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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Deli Deliciousness


Check this out:
Daddy bought himself us some sliced turkey at the store.
He recklessly made a sandwich... we immediately intervened to taste test the turkey for him.

We told Daddy "One can never be too sure of freshness!"

And "Better let us sample some more to be absolutely sure!"

It's all about safety, kitties...and making a sacrifice for the sake of your peeps.
(That, and plaintive meows combined with big sad eyes--ed)
Don't let your humans eat untested meats!

Happy Caturday!

xx  Felix, May Ling, The Baby, and Rupert  XX


  1. It's a good thing you kitties are on your toes. Who knows what would have happened if your dad ate untested meats. 😉

  2. If only they realised how great our sacrifice is for their health. Now, Sampo wasn't quite sure how good that salmon was so he needed about 5 samples......

  3. MOL, did you kitties leave any for your male human?

  4. We are ourageously fond of turkey. Probably because we have never caught one,

  5. You are so kind to help out your dad like this.

  6. You guys are really on the ball there! I sure hope that stuff passed your inspection, or did you need a larger sampling?

  7. So true! We kitties lay our lives on the line for them each and every time we taste their foods.

    The Chans

  8. You pals hit the jackpot today with the extra treats. You are so lucky, or maybe it's just you have your staff trained so well.

  9. Oh those big sad eyes will get you every time!!

  10. We know all about furry beggars around here...

  11. What a pawsome sacrifice for your human ! You are true heroes ! Purrs

  12. Your Dady is very lucky to have you to taste test for freshness.

  13. Theo wants to join your union...

  14. I hope he had enuf to make his sammich!

  15. Such good helpers! That snack looks very tasty!


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