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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wordy Wednesday

Maui and Johnny, after a vigorous bout of Man Cat 'Rassling.

So Mommy and Daddy are seriously weird. Unfortunately, we're the ones who suffer from their weirdness the most. For example:

Tiny Johnson is HUGE. But that's only a tiny weird to start. Johnny is followed around a lot by the twins, Scouty & CC. (You'll meet them soon.) So John got called a "planet" and the twins his "sattelites". Pretty normal, huh? Since John is so big, he's also nicknamed "Jupiter", the largest planet in our solar system.

Along comes Maui, who is no small dude, either. Maui and John rassle some, and Mommy's a geek as well as weird so she calls the big boys' rasslin' the "Clash if the Titans". Now Maui needs a planet or god nickname since he's a "Titan". Neptune is out--no water associations, please! Saturn, not a contender. Which leaves only ONE big planet left, you guessed it...URANUS! Say it out loud and see if you can resist a little giggle.

Daddy, looking for Maui: " Have you seen Uranus?"

Mommy: hahahahahahaha!

Daddy, loudly calling: "Where's Uranus?"

Mommy: hahahastop I'm dying here hahahahaha!

This, and other horrible things, happens more than we care to think about. Maui, thank Cod, is too spastic to notice the slur on his furry self but the rest of us just cringe. Friends, how do you cope with parental weirdness?


  1. Our Beans are really odd too! What's up with that?

  2. Oh dear... we usually just nap when the humans are being odd (which is allll the time)

  3. Mama is always odd! You guys look exhausted by your tussle match, Haz and I like to have them sometimes.
    Wiki x

  4. Hahahhahaahahahahaha! We love it!

    Mommmmmm ~ have yoo seen Uranus?

  5. Clash of the Titans indeed!!!

    Awww but you both look so sweet and cuddly all curled up together!

    I hope Uranus isn't a name contender still...!!


    Take care

  6. MOL! Our human is weird in her own way too--they all are. It's our lot in life, our cross to bear, that the ones with opposable thumbs are so ridiculous.

  7. I have decided the word human means, odd acting two leggers with an obsession for taking pictures.
    There I've said we cats need to unit for strike against pictures when we are sleeping.

  8. When we find a good way to deal with our parents weirdness, we will let you know. What is it with humans?!

  9. Sighs. We hear ya! Beans are very, very weird.

  10. Hmmmmmmmm, I'm thinking that all sounds normal.

  11. We just tend to ignore them. It's so much better and easier that way. TSB is such an oddball it's actually hilarious sometimes, but oh well, we love her!

  12. What "kits" think they have "purrfect" pawrents? Well, we aren't perfect, either, hahamew

  13. Oh that had us laffin'!

    It's a given that humans are weird, it's because they aren't as evolved as we felines, so we adopt a benevolent attitude to them and allow them their little foibles

    Whicky Wuudler

  14. Mom says your 'beans sound like a blast. Then again, our mom is Queen Weirdo!

  15. MOL hahahaha OMC! Your momma and daddy sounds just likes mine. I finks its a kitty fing or somefing. hehehe

    Its so nice to meets you all, I heards about you over at da Creek Cats place. I hopes you drops by my bloggie


  16. Let's hear if for Crazy Cat Beans! Hip-hip Hooray!
    ~Lisa Co9T

  17. MOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yoo all had Momma rollin and fallin off her chair!


  18. Looks like a draw in the 'rassling match! We loves reading your makes us MOL a lot! Mom too!

  19. ::sigh:: The things we cats hafta put up with...

  20. We'z sed it afore and we'll say it again...dem beans is all weerd! Dad once commented day da poo stuck to Speedy's backside looked like thick honey so mom started calling him 'honey butt'! What kinda name is dat fur a mancat? Tho, we was kinda giggleing about yoor dad asking yoor mom if she had seen uranus!

  21. My mom used to be sort of okay, but sometimes I think I shouldn't have nagged her to let me have my blog because now she has become just friggin' annoying. Thank god there aren't TWO of them around here!

  22. My question is WHY did they name that Planet "Uranus" anyway. It is a bad name. No cat can discuss that planet without getting all meowing and laughing

    You two boys look quite relaxed. That is super great!

    bonkies to everycat

  23. Your house sounds like it is a great place to call home!

  24. We're MOL here! We wonder what your neighbors think!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  25. Luckly here in Las Vegas we have TALL walls all round our backyards & neighbors here don't talk (weird "beans" again!) we are confined to the Catio. So maybe it's a secret and nobody in the neighborhood knows???? Daddy is going to have KATMOM post her dead give away pic tomorrow! Yeah right............nobody knows...shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  26. Hi! Thanks for commenting on our blog. It's nice to meet you all!

  27. Hi thanks for stopping by. We LOVE LOVE your blog!
    We're going to orbit Uranus forever now.

  28. Well, lets see, how do we deal with it - we just go in a different room. And avoid them. And pretend we don't know them, you know, if other people are around and see them being weird. Of course, the people here with them are usually weird too. We wish we could give you some ideas but hiding is the one we think works best.


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