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Saturday, December 21, 2013



Grayce here.

Check out our my spruced-up bedroom!
Mommy painted, bought new curtains, and hung up the gorgeous quilt created by the uber-talented fiber artist Stacy Hurt.

The room is in three shade of pink--OK truthfully, it will be in three shades, right now there's only two...there's a reason I'm only showing this angle and that's because Mommy is a lazy wench walking addict and she ended up wandering around the neighborhood hiking for two hours on her day off instead of buckling down and finishing the job.
What a slacker.
Oh, and she didn't buy a new bed spread yet for me to fur up, either.  
Loathsome wench!

Did you notice the curtains don't reach the floor?  That's so all of us kitties can see in/out and nobody gets ambushed going through the Cat flap.  Plus we I have a water fountain, kibble tower, and toilet facilities in here.  It's the purrfect kitty spa...

...too bad I have to share...

Happy Caturday!

XX  Grayce  XX


  1. How very accommodating for you kittehz! It looks great, too!

    Happy Caturday! XOXO

  2. Those pinks are purrfect with your furs

  3. So far so good! And wow, it is almost as good as having a second catio, new paint job or no!

  4. Very nice. Pink is a good color for you Grayce. Our mama likes the idea of having the curtains not touching the floor.

    Cindi Lou & The Kitty Krew

  5. Great job! And not an overpowering pink by any means!

    Cat-friendly curtains not reaching the floor? Yes... and since I have very narrow window sills here at the Swamp I always have the office windows UP so the Gs can sit in the window sills to see in FRONT of the house. (I have storm windows on all of the outside of the house).

    Carry on then!

  6. Your new space is great, shame you have to share. :)

  7. That all looks quite delightful, despite your Mommy's failings, Grayce!

  8. Oh, very nice! It's a great set up for the felines. Yeah, just squish the 'rents wherever they will fit. A corner will do.

  9. We all just love this post. Curtains off the floor, how perfect, now why didn't our Mum think of that?
    Rowan, Polly, Willow, Rupert and Princess.

  10. It looks great! We love the curtains off the floor. Good thinking!

  11. Looks good! LOVE the quilt (I'm a quilter, so I appreciate stuff like that)! And I noticed the curtains right away---you kitties sure are loved if the mommeh sacrifices her home decor so you can see out the window. ;)

  12. Grayce your mom is a seasoned cat mom!!! A purrfectly arranged room makes for happy happy happy
    hugs madi your bfff

  13. Spectacular. The loathsome wench done good.

  14. looks nice, Grayce! you should forgive your mom the bedspread and even finishing since she did put up the new climbing mean window curtains...

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  15. Mom would like to know what the pink color names/brands are please...

  16. Gorgeous quilt! We noticed the curtains and just knew that was for you kitties. Good kitty pawrents always keep their fur babies in mind ;)

  17. What a lovely bedroom!! I love the new color. (I saw the post yesterday comparing it to Meggie's dress in Thorn Birds. I read that book so long ago but immediately remembered that reference.) How nice that it's outfitted for a kitty (or kitties).

  18. You all are such lucky kitties to have a terrific Mom and Dad.They sure take good care of you to the point that you can look out the windows without a darn curtain in the way. Have yourselves a great day.

  19. Furry nice! Your mom is furry ambitious...ours is just lazy, no painting, no hiking, just wrapping of presents and none for us. At least there is no nip under the tree, MOL

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  20. That is a beautiful kitty spa!
    the kitty brats
    oops-we mean your human has a lovely bedroom!
    Good luck on a new bed cover to fur up. We hope all the kitty furs show up nice and clear!

  21. This is Fab! Why don't you submit this to ? They are looking for good examples of catification. Tell Kate, I sent you.

  22. Dear Mommie Trish;

    Ms. Stella here. I'd just like to say; on behalf of all us; Thanks A LOT! That Woman has become insufferable about this and do you know what she did? Well I'll tell ya! She did a whole post on this today and made us WAIT FOR BREAKFAST so she could get it done!
    The nerve!
    The unmitigated gall!

    I ask you; why should *I* have to wait for anything at my advanced age? Seriously, I could have fainted dead away from hunger...
    never mind that she fed us again late last night (a stipulation if she intends to laze around in bed until the sun comes up for pity's sake). So I humbly request the Loungers to toss a yak out of solidarity for us suffering over here. We will be sure to toss a few for them as I'm certain while all your little renovations were underway SOMEKITTY was surely overlooked.

    Happy Catmas
    Ms. Stella O'Houligan
    (i think; my memory these days; what will all the starvation)

  23. We were wondering about the curtains! Our Mommy was supposed to have painted our Cat Room....early LAST YEAR! She's so lazy!

  24. Oh wow that room is purrfect kitty nirvana with the cat tree and ESS scratcher. I love the cat theme with flying kitty and quilt the bedroom is going to be so special when done.

  25. What a great room! And so nice that your mom accomodates all of you and thinks what you would like. :)

  26. Y'all got a very nice cuddle castle!

  27. Ms Stellie's mommy is THE absolute BEST in the world with her workmanship and designs! THE best. Ms Stella is VERY proud of her though she would never say that, of course.

  28. Your Mom and Dad have encouraged us to turn the living room into the cat's room. It all happened fairly naturally due to space restrictions in the apartment, but we have no guilt or shame about it. tee hee

  29. We wondered about the curtains. That was a very smart idea. We don't have any curtains in our house, just wood blinds everywhere. We have that same fountain and love it. Mom is going to post sometime about how we each drink from it differently. Your "new" room looks meowvolous with plenty of room that sharing shouldn't be that big of a deal. MEOWY CATMESS! MOL, HO, HO, HO! Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  30. Woo!! Hoo!!!
    It is absolutely the purrfect cat retreat!!!

  31. Your new bedroom is beautiful Grayce! Your mom did a great job!

  32. LOVE that Santa Fe, I adore it! And the quilt from Stacy looks gorgeous on your wall, well done!

  33. Our mom is so jealous! She wants a bedroom of her own like that just to disappear into.


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