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Sunday, October 27, 2013


Friends and Kitties!

Sheebaramowitz here.

My Road to Hell good intentions for an illuminating and insightful post went down the tubes when I came home and used my writing time to wash my car, and also because right now I'm in a state of mental flux and change always disrupts my concentration.  Plus, I'm lazy.

So I'm going to use this post to order my thoughts and Make a List*

I'm swapping shifts even earlier than planned; November 15th is the first afternoon of the rest of my (working) life!  Although I'm excited to no longer get up at 5 AM I'm filled with anxiety:  will I get anything "done" in the mornings (I will, it's my most productive time), will I get to yoga class regularly (yes, I signed up), will I get stuck with doing the cat boxes every day (effing better not) cetera.  Whoever said change is good forgot the painful inertia factor.  I know intellectually that it'll all work out organically in it's own time, but that doesn't stop my mind from relentlessly trying to shove all the mental pegs in the holes no matter what shape.

I love my new-to-us $300 sofa!  I get the chaise section, Scott and the cats divvy up the rest.  My corner has been christened the Control Pod, from which I do all my techno stuff, read, nap, and control the TV remote.  And that's a lie.  Only sometimes do I control the remote...Scott has this baffling habit of passing through the room and switching the channel/volume to whatever suits him, and then exiting the area. Weird.

Girlie Paragraph Alert!!  I am going to ask my OB/GYN at my yearly exam about starting estrogen replacement therapy.  I'm wondering if fracturing my kneecap has anything to do with bone loss (nb: ask for bone density referral) and I've noticed other changes since having my parts removed, as well.  Recent research has swung back in favor of estrogen (alone, no progesterone) treatment, and I'm only 50.  Anyone out there have an opinion?  Yes, no, patch, pill, cream?  

OK, any men out there, it's safe to begin reading again.

This is my favorite time of year.  The hots are over, and it is simply glorious outside, every day.  We have a pantload of yard work to do--another anxiety on my list--and since the windows are open again I want to paint a couple of rooms, another-self-imposed chore.  Why do I do this?  I should be out riding my bike but I feel guilty about leaving stuff undone...typical for me.  One of these days I'll finally have time to relax.  heh.  In the meantime I have plenty to do...did I say earlier I was lazy?  That's another lie.

It really bothers me that I don't get around to commenting on blogs as much as I used to.  I know, but still.  I wish I had paid attention in (any of the three) typing class(es) I took, I'd be much more efficient.  Of course I have to do much of my typing one-handed, because Rupert chooses to repose on my left arm with his chin resting on my hand every.  single.  night.  Hitting the shift key is nearly impossible.  And, no, I can't move him--that would be mean.  We all know who rules this house...

Whew.  Thanks for helping me sort my head out, you guys are the best!

Happy Sunday!

XX  Sheebie  XX

*How fun, you get to do therapy with me!


  1. Prancer resides BETWEEN me and the laptop. How convenient.

    Good luck with your new hours! Sounds like a good thing.

    Have a great Sunday!

  2. My life is paved with good intentions...and I would not be as diligent as you will about getting things done in the morning - after I got up at about 10:30 or 11 there wouldn't be much time to do anything until it was time to go to work. I am envious of your afternoon schedule tho. Enjoy it! T.

  3. I'm sure you will love your new shift.

    I tried pills and cream. Did squat.

  4. My human says you should do more weight bearing exercise, in addition to biking. Biking won't help your bone mass the way walking or light jumping around will (my human is a cardio dance addict). So far, she hasn't broken anything, although who knows if her exercise, calcium, D, occasional magnesium and occasional collagen supplements have anything to do it, or dumb luck. She hasn't done anything regarding hormone replacement, although she could probably use some.

  5. I jumped into menopause naturally at 43 and took an estrogen and progesterone combo maybe 10 years. I don't pay much attention to the so-called experts. They can't make up their minds. Make a list and ask the doc your questions about ERT. Any family history of female type cancers weighs heavily in a decision on this.

  6. I can't offer suggestions re: the estrogen, since I'm not there yet! But good luck!

    Good luck with the new work hours too...I love being up early, often am very productive before I leave at 6AM-ish for work.

  7. So glad I signed for group therapy with you :)) I feel enriched and empowered … or it could be the prunes!

  8. OB/GYN alert... haha! I'm 59. I went through all stages of menopause completely cold turkey. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Well, unless you count wine. Wine fixes everything for me, or at least makes it tolerable. The great stress fixer upper. ;)

    I am SO a morning person.

