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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saga of the Twins, Part II

We're looking out the back door, this is before the Catio was built. You can see the spa where Mommy & Daddy would sit outside (in water! eeeewwwww!) and talk to us at night.

Hi Kitties!

The Twins: We're back to tell you even more about us. First, some of you were asking about our Mama. Right after we were trapped she stopped showing up for dinner. Mommy & Daddy were going to TNR her, but she must've decided we were in good hands and moved on. Thank you Mama, for finding us a good Forever Home! Second, some of you may have seen "Scrotchy" as one of the commenters. That's our Daddy! He's sorta a crazy guy (Remember how Sweet Pea almost drove him to the funny farm?) but we love him anyway. He does a lot of thinking about what makes a cat happy, and he's the reason we have a Catio and (squillions of) toys and lots of stimulation. Mommy calls him a "Cat Whisperer".

Playing in the water bowl. We like to get our paws wet and lick them dry, and drown our toys, too. In the second picture I'm flicking water at CC!

CC: I like to give Daddy's toes the *HARD* bitey in the morning so he'll get up! hee hee!

Twins: Anyhoo...we left our story off where we now had free run of the house. Mommy, take it from here...

Mommy: While the twins were in their sequestering room we spent a lot of time with them, taming the boys down. They came in at about three months so they were pretty feral--scared that they were doomed for the stew pot, no doubt! CC warmed up quickly; he decided the tummy rubs were worth the risk. At first Tiny Johnson had to be near him and I'd start with petting Johnny and segue over to CC.

What's up, Mommy?

CC: When the Lady first started TOUCHING me, I was so afraid. I trembled and curled up tiny so she wouldn't be able to see me. But gollee, it felt so GOOD to be stroked...and then The Lady started spanking my butt! I love LOVE LOVE having my butt spanked! So I started thinking that besides the food and nice beds that this might be a good gig. If Johnny was around, I'd let The Lady approach me and give me some lovins. Now, three years later, The Lady is My Mommy, and I come when she whistles at night and get on the big bed in about one second flat. She gives me crazy pettings and spanks my butt until I have to turn around and nibble her elbow from pure joy.

Mommy: CC is a love bug. He's still very skittish about being picked up, but as long as all four are on the floor (or bed) he's ready to play and be petted. He loves having his furs petted the wrong way and the zoom groom is his favorite! Oh yes, and he LOVES to have his hiney patted, firmly, for as long as you're willing to to it. He's friends with all his furblings but snoozes most of the day with his twin.


CC: At night I sleep with Mommy in the sardine pile. She gets really hot and then we snuggle in closer! She complains about us squishing her but she's just a whiner.

Scouty: CC you are such a pushover. I, on the other hand, still vigorously resist being TOUCHED. I hiss and run away if The Mom or The Dad try it. They occasionally get one over on me when I'm sleeping (horrors!) but I'm sticking with the stew-pot theory.

Mommy: Apparently I didn't work enough to socialize Scouty as a kitten. He's very much a part of the family--he hangs around and loves to watch us--in fact he's up for any type of interaction as long as the dreaded TOUCHING doesn't happen. Lately I've been luring him closer to me using dried chicken treats...I think maybe by the end of the summer I'll get to stroke him and he won't bolt. The funny thing is, as a kitten when I'd pet him he'd drool he was so happy.

Scouty: MOMMY! I never did! And I'm only eating that chicken so it doesn't go to waste.

Mommy: hmmmm, I notice you didn't call me "The Mom" there...progress I think!

Scouty: RATS! grumblegrumblegrumble ::scowls:: Well, I have one more thing to tell you about myself. OK, two. One is that Maui wants to eat me. Two is that Johnny really REALLY loves me and I love him back. If I get lonely I wander the house and Catio, calling and crying. Johnny comes to find me, and when he does, he grabs me by the scruff and humpalates me! We have so much fun. The Mom laughs like a hyena and The Dad squirts us with the water bottle, which I think is rude. It'll be a cold day with Basement Cat before I let The Dad TOUCH me! The fact that sometimes I sleep with him (and Johnny) at night is totally irrelevant.

"Jupiter" and his sattelites. Notice the cord going to the box...there's a heating pad in there!

Mommy: So there you are, folks. Just one more Kitty to go...Silly Salem!


  1. You guys are awesome! I thought my family were funny but I think you have us beaten, hehehe. I don't remember if I had any real brothers or sisters as I was lost and lonely at about 6 weeks old, but no I have 5 brothers and 1 sister, and Stran will look after me no matter what happens. And I think Äiti will too - just like your Mommy and Daddy will.
    But I need to talk to Äiti about this heated cardboard box - I think I need one.........

  2. You two are pretty cute and very lucky twins!

  3. Awwwwww!!

    You two are so lovely!! And yet so different! CC and his butt spanks and Scouty with his NO Touching! LOL!
    It's so great to read your story and how you both are all nice and settled in your forever home! Your kittymum knew you two were going to be in the bestest care with Mommy and Scrotchy!


    Me and Charlie think that the heated bed in the box is a fab idea!

    Take care

  4. Thanks for the rest of the story, I kind of thought there was more from what you said. I is nice getting to know you!

  5. Oh, Scouty! You are a kitteh after my own feral haert! I have been a captive here for almost six years, and while it's true that mom treats me really, really well, I still just can't bring myself to be a cuddle cat, though I *do* love the brushies. I think we will always be a little...independent, eh?

  6. Oh! P.S. No, I don't reeeely get real tuna with caviar, MOL. But it does sound tasty, doesn't it?

  7. This is a perfect story: from feral to regal!

  8. The twins are so adorable together; their photos are really precious...How funny they lick their wet paws=we do that sometimes too!...We sure hope Scouty lets you guys love on him soon...These are just the luckiest kitties; you guys have given them such a wonderful, fun life!...We are very happy to have you guys as friends!...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  9. Thanks for the comment @ Purrchance to Dream.
    Loving your intros - so happy you all have a wonderful home!

  10. It seems a good home for you two. Glad you found your way.

  11. Oh, you two are lovely!

    -Sherkhan & his Mama

  12. A heated bed in a box? We want one in our den staright away!

    Mommmmmmmmmmmmm ... have yoo seen this?

  13. We are sure you all know this but you are all very lucky to have found a home with your Mom and Dad!!!
    Madi and Mom

  14. You are very lucky kittlies to have found such a lovely home with your new Mom and Dad. It must be lovely having a twin to cuddle and whisper to.

  15. You are very lucky kitties - your story made our mom a little sad because she wishes you had been less scared when you first got to your new home. But she knows you are happy and safe now!

  16. Crikey what a contrasting pair you are. I think you are training your humans very well. It's always good to confuse Dads by running away then sleeping with them. Keeps their tiny ape brains sharp see? Gerry loves being spanked big time too.

    Have you heard of Valerian Root Herb? It's a stinky dried plant root and it smells just like the scent that comes out of our bum galnds. We cats love it big time. Our Mum used it to entice Oliver to be petted and calm him down after he was trapped, it's useful as a novelty smell to get a kitty near to you for petting, as we rub our heads around the smell 'cos we love it so much. It's quite calming too. Humans might need a gas mask when using it 'cos it really stinks badly to them and makes them gag (which is very amusing to we cats)Humans can buy it at health food shops. Humans who can't sleep make tea from it and it sends them to sleep. But it doesn't send kitties to sleep.

    Scouty, you will be a lapcat by the end of the summer, we'd bet on it ;)

    Whicky Wuudler


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