sigh)

  21. oh great, now I want to start collecting milk rings and send them to Rupert..

  22. Rupert the last picture of you is just so precious....we are very sorry to read about the disappearance of your milk ring. I love them too so I understand.
    hugs madi your bfff

  23. Gals and Doods of the Lounge!

    We received a great package in the mail from the lounge! It rocks! We smelled the goodness before Meowm even had the package opened! We love us that valerian root, and Meowm says there is something else in there for us!

    Meowm tucked all the goodies in that nifty tie dyed bag and had to hide it so we didn't dig in it all night.

    We all sniffed at the root and rolled in some. Emmy played with one of the great feathers you sent. Also those nifty brightly colored pipe cleaners were a hit with her and Orion.

    Meowm says we can play some more tonite and partake of some of that silvervine stuff. She says she will be reading the books and is sure she will get a great chuckle out of them.

    All the tie dye stuff is wonderful and will be put to great use!

    We are so glad we bid on the surprise package for Noir!

    Rupert-we will get Meowm to save some milk jug rings so we can send some to you!

    Thanks for all the goodies!!

    Orion, Sammy and Emily

  24. I´m not sure if I know what a milk jug ring is ?!
    I do get some of the lactose free milk that my humans use now and then :)

  25. I don't think we aliens have milk jug rings!!! Should I be concerned?

  26. Oh Rupert! Milk ring is my favorite toy in the world. The mom and dad guy don't drink a lot of milk either and those rings come at a premium. I'm gonna go search for one for you...I bet it's under the china cabinet.


  27. Tell your mom or dad to get to the milk store asap!

  28. poor Rupert! If we drank milk around here we would send you some rings!
    Tell Mom not to feel bad about the commenting stuff, we had to cut way back recently too cause it is just getting way out of control again and we need to have a life!

  29. Rupert, we find those things are notorious for getting stuck under the most unlikely things, as we are sure you are well aware. Perhaps you need to suggest to your woman that if she cleaned under these things occasionally you might turn up a treasure trove! We're sure if our mom cleaned under stuff we'd find elebenty-billion good toys but that ain't gonna happen!

  30. Poor Rupert! Maybe we can find some milk rings here to send to you. We will ask Mommy and Daddy!

  31. Rupert, our humans are having milk from time to time, and we don't care much for rings. I can keep and have the human send them to you if you wish ;-)

  32. OK Rupurt, here's the 411. Go to the website and make an ad axing for milk cap rings. I have some here but they're white. TW gets them offa Lactose-free milk whatever that is. I can send you some but, you know, they're not red and exotic.

  33. Rupert, we think we have said it before, but you and Fiona look so much alike, you could be twins. Hope you found your milk jug ring. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Misty May, Mauricio, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  34. Hope you found your milk ring toy!
    xo Catherine

  35. No rings here either, but we hopes you finds yours Rupert!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  36. ANd I am so excited I now will have my own beautiful grey kitty!! Good luck with that milk jug ring.


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