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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Maui Wowie


Maui here....

...and it's Too Darn Hot for any wowie.

Thank Cod I got shaved!

The Mommy:  For all our pals who are attending BlogPaws in Phoenix, please stay cool and hydrated--drink before you're thirsty--and as awful as it sounds, try to avoid going outdoors for any long periods between eleven and sundown.  I'm outside (at work) every afternoon for a couple of hours and am acclimated; but even so this heat is exceptionally brutal.  
Be sensible!

Happy Wednesday!

XX  Maui  XX


  1. My human says she has NO intention of leaving the hotel the WHOLE time she is there. She is mostly an indoors-only human anyhow. And of course I'll be there, so she has to make sure I'm hydrated and comfortable!

  2. You're so hot, you took off your cat suit? MOL, couldn't resist, even though your cat suit looks like it's coming back in!

  3. It's too hot even for a nekkid we think. Cat that is.

  4. You are looking quite splendid, Maui!

    It has finally gotten warm here, but it's warm, not hot yet!


  5. Love the big floof on your tail, Maui!

  6. Maui, you look super cool in your lion cut!

  7. Can you send me just a tiny bit of your hots. We are barely scraping above 60F.

  8. You still look good Maui :)
    Now you can enjoy the Summer !
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

    PeeEss: We purr everyone at BlogPaws stays in a cool place too.
    40+ is way too hot!!

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  10. There are definitely times we (and the mom bean) are glad that we live in the frozen north. Now would be one of those times.

    Looking good Maui!
    Sasha, Sami, & Saku


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