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Friday, May 21, 2010

Formerly Feral Friday

Hello Kitties!
Rupert here. I have a confession to make; I am a total and complete Mommy's Boy. I love my Mommy more than anyone else in the whole wide world. When she comes home from work I trot up and chat...I go "eh eh eh eh eh". Daddy says I sound just like chimpanzee!
I sleep with my Mommy at night, and she's the only person I like to pick me up.
When I came in from the Outside, one of my first friends here was Felix. We still hang out together and sleep on Mommy's bed during the day. We watch out for Maui (who wants to EAT me) together and Felix tells Maui off if he gets too close to us.
Rupert & Felix napping on the cheetah blankie in the living room.
Maui has been an extra Bad Cat lately because of the introoder kitty...he has started spraying and beating up on me even more than usual. Mommy is giving him calming pills (hee hee!) and I got a calming collar on Wednesday. I think the collar might work; I came out and be-bopped around a lot more yesterday, and I was more relaxed moving around the Catio. In the meanwhile, I like to hang out in the "Little Out", the original outside area Daddy had built when they first moved into this house. (I wasn't here yet.)

No, I Do Not have a leaf on Me.

I like to hang on top of the Lotus Cat tree and bathe. I also come up here to chase my tail whenever it gets sassy. From up here I can see Mommy unless she's in the bedroom so it works as a conning tower as well.

Incidently, NONE of us ever go in the bottom hole of the Lotus! There is a Monster in there.


I'm Really really glad that Angel Dusty led me to this House and to my Mommy. Being alone outside is a Bad Thing! I'm happy to call myself "Formerly Feral".

Happy Friday!

xx Rupert, Gray Lounge Cat


  1. Awwww sweet Rupert and lovely Felix and gorgeous Maui!! You all look so adorable you just can't possibly be beating up on each other! :-)

    You all have to stick together to fight that monster in the lotus hole! Scary!

    take care

  2. Hi Rupert! We're glad you are FORMERLY feral. And envious that you have a lotus cat tree!! We just don't want you to get beat up any more.

  3. We're happy that you found your awesome home! You really hit the big time, Rupert!

  4. Oh, I KNEW there was a reason I should stay out of the bottom part of the Lotus tree! Our mommeh throws toys and stuff in there, but we still refuse to go in there.

  5. Rupert, are you a sooky lala? mawhawhaw! That's funny about the bottom of the lotus. It is the very best tower. We want one! (Mummy's making a list of all the things we're going to get in our new place overseas!)
    That calming stuff sound good, hope you don't feel nervous around Maui anymore.
    Have a great weekend!

  6. Rupert you are very handsome and look like you would be a good friend...what is up with Maui we're glad to hear he is taking a chill pill.
    Happy Weekend,
    Madi and Mom

  7. We liked that picture of you with Felix on that cheetah blankie - you looked very comfy there.
    We hope the monster in your Lotus Cat Tree doesn't scare you too much. We wonder if you should pretend you don't know he's there.

  8. Rupert, you hit the jackpot with your human family. :-)

    We hope the calming collar works and we wish you all a wonderful weekend!

  9. I am also a mummy's boy. It's a great life! :)

  10. Archie is a mummy's boy too at the moment, but now the weather is turning very warm here it's a bit too hot to have a snuggly kitten on my shoulder at night! I do hope he stays that way though, like Rupert! xx

  11. Hey Rupert! We are glad you found such a groovy forever home! Happy Friday!

  12. What a great place you have--it is good to have someone to always protect your back in a house!

  13. You are a sweetie for sure, Rupert, and yay for the wonderful home you have now. We are also very thankful you have such a good friend in Felix.

    We purr that Maui will quit his "funny business" and start behaving!!!!


  14. And you found your purrfect forever home!!!

  15. And you picked yourself a FABULOUS family for your to adopt! We are happy your are in a happy furrever home now!!!

  16. Rupert,

    Ahhhh... you are so well-loved by your mom.
    I can see she takes care of you ever so lovingly..

    Lucky stars must be shining oh so brightly on you - the day you met your mom...

  17. Hi Rupert,

    We fink yoo have a really nice life in the catnip lounge. It's espeshally nice that yoor bruvfur Felix looks owt for yoo. And yoo have greats dens, and climbing things as well. And yoo have a speshull mom hoo really loves yoo.

    It's a pity abowt the monster but on the whole ~ yoo are very lucky. No wonder yoo are thankful!

    PS: can we see a photo of the monster please? We've never seen one before.

  18. Rupert is a gorgeous sweetheart!...We're so glad he found such a wonderful home with a loving brother like Felix to watch out for him...Sorry to hear about the monster living in the bottom of your Lotus; maybe Maui could try to eat him and scare him off!...Have a fun Friday beautiful friends...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  19. Yup, formerly feral is better! Don't let dem say "momma's boy" like it's a bad guys need our moms!

  20. You know Rupert, there's nothing to be embarassed about. I'm a Mommy's Boy too. She's the only one I let pet me. And guess what...I wear a calming collar too!

    Max S.

  21. Ah, yes, formerly is the only kind of feral to be!

  22. Rupert darling, you are so handsome and so is your brother Felix. I am so glad you guys are buds. Maui will get better with time and sometimes I hope your mommy can tell my mommy what a calming collar is.
    Happy Furry Friday to all of you kitties and mommy and daddy.

    Love and kisses,

    The Admiral

  23. It is perfectly fine to be a mommy's boy, Rupert. I am one too!


  24. Rupert
    We are so glad you are no longer feral and have a wonderful forever and ever home. We hope all the calming methods work and that things smooth out. Our brofur Ping sprays when he sees outside cats come near our house. He especially likes to spray on our front door....*sigh* drives Momma wild.


  25. Nothing wrong with being a mummy's boy. I love my mum better than anyone and like to be with her all the time.

  26. We're happy that you are Formerly Feral! You did a good job finding a forever home.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  27. Actually Rupert... I am quite a mommy's boy too... so of course I totally 'get you'!



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