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Monday, November 16, 2015

Merchandising Monday


This an embarrassing (for her) photo of Mommy.
She's washing out some tie dye, wearing an old shirt of Daddy's, flip flops, and her groovy beanie.  Mommy is such a snappy dresser.

She did make some cool stuff though! 
A tie-dyed length of fabric.  This is t-shirt material, and she's gonna sew pillow cases with it.  Daddy can't wait--they will be for him.  

Perfecting peace signs.  This is a tea towel--and to be honest Daddy tied this one.  He made a bunch of them in all different colors.

Can you tell where this is going?


Tie-dyed PET SHIRTS.
As if fur wasn't enough... 
...and in large enough sizes to fit everybody!

Apparently Cats in Shirts are funny (!!!) and Daddy was shaking too hard with laughter to get crisp photos.

But you get the idea.

Cats, in tie dyed shirts.

Daddy had to chase Sylvester and Kona around to get them off after a couple of hours--seems like Felix* isn't the only kitty in the house who enjoys wearing clothes.

Kitties, you too can give your peeps extreme joy by sporting one of these fancy shirts--they are for sale in our Etsy shop Tie Dyed Chicken Jerky, (link also at the top of the page) along with CATIO CHIPS!, and custom tie-dyed apparel for humans.  Oh, and triangle bandannas too--just the thing for accessorizing your furs for that far-out look.  Please click over and have a look, and remember Daddy can pack CATIO CHIPS! in any size; they'll make PURRfect stocking stuffers for all the Good Kitties on Sandy Claw's list.
Oh heck, Bad Kitties will like 'em too...maybe even MORE.

Happy Monday!

XX  The Lounge Kats  XX

*who somehow escaped all the indignity in this post!


  1. Shameless advertising and we know you all got paid in jerky! But we can vouch for the goods too - well, not the cat t-shirts as only Seppo has them. Veikko doesn't like clothes....yet.
    Bet seriously, it is good quality stuff and washes well. And the jerky is delish.

  2. Oh no, we didn't see this turn coming. Luckily Mom is on low budget for the moment, so we think we're safe.

  3. I'm dying at that first photo....of a cat

  4. You all look so cute! I can't believe Felix didn't get in on the act! Shocking!

  5. The tie dye stuff is neat.
    Wearing tie dye...we're not sure about :o
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  6. You really had to be chased around to remove the shirts? Well, you do look sharp in them!

  7. Love those cat shirts. You are all such beautiful models - Kate Moss and Carla Delevingne had better watch out!

  8. Wow, what fun everyone had that day!

  9. WOW! Everyone looks so cool here today! I am impressed with the dyeing skills....and the models who so purfectly modeled the new "active" wear line.

  10. I think they look cozy and am not surprised certain kitties were not willing to give them up.

  11. I'm considering shirts for the boyz but I know for sure they'd look more stylish with beanies.

  12. OMG that photo of Kona just about had us on the floor with laughter!

  13. Kona kitty does not look pleased! Your mom is a very snappy dresser though! The peace sign is pretty cool! Does he make kitties on tie dye shirts too? We'd love to get those chips but since someTortie here had bad teefs (and soon no teefs) we're afraid she couldn't swallow them whole like she does everything else.

  14. Love these! Angel enjoys playing dress up, so I will peruse the list to see what looks good on her!

  15. We think you look pawsome in your tie dyed shirts! Think how colorful your pictures will be now :)

  16. that is one groovy beanie!! :) and those shirts are awesome!

  17. The large ones can fit a small dog right? This is way too cute. Mom is fascinated by anything tie dyed although she doesn't own any tie dyed clothing yet.

    Emma and Buster

  18. You all look very good in your Pet Shirts, although Kona Kitty does look slightly less than impressed.

  19. Those all came out great. That peace sign is most appropriate right now. I need to order some catio chips for my kitties.


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