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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Play Ball!


Salem here.

Daddy rides his bike a lot over at the local rec center.  The bike trail borders several soccer fields and baseball diamonds; look what he found and brought home for me us:

A baseball!
Actually, two of them.

I love to play with them, paw-pattying them around the floor, but only if if there's nobody to play my New Favorite Game with me that I call Tuxie Ball.

Mommy invented it and the game is played thusly:
One of the peeps rolls pitches the ball so it bumps into my tummy, and if it's a good pitch I beat the dickens out of it with my hind kikkers, and roll it back bat it outta the park!

Of course sometimes I get a foul pitch so I ignore the ball, which means the pitcher/peep has to get up and retrieve the ball to try again. 
(and again and again and again--ed.)

But occasionally they throw a good one, and then it's...
play ball!

**Kikkety kik kik kik**

Happy Tuesday!

XX  Salem  XX

pee ess:  Sorry about the dearth of comments lately, we intend to speak sternly to staff.  For all the good it'll do.  


  1. That's a good game - wethinks a video is in order. May we say how clean and sparkly you are looking, Salem. And perhaps you guys need to know that your Mom is not commenting because she's been watching Mirsku gettng a buttwhapping on skype. Ooopsie, maybe we weren't meant to tell........

  2. I agree with Puna - I'd love to see a video of this game, Salem!

  3. I agree with others, must see a video! Or any video of Salem would be fun!

  4. Tuxie ball sounds like fun as long as it's the ball and not the tuxie that gets batted!! ;)

  5. That looks like so much fun! Extra points for Dad on his Purrformance Review.

  6. That game looks like a blast. We like that you make the humans pitch multiple times. Don't let them think they can have it easy. Make them work for it!

  7. Great game! Do they risk getting kick kick kickity kicked in the hand when the retrieve the mis-thrown balls? hee hee

  8. diego-san loves to play tuxie ball although he calls it blackat ball and refuses to let the actual tuxie in our house play along.

  9. Hm, we've given Chuck and Angel a ball like that, but they completely ignored it. Maybe we'll have to try your slow-pitch game!

  10. That looks like a good use of a baseball Salem! MOL

  11. That looks like fun...but wait till he brings home a football!

  12. salem....ewe can paw to graff that base ball N sellz it on e bay ore in yur dadz etsy shoppe N make 98 bazillion dollars !!!

  13. Salem, that sounds like a great game! And we bet that baseball cover is real satisfying for bunny kicking!

  14. You've got 'em trained, don't you, Salem?

  15. What a fun game, Salem! You might be ready for the pros!

  16. Don't worry about the lack of comments Salem - we know your peeps are busy - and appreciate that they even have time to blog about you kitties almost every day - that is monumental! XOX T.

  17. That is a excellent Game! Mommy finded a soccer ball on her walk this morning, mes wonders if Ninja would play it....

  18. I don't like the part where the people have to get up to get the ball. :)

  19. That looks like a pawsome game Salem! It's good exercise for the beans too, MOL

    Don't worry about not commenting, at least your mom bean tippy taps for you...our mom bean is sooooooooooooo lazy!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku


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