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Friday, June 19, 2015


Johnson here.

Today is:
  International Box Day!

*I* got to "celebrate" in a Highly item:

or click HERE

I am prone to The Sneezies (official diagnosis) and got hauled off to the vet for an exam and a course of the dreaded pink juice once daily for the next ten days.


This is one box I could permanently do without!
The good news is that I've whittled off THREE pounds in the past year, thanks to Mommy depriving us me of dry kibble and switching to canned food.  My heart murmur sounded the same (grade 1, not too serious) and the vet loved on me and gave me many many many head kissies and body rubs.  I have to have my teefs cleaned some time soon, but paws crossed Mommy will forget about that--she does, after all, have the attention span of a gnat.

A boy can dream, right?

Happy Friday!

XX  Sneezy Johnson  XX


  1. Oh you poor dude - that is NOT the box you wanted. But you filled it so well. We hope the sneezy wheezies disappear very soon and the teefs are forgotten too. Please stick to cardboard boxes in the home territory from now.

  2. The dreaded pink stuff?!? That always looks so nice spewed on our Mommy's face, clothing, etc.
    Please feel better soon, Johhny Boy.

  3. Binga needs her teeth cleaned too - and you KNOW my human is gonna remember!

  4. Head kissies and rubs are always good.

  5. We're amazed you get in that thing all by yourself. San has to catch us and we give her the runaround first.

  6. Oh, we wouldn't count on the Mom forgetting something like that.

  7. mol mol mol Johnny it is a known fact if we cannot see THEM they cannot see US.
    I have a love hate relationship with my PTU too.
    Hugs madi your bfff

  8. Johnson, it sounds like the vet has a special *thing* for you! Seems like you need to use this in any upcoming PTU rides to that vet office...maybe, you can charm your way out of something!

  9. We hope the horrid pink juice takes care of your sneezies.

  10. sadly, moms don't seem to forget about that sort of stuff.. just the giving of the treats stuff

  11. Oh we hope that horrid pink stuff takes care of those snuffies!!!
    Purrs to your Sneezy! :)

  12. the sneezies....hope the snotty kittens here didn't send it to you via airmail MOL

  13. We sure hope you are doing super good in no time flat!

  14. I am glad your vet trip went well. Sorry you have the sneezies- God Bless You.

  15. We hope the sneezie are soon gone!
    the kitty brats

  16. Oh, Johnny, sorry about the pink stuff. Bleh. I love my crunchies but know the lady knows that they should be cut down or out. Hopefully, next year you'll get a much funner box!

  17. Well, that wasn't the best way to celebrate Box Day, but hope the yucky pink stuff makes you feel better soon.

  18. Johnny, we hope you're all better real soon! Moosey likes going into the PTU, too, by the way.

  19. If the pink juice stops the sneezies, its worth going to the vet. And please thanks your Mommy for showing us you getting into the carrier! Mes shall makes Jo Jo watch and she grows extra legs when Mommy tries to puts her in ours.!
    Happy Box Day Furrends!

  20. Oh no, we didn't think of THAT box for International Box Day ! Purrs

  21. Oh Johnson, we are sorry to hear that you had to hang out in that there box...get well soon, buddy!


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