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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday Thirteen-- Nomming Edition

Hello Kitties!
Today we're gonna show you some things we like to nom on.
1. Cords. Forbidden fruit, but delicious anyway.

2. Turkey feather!

3. Daddy's toes. A sure-fire way to get him up!

4. The grill brush. All sorts of yummy stuff on this!

5. Paper. Felix demonstrates proper chewing form.

6. Telescoping feather toy! Pheasant feathers taped to an old radio antenna.

7. Crinkly paper.

8. The metal whiskers of Bathroom Cat.

9. Scratchy Post sisal.

10. Mousies!

11. The Hand that feeds us.

12. Doggie chew treats.

13. Cat grass.

14. Cardboard.
Double bonus!
15. Rubber Bands.
We are Not Allowed to nom on these, but we sure would like to!
Have a Good Thursday Kitties!
XX Lounge Kats


  1. wow, you guys have lots of cool stuff to nom on! Alice nommed a cord once. . . but it nommed her back!

  2. My goodness - what eclectic culinary tastes you all have!!! Me and Charlie are not so sure about the cables or your daddy's feet! LOL!! Awww we're kidding about your daddy's feet!

    The metal whiskers of the bathroom cat must be really hard! What great teeth you all have!

    Take care

  3. We're not allowed rubber bands also, but oh, they're SO good!

  4. oh boy hansel LOVES chewing wires it makes mom crazy.

  5. Hahaha! We laughed and laughed at number 11 :)

  6. All of those would like to nom on that stuff too! Maggie May loves to nom on the velcro strap that is wrapped around the laptop cord.

  7. All great things to nom on! Our human really loves that Bathroom Cat, it's totally cool.

  8. Happy Nomming on most of those! What a great post!
    ~Lisa Co9T

  9. Ooo those are great! We like paper and cardboard as well! The cord is dangerous though!

  10. You kitties are very funny. Lots to Nom on. We haven't chewed up a cord yet. I think Mom would say some mighty bad words if we did. But we do love to shred toilet paper. That really is fun.
    Have a super day.

  11. Yummy nom-nom!

    Have an exciting day you kitties!
    Make sure you don't over-nom the hand that feeds you!

  12. Great Thursday 13! And yes, stay away from those rubber bands!

  13. I do not nom on much stuff, but I bet my brother is a major chomper.
    Sometimes I like to lick electric cords and I like to chomp my bed and wrestle with it too.


  14. Oh kitties this brought back memories of Milky-Way (RIP sweet kitty). Mom told me MW absolutely loved to lick dress pattern pieces. While Mom was trying to pin the pattern pieces to the fabric he was licking it to death and she said kitty slobber is potent.
    Madi and Mom

  15. We like to chew on a lot of the same things, but we've never had doggie treats before=that could be interesting...Mom doesn't like for us to chew cords either...Happy day friends...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  16. We've never chewed the grill brush (cos we haven't got one) or dog treats. We love paper, anything of Mums and pens. I think I hate the sisal off scratch posts most when they chew as it shreds so much and I find it everywhere - even in bed!

  17. What fantastic nommie stuff! King LOVE to nom pictures! You should ask him about mom and dad's wedding picture!

  18. Those toesies cracked us up! hahahaha!

  19. Curzon noms on everything! I swear he'd nom on people feet if they let him! Nimbus just noms on stuff like my stylus and stuff like that. Jadzia isn't a nommer, she's a licker LOL


  20. Rubber bands, speshully red ones, is furry least Sadie sez so.

  21. Those are all good nommy things!
    We know your Mom and Dad watch and make sure you don't nom on the electrical cords.
    Most of the time we don't nom on anything we're not supposed to, but sometimes our little sisfur Gracie gets a bit of the rope on the cat trees and she chews on it. Momma comes with scissors and cuts it off...


  22. WOW! There are all kinds of good things to nom on in your house!

  23. So many choices! You live in a kitty paradise. But the Man's toes... don't they taste a bit ??cheesy??

  24. What ban interesting post! We would like to do that some Thursday! You guys sure have a lot of chewing options.

  25. I don't hardly nom on nuffing but my food and any plant I can get near! Some of that stuff does look kind of interesting though.


    3. We would love ta get a picture of The Big Thing's toes like that!

    5. Paper is great to chew on (Iza).

    6. TBT keeps broken radio antenna (great pointers at the office). He whapped his head sayin "Why didn't I think of THAT"!

    9. Um, was daddy feelin "woozy" when he wrapped that sisal rope?

    10. Those are our favrit rattley mice!!! (But we never hadda brown one).

    13. We have cat grass sometimes. But since we hack it up inside, TBT is not sure he sees the point in growin it inside. He thought that special stuff was sposed ta CALM our tummies.

    14. I love chewin cardboards. Especially egg cartons. Iza

    15. Never allowed ta touch the stuff...

  27. WOW! That's quite a list.

    Mom said to tell yoo she LOVES the word MEOW wic the cats peeping froo it!

  28. Papers and cords are my favorites. You guys have great things to nom on!


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