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Friday, September 16, 2016

Poor, Poor Maui


Maui here.

I had a terrible week last week.  It was a truly awful, horrible, no-good, vile, ghastly, and--most importantly--a heinous to my anus sort of week.

Because, after the first enema (and subsequent poopsplosions) of two weeks ago my trains still weren't running on time.  Or at all, actually.  So off to the vet I was hauled, singing the song of my people in the car, the lobby, and the examination room:
or click HERE

Turns out I was really Really REALLY backed up, but after two days, FOUR enemas and a manual disimpaction I'm pleased to report that my trains are finally leaving the station!  Right now I'm getting lactulose and cisapride squirted down my gullet twice daily to help things along, and boy oh boy, do I feel better.  I'm a maniac crazypants playful boy again!  The peeps helicopter over me every time I bust a move towards The Box so it's a good thing I prefer to poop at night--but somehow Mommy can tell which deposit is mine (he's not as sneaky as he thinks--ed.) and I've been "productive" for five days in a row so if I keep up the good work for a month I can start weaning my medicine and see how it goes, heh heh.

Mommy says for the amount of money she's spent I'd better start pooping gold, but naturally she's a rude thing.  Plain old poop is good enough for her.

Happy Friday!

XX  Maui  XX


  1. Your singing didn't sound too distressed you have a lovely voice! So glad things are moving along!

  2. Oh, what a miserable time you had, Maui! I'm glad you're regular again.

  3. Maui, .. So good to hear you are back to normal !
    Your mom is genius ! How she know which is yours ! ( Me & mom always wonder )
    Happy Friday

  4. Butt this is just awful, heinous indeed.
    You do know that we poop diamonds ? Okay, they have to be compacted up a bit but it sounds like yours were halfway there Maui. Keep on producing!

  5. Owwwie... all that you endured!! I, too, know the indignity and humiliation of such things happening to me (though not quite as bad). Now Mom won't even let me think about dry kibble. - Toby

  6. Poor Maui! The indignity you had to endure. Eric had to go through the same when his pooper stopped working too. I am glad your trains are running on time again.

  7. Oh my, we're so sorry your bum was invaded like that!

  8. yikes....better keep it regular to avoid the v-e-t

  9. Oh no, that must have beeen horrible for you sweetie. Keep pooping!

    Emma and Buster

  10. Glad that your trains are leaving the station again, Maui!

  11. i constantly remind the boyz they need to poop. i'm sure they are just thrilled with the reminders. glad you are feeling better.

  12. We are glad the trains are on time again!
    Our Georgia knows exactly how you feel Maui!
    She went through the same indignity :/
    Now, she is an a low dose(1/4 tsp) of Lax-a Day in her food every day.
    The stuff is a tasteless powder and can be mixed with water(if humans need it )
    So far, she is on time too ;)
    Our mum, always on poop patrol :)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  13. Plain old poop is as good as gold when it means you're feeling good! Keep those trains moving.

  14. OMC, Maui! What a pain in the you know what! We're glad your trains are moving now...and we hope the stay moving.

  15. I can't remember where I read this, and I can't find it now -- but I seem to recall that if you want to tell which cat's poop is which, you feed the affected individual beet juice. And then you can tell by the color. Or did I dream this? [Some dream. Cat people. It's what we do.] With eleven to keep track of, I do wonder how you knew?

  16. After the indignities you have suffered, plain poop is all your Mom gets!

  17. I am glad your trains are running on schedule now.

  18. Oh My! I laughed all the way through this post. Your mom kills me!! OMC this is just hilarious (except NOT your stopped up trains - that just plain sucks). Hope you're improving,
    Glenda from Kansas

  19. So glad it's all sorted now. Poor you.


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