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Wednesday, September 7, 2016



The Baby here.

Look what *I* got:
I admit it, popcorns are tasty, but Teh Melted Butters on them is the main attraction.
And yes, Mommy eats 'em with a spoon.

Happy Wednesday!

XX  The Baby  XX


  1. My human only eats popcorn at the movies, so no spoon for her!

  2. Stinky the Farm cat is a big fan of popcorn. She steals one, runs off, eats it and comes back for more.

  3. What is this popcorn ? Should we command Äiti to get some?

  4. Hmmmmmmmmmm!
    We have never tried popcorn, but the butter part sounds yummy ;)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  5. I love popcorn, love it! Angel will eat some too, but Chuck ignores it.

  6. Thompson loves popcorn probably for the butter. I prefer chopsticks over a spoon.

  7. Ohhhh, I NEVER use microwave, but instead use my old 1920 corn popper that you put on the stove with the paddle that swishes around the corn. The ultimate - use bacon grease to pop your corn in. No, I do not use it any more (my husband laid down the big NO-NO) but I love bacon grease for anything! Popcorn and fried potatoes are the BEST. Home-grown popcorn is the BEST. My kitties, all nine of them, do not like it BUT they do love the real butter I put on it. YUMMMMMM, guess I'm going to need to make some soon!

  8. Emma eats ONE popcorn and that's her limit.

    Emma and Buster

  9. I have never had popcorn. My mum had it once in the US but she said it was very salty and yuk. Melted butter on it sounds much better.

  10. Butter, mmmmmm! My Grampa ate popcorn with a spoon. But only when he was young in the depression. He worked at a movie theater and would get to take home bags of left over popcorn. He'd have it for breakfast in a bowl with milk and sugar. Sounds disgusting, but hey, he had a cheap breakfast when a lot of people didn't have anything!

  11. a spoon? that is a new one. but hey, I bet it keeps your fingers from getting covered in butter and salt

  12. Popcorns with teh butters? You are so lucky, The Baby!

  13. That looks very tasty indeed. PS: mom eats all kinds of stuff with a fork or spoon. Like French fries. She doesn't like getting her fingers icky with food stuff.

  14. We never get popcorn, though Scooter the cat that came before us, really liked it.


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