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Friday, August 15, 2014



Maui here.
Do I look disgusted in this photo?

I do?

Well, I am...let me tell you the Terrible Thing(s) that happened to me today!

I got had to go to the vet...TWICE.

Yes.  You read that correctly...TWO TIMES.

TWO car rides in one day!!

The first time wasn't too bad cos there was over an hour wait to see the vet (they don't take appointments) and Mommy opted to bring me back later.  So we were in and out.  However, on the car ride over--which lasts centuries 12 minutes tops --while I was loudly singing the Song of My People Mommy decided to sing along with me, and kitties, it was terrible.  Not only is her accent awful but she sang a song I'd never heard before--by some group called The Police--called Sending out an S.O.S. which she claimed was entirely appropriate for the situation. 

So, when we got home Mommy got busy and I was hopeful she'd forget the whole idea of going back; it was just a check-up after all, but no such luck.  Later in the afternoon she stuffed me back into the PTU* and we left for the vet, AGAIN.

So I sang, AGAIN.  Thankfully solo, albeit a little hoarser than the first time.

It was deserted at the vet's office so I was allowed out of the PTU to huddle on Mommy's lap investimigate the waiting room.  I may or may not have purred up a storm in the exam room, and loved up the nice vet tech while she weighed me (17.75 pounds!), I'll never tell...but of course Mommy persisted in her treacherous ways and videoed me.

The sound isn't the greatest but you can at least see me talking...
or click HERE

At least I did NOT have to endure the Invasion of the Dreaded Thermometer!

I was pronounced hale and hearty and good to go for another year.  
I could have told 'em that, but did anybody ask me?

Happy Friday!

XX  Maui  XX

*Prisoner Transport Unit


  1. What, no debauchery to go with the treachery? What is this world coming to???

  2. Way to go, we're glad the trip, err....make that trips....went well and turned out ok for you!

  3. That is major treachery. What an awful day - we trust your voice will recover. Little Mesi was glued to the video listening to you Maui - wethinks you have a little fan there.

  4. We have heard talk here of Orion needing his shots, and Emily and I needing our nails clipped. Meowm is a wimp trying to trim ours....we are super feisty! The dreaded PTU's may be in our near future. We will sing the song of our people loud and proud!

  5. tsk; ugh! those stinkin no good, lousy singin humanoids can be a real pain! Glad you iz fine.

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  6. Oh you poor thing! TWO rides in the car. SINGING humans. The torture

  7. Oh my goodness! TWO rides? That is beyond horrible! At least nothing for another year. I think you deserve treats for at least the rest of the year for that.

  8. Well, Maui, you weren't alone in having to go to the V.E.T. today - Gracie hissed at me when I tried to shoo her out of the bedroom so I could go to work, then she didn't chow down like normal and hissed again when I touched her tail area - Hmmm - call the vet - they could get her in at 2:00 - but didn't allow enough time to get home from work, find her and get back to town by 2:00 so we had to wait - in this little tiny room the size of an egg carton - both of us were pretty wilty by the time Dr. Pete came in the room (like 45 minutes!) then he couldn't find a thing wrong with the little stinker! I think maybe she had a mousie or parts of a bunny rabbit stuck in there or something...So we paid our $90 bucks and came back home :-( T.

  9. Two trips to the VET in one day! You are so brave. Hope you got lots of treats when you got home. :)

  10. Twice in one day? That should be illegal or something. Of course the worse part of the torture is always the dreaded car ride, that's the part we really hate. You have our deepest sympathy Maui.

    Cindi Lou & The Kitty Krew

  11. Paws up for a good vet visit, Maui... or two!

  12. Twice in one day?? That oughta be considered cruel and unusual! Extra treats or someone gets the bitey, that's what I say!

  13. Twice in one day in the PTU in the car to see the vet - Maui how naughty of your Mommy to allow that. We can't bring ourselves mention the other evil thing but our eyes are watering at the thought.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  14. Maui, that's all that matters is that you are 100%...and that you get extra treats and snuggles for your infinite patience. Rock on, sweetie!

  15. You'll be traumatised from listening to human singing (we know how horrid THAT is!)..extra treats as compensation should help.
    The REAL Maple Syrup Mob xxxxx

  16. TWICE??? We hope you received adequate compensation in the form of many many treats.(and your vet doesn't take appts?? weird)

  17. Sounds like you were truly stung by the ordeal(s) and especially by your mom's caterwauling....

  18. Oh noes! twice????
    have a good weekend!

  19. Oh poor Maui. TWICE!!!! Oh my Ceiling Cat, the horror. and the Mom singing - no words, none at all.

  20. For some strange reason, the Humans only listen to people who take their green papers...

  21. Two rides with the car, one with your mom singing, and the vet visit : that's almost torture ! You should ask for compensation ! Purrs

  22. Double trouble but all's well that ends well :-) Now how about a another round of SOS. Love the Police.

  23. Maui *twice* in one day. EEK!
    We are so glad that it was all over today and you don't have to go back for eleventy million years.

  24. Two trips? That's terrible! I am glad everything was in good working order though, including your voice.

  25. Seriouslies, Maui. That's an Infraction of the First Order. That calls for FRESH TOONA. For you ONLY.

  26. well yous look pawsum. Glad yous got da all clear fur anuddew year.

    Luv ya'


  27. Well ut could have been worse with that temp thing!

  28. You look not too disturbed little faker! xoxox

  29. We is glad you made it through both visits (and the bean's singing). You's a furry brave kitty Maui!

    And seriously, why didn't they ask you how you was feeling. Could have saved efurryone a lot of trouble.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  30. That was just awful to have TWO vet trips on one day!!!! We loved your singing.

    cats of wildcat woods

  31. Mau, we thought that some of us were heavyweights, but over 17 pounds. WOW! We can't believe your vet doesn't take appointments. That is crazy pants. So happy you didn't have to wait the second time and that you are healthy! XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  32. You was put in the PTU twice and droven to the VET ??!!
    I just miaow OMC OMC !!!


  33. wouldn't it be nice if they would listen to you??

    if only kitties wouldn't lie..


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