    Have yourself a perfect day!

  9. Well I'm way way beyond all that stuff and did that all the replacement meds offered. It's probably best to talk to your doctor about it - schools of thought keep changing on the subject. Like everything else - it's okay one day, but not the next.

  10. Glad we could help you sort things out. Good job. You are extremely lucky that you get to sit in the chair at your computer. My cats think my computer chair is the best place to sit. Take care.

  11. Purrrs we cats are good at sorting things out.

  12. We're here for you! Good reminder about the bone density referral. I'm on the young end for osteopenia, and the bone density tech is always curious about why someone so young is getting scanned. Calcium supplements did wonders, though.

    Your new shift sounds like a big change, but it's going to give you opportunities to do things when banks, etc. are open, which is a bigger plus than you may realize. Good luck with the big switch!

  13. I think you are doing great...things just get so busy at times. I think the patch is a good way to get hormones...after my 'surgery' I refused help and then it was way more then I ever thought and interfered with my life! So along came the patch and life was normal again. Good Luck!

  14. Those new hours sound like they are going to be really good for you. We'll keep our fingers and paws crossed for you, just to be sure. :)

    Your new sofa sounds awesome!

  15. My DR at Mayo told me that they do not put much emphasis on bone density tests. Before Mayo I been going to a reg OBY/GYN and they had me do one and of course it showed ostenopenia. Well current DR said those tests measure women to healthy 30 yr olds. Sooooo it's kinda misleading. Like Barb, with menopause I just did it with nothing and am so glad I did not have to take anything. My philosophy has always been the less you must take the better. Unless it is something that you must take to keep you healthy. The jury is still out on HRT, I mean past generations have dealt with this issues for centuries, we are the first to use HRT and I just wonder...something to ponder over and discuss with your DR.

  16. Good intentions are better than bad intentions!

    Blog commenting - yup I know that guilt. I usually have at least one feline in the way of the screen at any one time.

    I have no idea about bones: I take progesterone spray and feel better for that. I have bad knees due to weight issues, and have been trying to run but so far only on treadmills. Lots of low impact stuff helps eg the crosstrainer and leg press at the gym. This builds the thigh muscles and this has really helped with old injuries.

    And as for mornings before work, I love them. I thought I would struggle but manage the gym three days a week now when I start teaching later and it makes the rest of the day go so well. However I get up very early still and go to bed at an obscenely early time.

  17. change isn't good for you because it doesn't suck, but because it does.

  18. The boyz and I don't always agree but we do all agree that none of us knows anything about estrogen.

  19. LOL Sheebie!!! happy to be your notepad!!! Definitely time to check your options for your age. I took Evista for about 4 was not HRT per se but it helped especially with the bones. Surely time for your bone density test. We petite gals can tend to have compromise but with your weight bearing biking I bet you are good!!!

    Hugs C

  20. nothing wrong with a little change.... and taking the time to let life sort itself out. :) and on, it isn't fair to move Rupert....the shift key is overrated

  21. Hmmm... this has got me thinkin'...

    I should make a list or two, too. I know there's a whack of stuff I need for Ol' Peepers to do for me. I should start writing up some lists for her.

    Thank you!


  22. I also don't know much about this stuff, but in 2 years away from 50 so I need to learn. I was diagnosed with osteopenia about 5 years ago and took fosomax for a year. I didn't like all the potential side effects. Then I got a new doctor and she didn't like to prescribe bone density drugs for osteopenia. I like what Abby's mom said and hope to go through menopause naturally but we'll see. I look forward to hearing what you learn and do.

  23. Isn't therapy a team sport? Sam sits down and I change the channel (cause he complains about what I'm watching) and then 3 minutes later he is either asleep or gone again. Sheesh.

  24. We're glad you're getting a better schedule. We wish WE had a couch. Mom says next February, we hope.

  25. We agree that using the shift key is highly overrated. Rupert will press it if he feels it is integral to the comment. We hope you enjoy your new work schedule. Our mom would like to start work later, but we kitties will wake her up at 4:30 am regardless of her schedule. We hope the kats let you sleep in.

  26. Enjoy your new work hours!
    HRT was never an option for me as my mum died at an early age from breast cancer. I went through the menopause naturally and had some hot flushes (flashes to US readers) and a couple of panic attacks but once that settled down, I sailed through it.

