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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sunday with Sheebie

Friends and Kitties!

Sheebie here.

It's been a while, hasn't it?  So much was going on here at Kasa Katnip lately--but I think it's settling down for a bit.  Thank COD.

We are rolling into the HOTS, with daytime temps in the low 100's and in the upper 80's at night.  There's no humidity to speak of so as long as I keep hydrated the heat feels wonderful on my starting-to-age joints.  I know why KonaKitty enjoys it so much!  I was a wee tad concerned that I'd expire doing (outdoor) plant checks at work for two hours every afternoon on my "new" shift, but so far it hasn't been difficult at all.  A hat, a canteen, and a quick scuttle from patch to patch of shade seems to do the trick just fine.  Things might get a little sticky when monsoon starts and the humidity arrives, but by then we're all acclimated to the heat for the most part.  You'll never hear me whine about the temperature, I just recall the cruel grind of seven months of Midwest winter (every. damn. year.) and keep my pie-hole zipped.  Call me weird, but I enjoy the blistering sun, the parched landscape, the sere vistas.

We're about done with the home renos, just waiting to get a contractor in to install the rubber baseboard and the plumber to run some outdoor stuff for the garden hose bib.  Everything turned out wonderfully (I owe y'all photos, I know) and the best bit is the guy who did all the work has become a good friend.  Funny how life works out like that.  Scott is going on vacation (hurrah-the house to myself for a week!) in July and I am tentatively planning to paint our kitchen cupboards while he's gone to freshen them up; they're in pretty sad condition.

The Baby has her good and bad days.  For the most part she's back to her chipper self but we can definitely tell when her gall bladder is acting up.  We started her on a new drug to help dissolve gallstones and are hoping it will do some good for the long term.  I am still speechless at how generous you all were with donations and bids for her auction.  Thank you, again!  The other three sickies are plodding along:  John appears to be more mobile in his hips with the Cosequin, although he caught a cold at the vet's office and is on antibiotics (which make him foam, poor boy) for a week.  Grayce is holding her own with the intestinal lymphoma--no more weight loss--but even with ever-increasingly squittier poops she's simply the happiest cat I've ever met.  We'll just have to see how it goes--she doesn't seem to be in pain at all.  Kona is just thin and frail and old, and a little senile...but as bossy as ever and DEMANDS her pets and luvvins from both of us every day.  Several times a day, if she can't remember the last session...

I think that's enough for one Sunday, eh?

Have a Great week, and Happy Sunday!

XX  Sheebie  XX


  1. I'm jealous of your warm. I am so very happy that The Baby is doing better.

  2. Thanks for the update on efurryone. We hope they all hold steady for a while to give you some much needed rest. (Good luck with that!)

    Have a great Sunday!

  3. I'm glad everykitty is doing well/better! My human prefers warmer weather, although not quite southern Nevada-type hot!

  4. We're glad everyone seems to have a better time of it. We don't like it that hot as the humidity is very high here and when it's hot, it's unbearable.

  5. We like warms, but not hot hots, we want open windows, not air conditioners lol. Can't wait for pictures of your renovations! So glad all the kitties are doing ok, hugs and purrs to them all!

  6. We're starting to get some warm here, but it still hasn't hit 100 yet.

  7. We're glad everyone's doing well, as well as they possibly can. It's that old cliché, that aging isn't for sissies. :-)

    I've been intending to paint my kitchen cupboards for oh, almost a decade. No. Motivation. At. All.

    Good luck! Ontario is hot (and sticky) in the summer, if you need a break, c'mon up and paint mine. LOL.

  8. Glad to hear things are calming down for you now. Good to hear that The Baby is doing all right. Hope those pills keep on working. Have a great day.

  9. Good to hear renos are almost done.
    We are happy the kitties are doing well considering their issues.
    We will keep purring for them.
    Enjoy the heat!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  10. Purrs, love and gentile hugs to all those who are not as well as they would love to be.

  11. Sheebie home renos are very least that is what I am told. In 2006 the peeps did a hit hen gut and Reno...I spent that time w my grandpeep's. Thank goodness
    Madi your bfff

  12. Whoa, we can't imagine 100+ in dry heat. Here, when it's 100, everyone and everything wilts in the humidity. Glad to hear that the reno is nearing its conclusion. We're going to have to read up on the rubber baseboards before the head peep gets our floors redone.

  13. Your hots sound a little too hot for our wimpyness.

  14. I am glad everyone is doing well in spite of their issues.
    I wish it would get hotter here. Yesterday managed to drag itself up to 62, but it is in the high 50s again today. 100 would be too hot for us though. Flynn would end up a melted ginger puddle with a big pink one beside him.

  15. glad things are going well.... more or less... for everyone

  16. Sounds like a full plate! Maybe we can go out when things settle. :-)

    Purrs to all of you!

  17. Good to hear that everyone is holding their own. I'm sure part of the reason is the love they get from you and Scott.

    I would love some of your heat, it's been cool here though thankfully NOT cold. We're finally to the green stage but things aren't growing very quickly.

    Have a great week!

  18. We are sending lots of purrs to those who are not feeling 100%. Somehow we missed the news about Grayce. Hope everyone continues to hold their own or feel better.♥

  19. I am glad that everyone is holding their own and that you are all plodding along. That is hot so keep hydrated. We are all still pretty water logged here. I was glad the auction went well. You all take care.

  20. Wes can't wait to sees pictures!!!
    Does wes has to wait until the cupboards is painted?

  21. My dad-person would LOVE your temperatures and my mom-person would hate it :)

  22. Hello, we are glad to hear you and everyone are doing alright. We hope it continues to stay stable and send purrs to you and your cats. We are glad you enjoy the hot weather. :-)

  23. Sheebie...I could get into those hots too. Monsoons...not so much. Glad to hear things are going good...and all the kitties are doing well despite their issues.

    Island Mom

  24. Sounds like the dust is settling...literally and figuratively. Whew!

  25. Sounds like the dust is settling...literally and figuratively. Whew!

  26. So glad to hear that The Baby is doing better! *hugs*

  27. UGH I would die in that kind of heat. Kansas gets hot, but we also have the dratted humidity. I about wilt. Give me fall temps any time. Even some snow! I need to move north.

    We had an oldster who was quite thin even though he had all the stinky goodness he wanted. He simply did not gain weight. If he had not been a long-haired kitty, he would have looked a site and I'm sure people would have thought we did not feed him. As long as Kona is plugging along, and eating, getting old is just part of life, I guess, and a good excuse to pour on the affection.

    Better than the alternative!!


  28. Glad to hear you will be home Scott free (heh! Such wit.)
    I love the desert hots, the dryness, the landscape.
    I think in a previous message I mentioned how glad I was Pea was doing better, but I meant The Baby....I suppose you realized that.
    Did you ever post the links to the bloggers Catio visits from Blog Paws? Lynne

  29. Thanks for the updates. You’re not anywhere near that restaurant that got shot up, are you? yikes.

  30. We here in the UK don't understand about that kind of heat. It's beyond our ken!! Thanks for the update on everyone. That Kona Kitty is a game old bird .... errr ... kitty ;)

  31. Sending purrs and prayers to all of those who are puny. Mom says she is looking forward to seeing the reno photos. She really doesn't know how you handle the heat, even without the humidity. She was so happy it was fairly cool when she was there last month. XO to all, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


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