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Sunday, January 26, 2014


Friends and Kitties!

Time for another List of Stuff!

1.  In keeping with my Word for 2014--Content--I chose not to replace the bathroom scale when it recently died (how convenient).  I know for most people they're an invaluable tool for maintaining their weight, but for me it's become a means for self-flagellation.  So I've decided to go by how my clothes fit, eat simply and healthily when I'm hungry, and walk, ride my bike, and do yoga as often as I like.  (Almost every day.)  I am experimenting with not being ruled by a number; which, I admit, I'm having a hard time doing...last week I got on the chlorine scale at work and then looked back on the computer trend to calculate my weight...I was saved from myself by the fact that I didn't stand on it long enough for the weight difference to poll.  A forty-year habit is hard to break but I'm sick and tired of berating myself every single day because I don't weigh what I think I should--societal pressure?--invariably a number unrealistically below my current mass.  It's time to let it go, and quit obsessing about every morsel and calorie.  I need to become content with me.  Just why would I think less of me is better?  I need a stern talking to.

2.  I'm really looking forward to my upcoming vacation...and my 51st birthday!  Some of you asked a few posts back about how much time off I get--the answer is four weeks plus 60 hours of comp time from accrued overtime, plus a couple of holidays--so about six weeks total.  (I pull on average about 250 hours a year in overtime so I really enjoy every minute off.)  My new schedule of  4-10's is really working out for me, too.  So work-wise, I'm content--insofar I still have to leave the house to get paid.  Only retirement is gonna solve that so I guess I won't fret it.  Much.  Only four days a week, LOL.

3.  Despite my threats I haven't cut back on posting, but I have stopped commenting so often.  I apologize, I love all y'alls to bits, but I was wearing myself out, trying to comment every day.  The Kats (and I) make the rounds and read almost all the posts in our feed daily, but comment mostly on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday--with a few exceptions here and there.  What I really love is the creative buzz from photographing and writing about the Horde.  So I'm going for that.

I'm liking my word for this year.  In fact, I'm quite content with it...

Happy Sunday!

XX  Sheebie  XX


  1. Good for you.
    Enjoy life.
    I've got to get over the guilt of not commenting every day...

  2. Well, its allus good ta know yer weights. Iffen it drops, it means ya should get more foods.

    Overtime is great. TBT says... Go for all the advantages.

    Commenting comes and goes with us. And we suspet with others. When we get 80 visitors, we generally get about 15 comments. We allus comment when we visit, but we unnerstand that not evrykitty does.

  3. Vacation coming - grrreat! Oh, yes, counting calories is not fun at all. Just eat sensibly and reward yourself here and there!

    Like the kitties at Mark's Mews we always get way more visits than comments and that is fine, at least we know someone is driving by even if they can't stop and we are hit and miss bloggers anyway.

    We love your blog and here we are leaving our thoughts and pleased to do so.

    Take care, purrs from all of us.

  4. Vacation!! YES!!
    We like visiting the Kats. We also really like visiting on Sundays cos sometimes we get to see Las Vegas for real, not the tv stuff.

  5. Now that I can eat only healthy food I am confident that I will not gain any weight, and I am thin so you would think it would not matter, but each day I wake up and weigh myself. Old habits die hard.

  6. Self flagellation with the scale? You know they work best if you *stand* on them.


    TW is so droll.
    Sending xoxo
    Ms Stella O Houligan

  7. Great post - good to read about contentment continuing.

    I'm a scale newbie - I had banned them for years but now am an addict but I need to be right now. Maybe after 10 years of maintenance I won't need it! But yes, feelings are healthier.

    And I'm with you on apologising for the comments or lack of - but I love doing the blog itself with the photos etc.

    The impending holiday sounds soooo good!


  8. My human never weighs herself, and in fact, refuses to get weighed at the doctor's office unless it is absolutely necessary! She completely goes by clothing and underwear fit.

    Wow, you are getting a lot of time off!

  9. Contentment is an excellent daily goal. *applause applause*

    Carry on, girlfriend!!

  10. 1. I only recently bought a scale, after deliberately not having one for 25 years or so. I bought it because I'm still doing (and have lost 25 pounds just by becoming aware of how much I'm eating). I thought I might become weight-obsessed again, but so far I haven't. I step on the scale every few weeks or so, not more often than that. I just don't have the same level of interest in those numbers as I did in my teens and early 20s. Thank goodness!

    2. I was one who asked about your vacation time. :-) Have to say, I wouldn't want to do 250 hours of OT, though. LOL.

    3. Last year I didn't think I'd keep the Fuzzy Tales blog going, thought it had to be all or nothing. That is, comment on everyone's blog, all the time. Now I don't feel the need to participate at the same level and only comment if/when I feel like it, important dates excepted (birthdays, gotcha days, purrs, deaths, etc.) I don't have as much of my ego invested in the blog anymore, so that makes it easier to let it go and not care if I get 5 comments or 25 on a post. :-p

  11. I love the idea not ruled by number! I haven't been on bathroom scale for several years now :-)
    I wish I could get more vacation... I dream of retirement!

