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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Catio Improvements


Mommy moved the small carpet that was in her bedroom out onto the Catio when Daddy mopped the floors last Thursday, where it has remained, continuously occupied, ever since.

We're here to tell you that a rug sure beats the dickens outta lounging on the bare hard concrete*--as you can see in our header we've had carpet on the Catio before but this one is lightweight and will dry quickly if if gets wet from the rain (or barfed on, a virtual certainty)--so Mommy relented said we can keep it out here.

She also moved our cat trees around (inside and out) and reconfigured all our beddies (freshly washed!) and shelves and sleeping boxes** so we have some new/old things to explore and occupy our tiny minds.

So, even though our Mommy is a heinously sarcastic woman, we're gonna let her slide just this once and admit we love her and all that she does for us.

Happy Tuesday!

XX  Salem, TJ, CC, and Rupert  XX

*because there is absolutely nowhere else to lounge in comfort.

**perhaps one should ignore the preceding footnote...


  1. I'm glad your catio was refreshed - and that new (to the catio) rug is awesome!

  2. Well, yeah, carpet beats concrete every time! But how about an air mattress covered with several blankies? What, there is something wrong about asking fer "more"?

  3. Air mattress sounds good to me! yes, a change of scenery and defurring of beddies is always good. Äiti has just washed the kitchen curtains, all ready for me.....

  4. It looks to us like your Mom did a pretty good job, and maybe deserves a treat or two.

    The Chans

  5. It looks really good. I am working on getting our place converted to look like that. I have artificial grass outside and also inside the loungeroom, where it is great fun to play. We can both sit on the artificial grass (my Mum and Me) and play with the toys together.

  6. Looking good to us. We love our rug that we have too. Glad she decided to leave it there for you kitties. Kitties always need comfort.

  7. They are always doing SOMETHING, aren't they?

  8. Changing things up for the kitkats is always a good thing. Keep them 'occupied'!!

  9. Oh my love, My miss Salem
    A ton of kisses to you, miss you soo much , my darling =^x^=
    Me know what you talk about. My Bangkok is concrete too, even they put cheap laminate floor on top, but still...effective to should see us walk in da morning..Like zombies...MOL
    so we have rugs too. Mom, dad, me..we all on the rug because we still are waiting for our shipping ( took 2 months ) we really miss our sofa !
    Enjoy your deluxe !
    Miss you lots

    Puddy Boy

  10. That carpet looks and sounds perfect for barfing on.

  11. looks like the place to be. time to celebrate with simultaneous barfing.

  12. occupy the rug and they let it stay YAY!!!

  13. Your daddy mops floors? I'm jealous!

  14. We think it is a great idea to change things up and move them around.
    Keeps us interested.
    Great idea to leave the rug on the catio ;)
    Looks cozy.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  15. So are you using your catio more than ever now with the fab rug?

    Emma and Buster

  16. Sometimes moving things around and freshening up makes everything seem new again.

  17. That is awesome! It's like one of those home redecorating shows--except better because it is for felines!

  18. It looks great! Your mommy sure does make things nice for you guys. The blanket on the bench that CC is enjoying looks especially nice. Plus you guys have sleeping boxes and beddies!

  19. you kitties are living the life over there! I don't think there are many kitties who have it so nice. WOW!

  20. That was nice of your Mom to make improvements to the catio. Try not to yak on the rug- my cats are all nauseated by rugs.:)


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