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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Tuesday Tussle


Sweet Pea here.

Me-n-Rupert have epic, spectacular battles daily.
It keeps us trim and in shape for most anything.
We usually start with a grooming-bitey.  We take turns at this; I bite Rupert just as much as he bites me.  However, *I* usually do wash his ears pretty thoroughly, first.  
(He's a grimy boycat, after all!)

The Bitey leads to the classic Stare Down...

...and then the WHAPPING begins!




And then, just like that, we're done!

All our Catly skillz honed and ready to go.
No hard feelings--later on we'll have Round 2, and 3, and 4...

Happy Tuesday!

XX  Lefty Pea and Bruiser Rupe  XX


  1. George and Gracie will do that - generally ends up with me screaming at them to settle down! XOX T.

  2. You two are funny! Binga and Boodie frequently battle it out... but I think sometimes Binga plays too seriously!

  3. Respect to you, Sweet Pea: Aila will not tussle like this as she gets all hissy and girly. We mancats of course do this all the time together and it is an important part of the outine. Even if our ear aren't grimey. Pöh.

  4. That's pretty much what happens here. Mom says I'm tenderizing Leia when I groom her first.

  5. This is so funny. We love the ritual. Often some of our ear washing sessions end up with putting the bitey on our companion. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  6. Ivan and Izzy do the same thing! Only here there's no stopping until Mom scolds them.

    The rest of us are practically deaf.

  7. Excellent action shots! Whappy paws deluxe!

  8. I think cats do this for entertainment. I'm not sure whether it is theirs or ours. My father's tabby female would groom my Siamese male a while then chomp down on his neck. The fight was on after that.

  9. Hmm, this used to happen. All. The. Time. when Tucker was alive. He was the king of everything. Thankfully, Ringo may do a play bitey but then just wants to settle in and cuddle.

  10. Oh man, at least both of you are awake when the battle starts. Here, Emma being a smaller one, usually waits until Buster is in dreamland when she starts a fight.

    Emma and Buster

  11. Tussling is fun! Me and Eric used to do that. We started with grooming and then I would go for the throat. If I had a tussle with you, it would be love bites.

  12. Sweet Pea, Pierrot would LOVE you. This is what he wants so badly from Annie but she typically just hisses & growls. Once in a while they chase each other and Pierrot is so happy. Cute pics!

  13. ....and all on the kitchen table. Criminy.

  14. That was pretty epic. Me and Wally do the same thing 'cept we usually end up in a rousing game of THoE. ~Ernie

  15. Great fight ! You should charge like pay per view.

  16. I usually get TKS from behind...heh...heh

  17. You need cool graphics like in the old (ANCIET) Batman show: BIFF! BOP! POW!


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