  12. Afraid we haven't been around as much lately either, so we hadn't heard about a vacation. You certainly have earned one with your work schedule. Good for you in not letting numbers rule your weight. I've battled weight all my life - up and down and back up again so many times. Some of us are not meant to be skinny minnies anyway!

  13. I hope you enjoy your vacation. I take mine the first week of Jan., it was pawsome. Down time is definitely needed for everyone.

  14. It's such a great idea not to be ruled by a number. Numbers are deceptive anyhow. The more you work out and put on muscle,the numbers don't distribute the same way anyhow, so they just lie. Being healthy is way better than being skinny, no matter what society and fashion want to tell us.

  15. Vacation? My Dad says he doesn't know what that word is!

  16. A quote from an earlier time...
    "if it feels good, do it" within reason ;) Eat good food and as long as you feel well and have energy then it's OK :)
    Due to Mom's commute,there is not a lot of time in the evenings so we do not always comment. We like the blogging part too, as Mom likes to try to improve her photography skills.FB is too "instant" so we do not do that.
    Do what pleases you, we will keep dropping by,even if we don't comment :)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    and Angels Tiger and Tillie

  17. I'm sure tiny j would appreciate not having to climb on any more scales as well...

  18. You always look great - ditch the scale! I'm glad you're enjoying blogging - I love your comments too but I'd rather see your posts. :-)

    We should get together again soon!

  19. I gave up my scale about a year ago when my health prevented anything I did from making the numbers on the scale going the way I wanted them to. What was the point of seeing that number when there was nothing I could do about it..

  20. I have a scale which I use too frequently and drive myself bonkers over a few ounces one way or the other. Of course, I don't eat well or exercise very often either.

    Enjoy your extended vacation! The cats will be so happy to have you both at home. I've never taken more than a couple of weeks at a time but am hoping to take a leave of absence next January of 5 weeks. Hopefully it gets approved!

    Content..that's a great word!

  21. The number on the scale drives me bonkers too so I don't get on it. It would be so frustrating to feel so great after days of working out only to find the number didn't go down or worse, went up. No more of that stupid thing determining how I feel! I so need to get over the guilt of not commenting or posting every day. I just don't have time for it but the guilt kills me.

  22. Sounds like a winner of a word! We all give it four paws way up! Humans learning contentment is what this world needs more of!

  23. Ok first, about the scale, what you are doing is what Weight Watcher's recommends EVERYONE do, GET RID OF THE see what good it does ME to weigh all the time...I am fatter than fat!
    And....about commenting......OMG I FEEL YOUR PAIN! I have cut back some as well because I just can't keep up! I have things I have to do for BlogPaws, and my own 2 blogs and I am trying my best to keep up with reading everyone but sometimes I just can't....sooooo I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND! xoxo

  24. I am not getting on the scale now and working on healthy eating. I have cut back on commenting also, just not enough time some weeks! That is some fabulous vacation time you have! Enjoy!

  25. I agree with Caren, either ditch the scale or keep it hidden for occasional use. Re: commenting *sigh* we're in the same boat. I've had to cut back drastically but there are only 24 hours in a day and prioritizing is necessary for our sanity. Love you!

  26. I don't post or comment every day...I don't have that much to say! So, don't feel guilty--it's quality, not quantity that matters.

    I usually do the scale every day, but I don't let my mood or feelings be determined by that sucker. No, I just work harder to be better in my decisions on what to eat and if I am going to the gym or not. These days, I'm voting for the gym. You know it's bad when your underwear are tight. :(

  27. Sigh. I can usually persuade the Human to post something for me, lame as it often is, but lately it has been REALLY, REALLY hard to make her go visit and comment every day. In fact, lately I'm lucky if she helps me comment like three times a week. I don't know what's WRONG with her. I wish she's just retire and help me with my blog more. And Cat Scouts. I am the worst Cat Scout EVER. Sigh.

  28. When I moved 10 years ago, I accidently left my scale at the old house. And I've never replaced it. Don't miss it one bit.

    I keep telling myself I have to cut back on commenting, but for some reason, I keep doing it! Is there a 12 step program for me? ;)

    Enjoy your upcoming vacation. I started working part time a year ago (3 days a week) and I so love having the time off!

    Island Cats Mom

  29. We like your word, and we're glad it's working out so well for you! WE hear you about commenting -- with work and all, it is so hard to do so every day. I try my hardest to comment as much as I can, but I am not always able to keep up.

    Enjoy your vacation!

  30. WE LOVE your comments, but we understand how much time it takes! Our mom can't always manage to follow and comment every day.
    Do what you can, throw away the scale, go by how your clothes fit.

  31. Glad you aren't going to back off on the posting!

  32. That last one is one all us bloggers have to deal with now!! I have really backed off commenting every day. In fact I am blogging less as well. It is physically impossible now to do both and do them well! It doesn't mean I love anyone the less. Good for you!

  33. We try to read all the posts every second day. We can't comment (or post) when we are busy with work but right now we are not so busy,so we are commenting more often, and we are getting way more visitors.
    Nellie& Mommy

  34. Sounds like you are really coming to terms with how you want to live your life. My mom says, "good job!" Have a great week. Purrs and paw-pats, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


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