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Thursday, June 23, 2016

A New Creature


First toads, and now this:

A Mojave Desert Scorpion!

Mommy is working on expanding faith in her body.  She is so chuffed with this pose; she has major willies about a) balancing on her arms, and b) back bends, so this is a big move forward for her practice.  She says it is amazing how achieving something unexpected physically also breaks down mental barriers.

We're gonna be off line until July 1--Mommy is traveling back to her home town in Illinois for the first time in sixteen years.  Daddy will spoil us rotten so don't worry about us!  

If you are so inclined, you can follow Mommy's exploits on telling what sort of crazypants mischief she'll get up to without us snoopervising her.  

Happy Thursday!

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  1. I hate to tell you guys, but it looks like someone borked your mommy...
    Hee hee, kidding, yay for her overcoming fear and getting her pose on!

  2. That is indeed an amaing pose as we know humans - especially older ones, are not made of rubber. We trust she behaved with her sting.
    Happy abandonment - we trust you'll manipulate Daddy to give you all the foods you want.

  3. ** Jaw Drop ** Wow ! Wow ! Wow ! Amazing what your mommy can do !
    No way, my mom can do that, she will drop because her belly..Ha..Ha...Ha
    Kudos to your mom

    PS : From now on.. Please tell Miss Sweet Salem visit me @ My new blog address : 

    Thank you

  4. Wow, even kitties don't do that pose! At least no kitties that I know personally.

  5. Is that the new wall-footy hand-down we been seeing around?

  6. Whoa. We are pretty sure our mom couldn't have done that even when she was a tot.

  7. Have a happy trip! We'll miss you and the Katnip Lounge members. Until July 1.....

  8. Impressive! Enjoy your trip to Illinois!

  9. i just seem to be working on expanding my body.

  10. guys...even if de food serviss gurl had two peepulz holdin on ta her.... on each side ....her still couldna due thiz....high paws two yur mom !!!! way kewl

    ...we all hope her haza safe trip anda awesum time; we iz knot on facebook sew tell her ta spill de beanz over heer when her getz bak !! ☺☺☺♥♥♥

  11. OMG you mom bean is turning into a cat...she is so flexible! Our mom bean would be broke into pieces if she thought about trying anything like that.

    Safe travels to your mom bean.
    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  12. Oh wow! Wow! Our human is speechless!
    Sending lots of purrs to your mom traveling back to her home town.

  13. Safe travels to the mommy. Any chance of the daddy revving up his remote control cattack and chase machine?

  14. Thank you for your words of comfort on our loss of Cookie

  15. Would like to follow but don't know her Facebook ID.

  16. Hope the Lounge has been safe and dry while your mommy was away! T.

  17. That is furry, furry impressive tell your mom!!!


    Basil & Co xox


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