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Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday Munchies!


We have a treat review today!
These tasty Origen Original Treats were provided (for free) from and all the opinions expressed herein are our own.  So without any further ado:

The Baby and May Ling quite liked these treats, here they are discussing the tasty flavor that comes from the limited ingredients--Chicken liver, turkey liver, boneless chicken, boneless turkey, and boneless flounder--there's no filler in these babies!  Just Teh Meats.

The Baby:  I chowed down really liked these treats, but what really made them extra appealing was when Mommy broke them in half for me.

Grayce:  I can see 'em, I can smell 'em...but I can't seem to get 'em in my tummy!

That's better.

Salem:  *snarf* *crunchitty* *gobble*

Johnny:  Do NOT be fooled by my raspberry!  I am merely licking delicious treat crumbs off my whiskers.

Scouty:  Mommy, these are so good I'll stand my ground to eat them!  (Even though you may be fattening me up for the stew pot--I'll have to risk it.)

KonaKitty:  Meh.  I hate everything!

The verdict?
Half of us liked the Origen Original Treats, and half didn't.  Those of us who did overwhelmingly preferred them to be broken in half, even though they are kitty-kibble sized to start.  We found the shape (oblong) a tiny bit weird to eat, but in squares they were acceptable.  Mommy was glad to give us a treat that was actually GOOD* (real food!) for us, and she's interested in trying some other flavors to see how we'd like them.

Thank you, for an opportunity to review the Origen Treats!
The pleasure was all ours.

Happy Monday!

XX  The Lounge Kats  XX

* included a very informational brochure about Origen and their company philosophy about limited ingredients, local sourcing, and pet nutrition--The Mommy


  1. We're always happy to hear about good treats - and is a great place to them and and lots of other stuff!

  2. No filler ?! Wonderful. And all broken into nice bitey squares - most excellent.

    By the way, Mirsku is suitably chastened for his 'performance' with Sampo and pledges his true love for May Ling. He says it's tricky coping with the distance between them, and Sampo was just there......

  3. I find it so funny they wanted them broken in half

  4. The kitties here would not eat anything in that shape. I had to find them kibble that is round and flat and they do eat Orijen Chicken.

  5. Meh. I hate everything too. Except the Gerber's.

  6. you might try pre-chewing them a bit for each kitty. just a thought.

  7. Efurrything is better when served Personally :-)

  8. Um, if there are 13 of you kitties and half of you did not like it, there is a kitty who half liked them and half didn't - who was it?

  9. you are the best crew to test these treats because there's a whole lot of you. we wonder if any of you don't care for treats in general.

    emma and buster

  10. ALL of my cats prefer tiny foods. Apparently the more trouble it is to cut it up the better they will like it. haha!

  11. Awwww lovely to see you all enjoy these yummy treats (well half of you anyway! Yay!) Take care

  12. Such bee-OO-tee-ful kitties! Oh my!

  13. konakitty and i have a very similar attitude.

  14. We half broken in half isn't half bad!

  15. They look pretty yummy. Mmmm....


  16. Oh Dear after I heard mom say treats I ran lickety split to the pantry in hopes she would follow me...alas
    I'm all alone the woman says I'm on a diet
    Hugs madi your bfff

  17. That's a great review! Helpful information about the shape. Don't worry, Scouty, your mom won't put you in a stew pot :-)

  18. Oh YUMS! Those sound awesome! Love that they included info on the treats! Purrs...

  19. Those treats sound yummy. I like my treats in small pieces too, and I like my Stinky Goodness all smooshed up as well. Where were you Sweet Pea? I was sure I would see your lovely face smiling at me.

  20. We've been hearing good things about these treats. So even though you guys were evenly divided on them, we think they're worth giving a try!

  21. Oh Johnny.. you are so handsome..

    I wonder if the reason they like them better broken is the smell and not the shape..

  22. Great review! I definitely plan on trying these on Annie.

    It was fun seeing so many of you in one post!

  23. Thanks for the review. Those sound really good. That's how things usually go around here. Some of us will like something and some of us won't. Mom is always trying to find a food or treat we all will like. Have a great week. Purrs and paw-pats, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  24. Thanks for the review! Mommy is trying togets us to eats more healthy too

  25. Mom says you kitties are a little bit spoiled, getting your treats broke in half. We says it is nothing more than a kitty deserves, MOL

    Sasha Sami, & Saku

  26. How nice so many of you liked freeze dried treats. No one here would touch them. The mom was disappointed but we like our junk foods!

  27. Whoa! Now your Mommy is gonna have to go out and buy them at regular price. That Chewy is one smart cookie.


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