  27. Sounds like you've got a plan! Hey, you can still learn to type but you AND Rupert would both have to take the lessons together.

  28. Change is one those constants that we never get used to! I wish I could be more of a go with the flow, but like you, I'm trying to put things together in my own mind.

    I can't help you with the ob/gyn stuff. I've been fortunate to get through menopause with few symptoms, except hot flashes and night sweats.

    Of course Rupert shouldn't have to move. Our cats are NOT the least bit spoiled. :)

    Have a great week!

  29. My Mommeh wishes she had more time to help me comment again.

    She does take a really low dose of something called Angeliq and said she feels so much better on it.

  30. I'm 53, & menopause is over & done with for several years. One of the lucky ones I guess...mild hot flashes & night sweats for a few years, they never got worse and then it was over. At least one part of my life was easy.

  31. Our older than dirt Mom did not use anything and had a pretty easy time.
    She likes to walk and spends a lot of time on her feet.
    Soon, you will get into a system once you get over the lazy part. Mom has that problem too ;)
    If it's any consolation,our Mom still will be getting up at 5 AM ;)
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger, JJ and Julie

  32. does that mean you would be taking hormones? If so, NO, NO, NO...I wouldn't. Just increase your vitamin D. My Weight Watcher's leader became extremely ill from hormones in combination with soy (she had a vegan diet) She developed copper toxicity and had to stop being a leader and is STILL not better.....she became incredibly ill. Hormones also increase the risk of cancer.

  33. "I get the chaise section..." Excellent!

    "Scott has this baffling habit of passing through the room and switching the channel/volume to whatever suits him, and then exiting the area. Weird."
    That's funny.

  34. We don't mind being your sounding board as you get your thoughts together. And you know what? The mom controls the remote around our house! MOL!

  35. whoa! That was a mouthful. Hope you feel better and enjoy your new shift. TW says don't do the Estrogen with the horse stuff. Say what?

  36. I have to respond to your last topic about less commenting: Me, too. Here's my whine: I love the blog world, I really do, And I could spend hours and hours and hours every day reading and commenting and emailing. BUT. . .I leave for work between 6:20-6:30 and I get home between 4:30-5:00. I have regular "stuff" to do, sometimes papers to grade, and all the blog stuff. For a long time, I managed to keep up with it all, commenting on every blog that left me a comment and sometimes more. But you know what? In the last six weeks or so, I just am an epic fail. I am trying to comment on everyone at least every other day but sometimes I don't even manage that. Sigh. Unlike you, I'm OLD though, so I have an excuse (course, you have 12 more cats than I do, ha ha ha! --so I guess it's a draw!)

  37. Well, as long as you're changing your schedule because you want to, it'll be great. I learned my lesson about changing to make someone else happy. As for posting, you could use my rule of thumb. If the blog already has many comments and I have nothing burning to add, I skip it. I figure that no one will miss me in the crowd. As for typing, now that I'm on the tablet all the time, it's one finger typing anyway. All that secretarial skill is slowly wasting away. To think, I used to do data entry at 250 strokes a minutes and now I'm hunting and pecking with one finger and relying on auto-correct. Ah, I just love progress.

  38. I had all parts removed 15 years ago. On Premarin ever since (only estrogen). Have decreased my dose over the years. Down to next to lowest dose. If you have no breast cancer in your family or if you do but it was non-estrogen receptive, you should be good to go. Also, you need to take calcium (probably with D); though you most likely get lots more sunshine than I do. I have been osteopenic for a super long time but don't take anything for it. When I broke my tibia and fibula a couple of years ago, they said it had nothing to do with bone density.

    The people who fly through menopause are maddening, but then they weren't thrown into it abruptly my surgery.

    Good luck making the right decisions for yourself.

    Hugs, Janet

  39. efurryone know we kittehs rule! You are doin' just fine Miss Sheebie

  40. You are doing better than Meowm! You get regular posts up...she doesn't even do that!

  41. Surgical menopause several years ago. Tried bioidentical hormones gained 30 lbs even with low does. Quit everything and weight fell off! Settled in at a size 6-8 U.S. Happy
    and not crazy. Resisting doctors
    wish to "optimize"my post menopausal state with resumption of
    hrt. Prior to surgery, never needed to diet to maintain size 4-6 but now do need to diet a bit to keep the 6-8.
    Dexa scan holding steady for years with just walking and vita d.


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